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Nan Xiao and few of his buddies were walking around the campus.

He walked alone in the forefront unusually silent.

Few of his buddies were behind him in a huddle whispering.

“Have you noticed that Brother Xiao has been talking less lately”

“The weather is not favorable, who doesn’t know that our Brother Xiao secretly loves our school flower, he ran to the next class several times before but walked back to the classroom after calling her out but not seeing her.”

“Then it could be that our school flower is dense..

will Brother Xiao be okay”

“I heard form class three that Shi Ning is busy studying every day, I guess she doesn’t have time to talk Brother Xiao.”

“….wait look, isn’t that our school flower”

One of them noticed Shi Ning’s figure from afar.

“Yeah, but how come there’s a guy next to her”

“Crap, don’t let Brother Xiao see it otherwise the ten thousand old vinegar will be overturned in just one day.”

Unfortunately their Brother Xiao has already seen it.

Nan Xiao was gloomy as he stared at the direction of Shi Ning and Wan Yue went.

Shi Ning and Wan Yue went to the supermarket together, Shi Ning took a few things she loved to eat and asked Wan Yue if he had anything he wanted to eat.

He was usually very lively but now he was quite formal.

Shi Ning could only judge from his eyes that he might be interested in those food in the supermarket so she also took a few things for him.

After settling the bill, Wan Yue grabbed the bag from her hand.

“Let me carry it.”

Shi Ning didn’t insisted on carrying the bag and let him carry it.

When Wan Yue carried the plastic bag, he looked at Shi Ning’s slim back and was slightly in daze.

When she took the snacks, he don’t know whether it was intentional or not but she took several things he liked to eat that he was embarrassed to asked.

Not long after the two walked out together when someone blocked their way.

Several boys smiled flatteringly at Shi Ning.

“Shi Ning, Brother Xiao is looking for you.”

Shi Ning: “He is looking for me, where is he”

Nan Xiao walked out from behind a tree on the side of the road and walked next to Shi Ning with a sullen face.

“I want to talk to you.”

With that he took her hand.

Wan Yue wanted to stop it but the Nan Xiao’s minions immediately stopped him and made a fierce look glaring at him.

Shi Ning said,

“It’s okay, you go back to class first.”

Nan Xiao pulled her to a less crowded area before letting go of her hands.

“Why are you with that boy again”

Shi Ning: “We came out together to buy snacks to eat ah.”

“Then why didn’t you even want to come out with me when I called you out to buy you food before.”

After the division of class, he couldn’t be with her every day so he came to her after class and wanted to go out with her but she refused several times.

Just when he though he was down in the dumps with his thought be bumped into Shi Ning walking with another boy.

He almost died in anger.

Originally he was still very angry, seeing Shi Ning at that moment his aggravation overshadowed the anger.

Nan Xiao took a step closer to her, irritated he said with a little grumble.

“Shi Ning why do you always ignore Laozi”

He was always thinking of her when he wasn’t doing anything but what about her Did she ever think of him for a second

Shi Ning hung her head and looked at her shoes, and raised her head after a few seconds then looked at him in the eyes.

“Because you have a bad name.”

Nan Xiao was stunned by her nonsensical words.

“How is my name bad Xiao character means brave and powerful, it is especially in line with me.”

Shi Ning then said seriously.

“But your name has nothing to do with study or learning.”

After all she doesn’t want to care about anyone but her studies.

Nan Xiao: “…..”

He was speechless.

Was it too late to change his name into Nan Xuexi


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