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Jin Sihan gave them a please gesture and when everyone saw that he really didn’t want to sing they didn’t force him and give him a way out.

Jin Sihan walked directly to Shi Ning’s side, dragged the seat in front of her and sat down.

“Ning Ning, you are really cruel.

I was surrounded by so many people and you still didn’t come out to rescue me.”

Shi Ning smiled.

“Didn’t you come out fine Is the filming over”

Jin Sihan shook his head.

“I’m almost done with my scene and I have to go back to shoot some in a month.

I haven’t even been back to school for a long time, I miss it a little.”

“How long will you stay in school this time Have you missed a lot of homework Can you still understand the class”

“I can’t stay long, I have training at the company.

I’m basically running on both side of the school and the company.”

“As for homework I can’t compare with you, but I can still understand the basic after all the company has hired a tutor for me.”

After Jin Sihan finished saying this, he finally didn’t hold back from asking.

“Ning Ning who is this person next to you”

Shi Ning: “He ah, his name is Wan Yue my tablemate.”

Jin Sihan looked at Wan Yue who smiled at him devilishly.

“I used to put up with it when Brother Xiao sat next to you, how come now there are other boys who can also sit next to you”

And Wan Yue, he does not know why but somehow he does not feel good about him.

For their childish actions, Shi Ning has seen nothing strange and simply ignored them.

Jin Sihan thought about it and said.

“Why don’t you I talk to the school and transfer class to sit with you I’m studying arts anyway!”

Shi Ning: “Thank you but I don’t to be surrounded by people when you go back to school.

In the future when you become famous someone will ask me every day to ask for your sign, that’s too much trouble.”


It turns out that the more attractive he was, the more Shi Ning dislikes him.

After understanding this truth, Jin Sihan wailed loudly inwardly.

However knowing Shi Ning’s nature of not liking anyone but her studies Jin Sihan was relieved.

Before leaving, he also specially said to Wan Yue.

“This classmate Wan Yue, you see our Ning Ning is loves studying so much so please do not disturb her and affecter her studies~”

“Or things could be in trouble.”

His face was full of smile but his tone was darkly threatening.

“One palm alone cannot clap1.

That also requires her willingness so can I influence her right”

Wan Yue responded in a light voice.

Jin Sihan squinted his eyes and an icy cold glint flashed.

This kid, he a tough guy ah.

He turned his eyes away and looked Shi Ning with sincere smile again.

“Ning Ning, I’m going to go to the next class first.”

“Get going.”

“Why don’t you miss me at all after seeing me for such a long time and you’re pushing me away I miss you.

In addition to filming on set I miss you in my spare time.”

Shi Ning: “…..Are you going or not”

After driving away her clingy brother the surrounding area was finally quiet.

Shi Ning rubbed her temples and exhaled a breath.

“My tablemate, he’s really popular.”

After Jin Sihan left, Wan Yue said.

“You don’t know him The youngest son of the four major families in Yangcheng, the Jin family like Nan Xiao and the others they grew up with me.”

Shi Ning explained to him.


Wan Yue repeated her words, his tone was a thousand time have a deeper meaning.

“What Jin family”

Shi Ning asked.

Wan Yue: “Never heard of it.”



With your tone just now I though you have some relationship with the Jin family…but you never heard of them instead…

“Never heard of it so forget it, anyway, it had nothing to do with you.”

Although the four families were very prestigious in Yangcheng but it was not necessarily that everyone knows them.

Having not heard of them was actually considered normal.

The next class was physical education.

In this class, the teacher taught them to practice volleyball.

Before the practice, the teacher gathered everyone.

“That’s all the exercises for this class, so let’s put the balls in the bags and you choose one of your classmates to help me carry the balls back to the equipment room.”

“Just choose Wan Yue teacher, he is a boy and the tallest in our class.”

One of the boys in the class suggested.

Several other boys followed along and chimed in.

“Yes, yes, yes, I also think it’s good to choose Wan Yue!”

The teacher listened and asked in the crowd.

“Who is Wan Yue”

Wan Yue stepped forward after being called.

Physical education teacher: “After playing ball later, help the teacher transport things back to the equipment room.

The equipment room is in the basement of the second floor of the teacher’s building.”

Wan Yue: “Where is the key teacher”

PE teacher: “The key should be taken from the teacher in charge, but I left the door open so there is no need for a key.

You can close the door after you put it.”



One palm alone cannot clap1– it take two person to start a dispute


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