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Shi Ning looked at Wan Yue for a while, afraid of being discovered that she was sneakily looking at his direction she lowered her presence while Shi Chen becomes more upset.

Was he that good looking

It’s still a little worse than him, he guess.

Fortunately Wan Yue did not notice them, and after dealing with the customer he went directly to another direction.

Shi Ning breathed a sigh of relief, it was good that she was not discovered.

In case the two of them saw each other how awkward it would be, thinking that Wan Yue does not want other to know he was working.

“You know that person”

When Wan Yue was gone, Shi Chen asked out loud.

Shi Ning: “He was my tablemate, the name is Wan Yue.

He transferred to our school as a sophomore.”

“Since you know each other, why are sneaking and not directly great him”

“Don’t you boys have a strong self-esteem What if he doesn’t want people to know he is working here I asked him before and he said he was busy studying at night.”

Shi Chen smiled.

“I didn’t expect my sister to be quite understanding.”

Shi Ning quickly ate a few more bites of food before pulling Shi Chen and said.

“Brother, are you done eating Finish eating and let’s go quickly so as to not meet with him.”

Shi Chen waved at the person next to him.

“Waiter, bill.”

The sibling did not go back home immediately but continued to wander the streets.

They were in the food street in the center of Yangchen City which was particularly busy at night.

This street has an old ancient style surrounded by red brick pavilions, because it was national day red lanterns were hung at the eaves and corner of the whole street which looks festive.

In addition to the various hotels and restaurants on the street there were also many snacks.

Shi Ning dragged her brother to a fried chicken and skewer store.

The golden brown chicken was crispy on the outside and mouth-wateringly fragrant on the inside.

“Brother I want to eat this!”

When she crossed over to this world in addition to learning, food was also one her great hobby especially these roadside snacks like fried skewers and milk tea, there were all her heart’s desire.

Since usually at home she couldn’t eat these.

Mom had instructed the family chef to make her whatever she wanted to eat except for this junk food.

But now that her brother was back, finally she had someone to take her to eat good food!

Shi Ning could not help but gulp when she smelled that fragrance and moved her feet in front of the stall.

However the picture of her brother waving his big hands and buying her fried chicken did not appear.

Shi Chen stood still, frowning while looking at the fried chicken that was dripping with oil and water, disgusted.

“Ning Ning, eat less of this stuff, it’s unhygienic.”

Shi Ning: “…”

My brother has changed, he used to buy it for me without saying a word.

Since this was the case, she could only make the best move.

Shi Ning pulled Shi Chen’s sleeves looking at him pitifully as she look like “I want to eat, I want to eat, I really want to eat” written all over her face.

The little girl’s apricot eyes were big, bright and watery.

Shi Chen lowered his head and laughed softly.

“You remind me of Hua Hua like that.”

Who is Hua Hua

Hearing the name coming out from her brother, Shi Ning couldn’t help thinking if this was his brother’s new girlfriend

Thinking this way, Shi Ning smoothly asked.

“Sister-in-law, sister-in-law”

“Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Shi Chin laughed making his eyes squint.

“I’m afraid that is not the case, after all there is reproductive isolation.”

“Hua Hua, a ragdoll cat that my roommate keeps in his dorm room.

Every time she asks me for food she puts her little paw on my leg and then looks at me with pitiful eyes.”

“That look in your eyes just now, it’s especially like it.”

Even if he don’t buy her a food, he shouldn’t say she was like a cat begging for food to eat!

After her brother took a trip to college he really got worse and worse.

“No more eating.”

She pretended to be angry and twisted her head to walk ahead.

Not long after, Shi Chen caught up from behind running.

He ran up to his sister, leaned over and asked.


Shi Ning shook her head: “No.”

Shi Chen smiled.

“Then why did you walk ahead without me”

“If you don’t let me eat, I can’t just stay there.”

“Why do you want to eat junk food so much, that is, our family genes are good or else you will not grow taller.”

Shi Ning gave him a cold look.

“I now feel that having a doctor brother is not good at all.”

What she wanted to eat before her brother would buy it for her, now with him supervising her she was close to a feeling that Shi Chen has become her father.


Wait, she thinks she smells fried chicken.

Shi Ning’s eyes brightened.

Shi Chen took out the bag of food he bought for her behind his back.

“Forget it this time, and eat less in the future.”



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