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Shi Chen took out the bag of food he bought for her behind his back.

“Forget it this time, and eat less in the future.”


Her face that was cloudy was immediately brightened as she took a piece of fried chicken out of the bag and stuffed it into her mouth with a satisfied look.

Shi Chen shook his head and smiled when he saw her like this.

No matter how sensible and precocious she were, she still look like a child at this time.

When Shi Chen came back this time, in addition to staying at home he also went to the old house to visit his grandmother.

Old Lady Shi’s health became worse and worse, the doctor advised her to be hospitalized but the old lady was stubborn and said she didn’t like the smell of the hospital and just let her old body resigned to fate so she wanted to stay at home.

The brother and sister were together and sat down with their grandmother all afternoon.

The old lady was now very sleepy as they stayed with her for a while to talk not knowing when their grandmother lay down in the sofa and fall asleep.

When Shi Chen and Shi NIng came out of the old mansion Shi Chen said to Shi Ning.

“Ning Ning you go home by yourself today, I’ll go to my mother’s place.”

Shi Ning knew that after he came back he must go to Cao Shu’s place and did not say much and just went home alone.

Shi Chen went to Cao Shu’s villa.

The large three-storey villa where Cao Shu and aunty lived, but after knowing that Shi Chen was coming Cao Shu let the aunt go home so the mother and son could have a time together at home.

Cao Shu was a woman with strong space alone, she was the only one had the key to her home.

Shi Chen who was her only son doesn’t even have the key to her house, so every time Shi Chen comes to here he feels like a guest.

After ringing the doorbell, Cao Shu opened the door for him.

“Son, you are here.”


“Come on in, mommy has made you dinner.”

She said as she enthusiastically pulled Shi Chen into the house.

A large table full of dishes was place on the dining room table and Cao Shu handed the chopstick to her son.

“Come on, try it.

These was personally cooked by mom for you, you should eat more of them.”

After saying that, he gave Shi Chen a bowl of rice and put it in front of him.

Shi Chen looked at the large table full of dishes, and picked dishes that were close to him.

“Is it delicious”

Cao Shu asked.

“It’s not bad.”

Although he did not like most of the dishes.

Shi Chen: “Mom, have you eaten yet You sit down and let’s eat together too.”

Cao Shu shook her head.

“Mom is not hungry, you just eat.”

While Shi Chen ate, Cao Shu surveyed her son.

“Son, how are you doing with your school work I heard that the medical course is very difficult, it is a bit overwhelming.

I see that my son has lost weight after going to college.”

Cao Shu was about to pinch his face.

Shi Chen slightly inclined his head, he does not particularly like others to touch him.

Although Cao Shu was his mother but the two do not live together, it always seems like there was something in between.

“It’s not difficult, I like it.”

After he dodged her hand a hint of embarrassment flashed in Cao Shu’s eyes and then she covered it up with a smile.

“I think quite a few of you changed your majors in your freshman year.”

Shi Chen: “Well, many of the students who filled in and obeyed the adjustment volunteer are assigned to majors they don’t like.

They are basically freshmen but it also depends on the result.”

“But it also depends on the grades, the GPA has to be in front of the faculty to do so.”

Cao Shu: “Your grades, mom certainly doesn’t worry but you didn’t listen to my advice during the college entrance examination.”

“Must you study medicine Now that you already know how difficult that course is, isn’t that enough Listen to your mother’s advice and change your major while it’s still early in freshman year.”

Shi Chen’s chopstick paused.

“I think it’s good to study medicine for the benefit of mankind.”

Cao Shu sneered.

“You are still young, it is easy to fall into idealism.

There are no noble doctors in real life and there are all kinds of people you meet every day if you become a doctor, aren’t you tired of dealing some low quality people”

“Besides is there even little news about the doctor-patient relationship of gaining connections in recent years”

“Truth is, how much can a doctor earn Your father has a big company, in the future it will not be handed over to you, and your grandfather’s side will fight for it.

Son you are destined to do business this is the way you must go.”

The meal which already tasted bad was even harder to swallow.

Shi Chen put down his chopsticks.

“I’m done.”


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