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Lin Suno in his heart was just like the star of enlightenment and he would always be his goal that always light up his way forward.

“Suno, you’re not going to wait for Shi Ning, are you”

Zhuang Zuxi asked.


Zhuang Zuxi: “When I came out she still have several questions to do, I guess it’s just like her.

The bell will ring before she can hand out her paper so don’t wait.

Let’s go together.”

Lin Suno withdrew his eyes from the stairs and his cold eyes fell on him.

“You turned in your paper quite early this time, I guess you can’t pass Zhang Qing this time.”

Zhang Qing was the third in the competition besides him, and Zhuang Zixu.

She was a girl.

Lin Suno’s grades would always throw them off but these two were not far apart in terms of course grades or competition scores and Zhang Qing could occasionally surpass Zhuang Zixu and take the second place.

Zhuang Zixu retorted.

“Eh what’s wrong with you, the results are not even out yet and you are already assuming I can’t pass her, do you have a problem with me today

Lin Suno nodded with an expressionless face.

“En, you look every ugly today.”

Lin Suno who never cursed actually attacked him personally today.

However Zhuang Zuxi was unable to refute this.

Because compared to him, ninety percent of the boys in the school were considered ugly.

All ugly enough to make him look bad, Zhuang Zixu touched his nose and ashen himself to go first.

Shi Ning finished all the questions, there were still half an hour left so she carefully checked her answers before she handed in the test papers when the bell rang.

When she left the classroom, she saw Lin Suno who was standing at the door.

“Suno why are you still here”

She remembered that he seemed to have turned his paper quite early as well.

“Waiting for you.”

Shi Ning looked around him.

“Where is the classmate who came with you”

“He’s gone.”

Shi Ning let out an oh and smiled at him.

“Then let’s go too.”

They walked for a while when Shi Ning asked.

“Suno, that Zhuang Zixu what kind of person is he Does he had something against liberal arts students”

She really felt that this person was inexplicable and if he was with them right now she wanted to say something to him.

Lin Suno: “No opinion, he simply feels that those who chose liberal arts are not smart enough.”

Hearing what Lin Suno said, only one word could describe Shi Ning’s feelings at the moment—speechless.

“He’s also slightly face blind so even if he’s seen you he might not recognized you if he’s not familiar.”

Lin Suno added.

No wonder….

She then said to herself, since after the flower competition there were actually few people who do not know her.

“Suno although you play with him you must not be influenced by him.

We liberal arts students really don’t just memorize by rote.

We also need and use our brains.”

Who is this Zhuang Zuxi anyway Just because he was better in science he looks down on liberal arts students.

Lin Suno: “He’s not bad, he just talks a little obnoxious sometimes.”

He paused and said again.

“Of course I won’t be influenced by him, an arts students like you is much smarter than him.

And I think you’ll be able to pass him on top of the math competition in the future.”

Shi Ning smiled.

“Although I know you are comforting me but I really want to try and compete with him.”

“You can do it, I’m not kidding and I’m not doing it to comfort you.”

Shi Ning couldn’t help but smile even more.

“Suno, you are blindly trusting me”

He lowered his eyes, and his long eyelashes was trying to hide the emotions in his eyes.

It is true, I believe you but I am never blind.

After the examination, Shi Ning finally relaxed a little bit.

In order to prepare for this exam she trapped herself in that small seat every day these days, she brushed the questions as soon as she was free until the sky darkens.

Compared with the loose atmosphere in her class, the atmosphere here was like the 100 day sprint of college entrance examination.

Between classes, Shi Ning came out to buy snack to eat and she asked Wan Yue in passing on her way out.

“I’m going to buy food, what do you want to eat”

Wan Yue: “Snacks are expensive for me to afford to eat.”

Shi Ning: “I’ll treat you to it.”

“How embarrassing then.”

Wan Yue thought about it and said to her.

“How about this, you tell me what you want to buy and I will run the errands for you and then you can share some with me.”

Shi Ning felt embarrassed to let people help run errands for her, she shrugged it off and said.

“It’s okay I’ll just go by myself, it just so happens that I’m a little bored sitting in the classroom for too long.

If you don’t have anything in particular you want to eat then I’ll just buy anything.”

Wang Yue laughed.

“I really found a good tablemate, not only good looking but also provides food.”

He then stood up suddenly.

“Let’s go, I’ll go with you.”


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