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Shi Ning returned to the classroom after sending Nan Xiao away.

In the classroom, Wan Yue was sitting on his seat while the snacks they bought had been sitting on her desk untouched.

She picked a few that she liked and pushed the rest to him.

Wan Yue froze for a moment when he saw the large pile of snacks that suddenly appeared on the table.

“This much are all for me”

Shi Ning: “Yes, I have to lose weight.

I can’t eat too much.”

“I don’t want to receive any reward without working, how can I accept this”

Shi Ning: “Aren’t you helping me by eating these fattening snacks”

She didn’t say more after this sentence, she took out a chocolate bar tore open the package and bit into while reading a book.

Wan Yue curved his lips into a smile, took one from the bag and just like her he also began to eat.

“Have you heard Have you heard! Jin Sihan is back in school!”

A female student barge into the class and excitedly spread this latest news.

“Ahhhhh, after Shi Chen left Sihan our little cutie was seldom in school because of filming.

Our school’s F4 all of a sudden has less two people making life much more boring.

Now he is finally come back to class!”

“After the official announcement of the cast of the World of Chaos Sihan can’t hide, okay Now the play is still shooting.

The drama is still being filmed, judging from live footage release by the show and the lives photos from fans camping outside the filming site, our Sihan is really hanging to beat the male lead one and two.

I used to think that Lin Feng is handsome.

How can I stand next to Jin Sihan now I feel so little.”

“He’s already signed up with an agency so he’s an official artist, the play has not yet been broadcasted just the film studio release a little footage and still attracted a large wave of fans.

What more if the film will be broadcasted.”

“Then we are considered as the star’s classmates! Ahhhhh I want to get his autograph so badly.”

The class was abuzz, being a star was different in the end not to mention Jin Sihan was already hotter than everyone else in school.

“Don’t think about it.

The group of little sisters in class 1 had already crowded around him, waiting in line for his signature one by one.

When girls from other schools heard that he came back they also borrowed uniforms and followed him to the school.”

“There were people at the door of class 1, so they couldn’t squeeze.”

The girl who gave them the news said.

Wan Yue listened to the gossip and turned his head to ask Shi Ning who was sitting next to him.

“There are stars at this school Do you know this person they’re talking about”

Shi Ning nodded.


“Who is it The rumor is so intriguing.

I would like to see how handsome he really is, he can’t be more handsome than me.”

Shi Ning turned her head and glanced at him.

“You’re quite narcissistic.”

Wan Yue: “That’s right, I have no confidence in anything else but I’m pretty confident in this face.”

Shi Ning looked at him for a while at this point.

Wan Yue smiled at her.

“What are you looking at me for You’re not really charmed by my face, are you”

Shi Ning: “I just suddenly feel that you and Jin Sihan seem to look a little bit more alike.”

Wan Yue narrowed his eyes then smiled again.

“When you say that, does it mean that I also have a star look then I can also debut in a movie.”

Shi Ning: “It’s not impossible, why don’t you clean up a little bit and make your debut.”

As the two chatted, there was another stir outside the classroom.

Shi Ning raised her eyes and saw that the man who was surrounded by water, who she now rarely see was now appearing at the door of their class.

The girls in the class immediately screamed and gathered around, and again they shouted Jin Sihan’s name there was even a squeal.

Wan Yue: “I just found out that these girls in our class who can’t even lift water were actually very strong.”

“Get used to it.”

Shi Ning said.

Wan Yue sized her up.

“Hey why don’t you go Don’t you have some interest in a star”

Shi Ning smiled.

“What kind of star is he”

They had known each other since childhood, and Shi Ning remembered from the memories of the original owner about the embarrassing things he had done from childhood.

Such a person, even if one day he was popular in Asia, Shi Ning couldn’t regard him as a real star.

“Sihan we miss you.”

“That’s right.

But I’ve liked you first since junior high school, do you want to sign it for me first”

“How does it feel filming a movie Sihan Is immortal Lin Feng really handsome Can you ask for his signature for me”

“Why don’t you go ask Lin Feng Lin Feng is not as handsome as Sihan! Sihan quickly help me sign one too.”

“And me, and me!!”

All they want was to make an acquaintance right now since the fact that he was not yet popular and could call him comfortably make it less intimidating unlike someone who already has the star aura not to mention the autograph they would get from him.

Jin Sihan while in his class signed all who asked for his signature until his hands hurts, it was hard to escape from that hell and did not expect to enter another pit.

He scrambled a head out of the pile of girls and saw that one person sitting at the far end of the classroom.

Shi Ning was looked at by him with a smile in his eyes, he raised his hand and smiled at her.

That expression was clearly gloating.

Too bad, who was he working so hard for

How could she act like nothing was wrong

“I won’t sign, I’m here to find someone.

Please give way sisters.”

Jin Sihan gave them a please gesture and when everyone saw that he really didn’t want to sign they didn’t force him and give him a way out.

Jin Sihan walked directly to Shi Ning’s side, dragged the seat in front of her and sat down.


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