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“How is such a little enough, it’s too shabby for a brother to come back and invite you for a meal on a rare occasion with just little dishes ordered.”

He said as he added several more dishes before handing the menu back to the waiter.

And waited until the dishes were all served.

Shi Ning looked at the table full of dishes and don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Brother, you’re raising me like a pig.”

How could an average person eat so much

Shi Chen looked at his sister.

“You’re too skinny, eat more.”

Shi Ning: “….I actually gained two pounds more than I did before you left.”

“And less than ninety, right Still too thin, excessive thinning is not good for health.”

Shi Chen said again.


It’s true that when her brother became a doctor, he was different and started to take care of her weight.

They were eating their meal for a while when Shi Ning suddenly heard the front customers seems to argue with the waiter.

It seems that the cause was because the new waiter who was serving the food accidentally touched the customer’s wine glass on the table, spilling some wine on the customer’s pants.

The waiter looks like a young girl and was probably a new comer.

He apologized all the time after the accident.

The other party didn’t forgive her and asked for the manager making the girl anxious and shed tears.

Originally this was a small matter and was estimated that someone would deal with it later, and it won’t last long.

However Shi Ning was attracted by the other side and even put down the dishes in her chopsticks.

Just when the waitress was at her wit’s end in the face of the rude customer, a tall boy also dress as a waiter approached with a smile on his face patiently comforting the customer’s mood.

After the two talked for a while, the customer was finally pacified by him and sat down again to eat quietly.

Shi Chen noticed that Shi Ning’s line of sight had been looking over there, he followed his sister’s line of sight and looked over.

What he saw was a young boy whose looks stood out in the crowd.

His sister, was actually looking at a boy


Shi Chen frowned.

“Ning Ning eat.”

Shi Ning was called back by her brother.

She put her finger on her lips to signal her brother to keep his voice down and then proceed looked over there.

Shi Chen dropped his face.

How long has he been gone and now has his sister changed.

In the past, when she was with him her eyes were all about her brother but it was possible that the little girl has grown up now

Also began to pay attention to handsome men

Thinking of this, Shi Chen flooded with sour whisper.

“I’d like to see how handsome he is.”

He also stopped eating and followed his sister to look at the male waiter.

And waited for him to fully see the other’s face.

Shi Chen does not know why, this was obviously a boy he has never seen before but he has a sense of familiarity.

“Hey, it’s Wan Yue.

He’s great, there’s no customer he can’t handle.”

“That’s right, among our group of part-time workers Wan Yue is the most capable.

I heard that he goes to school during the day and has to work several jobs at night.”

“He’s really hard working.

He looks like he’s 17 or 18 years old, at a young age he had to make money to support his family.”

The two waiters next to them couldn’t help but feel sighing when they saw Wan Yue took care of the customer.

Shi Ning finally understood at this point.

Why Wan Yue sleep every day in class.

This liar.

She asked him during the day what he was doing at night.

He also lied to her that he was busy studying at night, busy studying.


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