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Finally was the day of the preliminary competition for Mathematics Olympiad, the first time she took part in the preliminary competition for mathematics competition, she was more nervous than any exam before Shi Ning took part in it.

The preliminary round was an on-campus exam, the league was at a public high school in the city and only the finalist would go to the Imperial City.

The Mathematical Olympiad exam was scheduled for Saturday, Shi Ning ran into Lin Suno at the test site.


Shi Ning greeted.

Lin Suno nodded his head and asked her.

“Which examination room are you in”

“The third examination room, you”

“Me too.”

Because the participants were all from the same school, there were only three examination rooms in total.

“That’s quite a coincidence.”

Shi Ning said with a smile.

At this time a classmate walked up to Lin Suno and hiked over his shoulder, seeing Shi Ning he asked in confusion.

“Suno, who is this You know her”

Shi Ning was surprise, she didn’t think there were people in school who didn’t know her.

“Shin Ning.”

Lin Suno introduced.

“Zhuang Zixu.”

Zhuang Zixu nodded with a suddenly realization after hearing her name.

“Oh, she’s Shi Ning the one who got first in her grade with you last year”


Zhuang Zixu continued.

“What is she doing here”

“Is there anything other than to take the exam today here”

Lin Suno rhetorically asked.

Zhuang Zixu asked back.

“Isn’t she an arts student”

Shi Ning: “Although I’m an arts students I’m interested in mathematics competition so I’m here.”

Zhuang Zixu smiled when he heard this.

“Can liberal arts students compete in mathematics That’s new.”

Shi Ning wondered if she was overthinking, but she always felt a hint of mockery in his words.

While Lin Suno gave him a sideways glance.

“What’s new, maybe the arts students can do better than you.”

Zhuang Zixu was not happy to hear that.

“That’s too much for you to say, besides you who can beat me in the competition beside you.”

Lin Suno ignored him and said to Shi Ning.

“Let’s go in together.”


Zhuang Zixu took a look at Lin Suno who disregarded him and shouted after him.

“Suno wait for me.”

After going into the examination room, with the opening of the bell Shi Ning got the test paper in her hand.

She looked at the questions on it, many of them were the type of questions she had reviewed up on and because it was a preliminary round the questions were not particularly difficult.

Shi Ning started from the first question, there was a clock in the classroom with the test time recorded on it.

The entire exam was one hundred twenty minutes in total.

A total of more than twenty students sat in the classroom, Lin Suno sat next to her in front row.

While his classmate, Zhuang Zixu was sitting two seat behind Lin Suno which was also next to Shi Ning.

She had to admit that there was still a gap between her and the top students on this competition.

She was not sure about Lin Suno but it was obvious that Zhuang Zixu’s speed of solving the questions was faster than hers.

For people like them who were rushing to the national competition, the preliminary round was just some sort of practice, after about seventy minutes of the exam Zhuang Zixu had finished all the questions.

He was the first to turn on his test and walked out of the classroom.

Before leaving, he saw that the person next to him was Shi Ning and took a special look at her and saw that she was still working on the penultimate major question.

And chuckles.

Shi Ning heard him grunt a cold laugh out of his nose.

Shi Ning really couldn’t figure it out why on earth this person have an inexplicable hostility to her when they just met for the first time.

After about another twenty minutes Lin Suno also handed in his test paper.

When he went out, he saw Zhuang Zixu standing at the door waiting for him.

Lin Suno still didn’t pay attention to him and stood in the corridor.

He was leisurely looking downstairs and breathing in some fresh air.

“Suno, you’re not leaving”

Zhuang Zixu asked him.

Lin Suno: “You go first, I’m waiting for someone.”

Zhuang Zixu asked again.

“Waiting for who Aren’t we always together in every competition”

He and Lin Suno have known each other since the day they were young in the elementary school Olympiad.

At that time, they were the two with the best results in class.

They also went to the same junior high school where they were still in the same class and Lin Suno was always the first while he however could only be ranked outside of the top ten.

Because he was partial with other subjects other than his science, and since competing in the Olympiad was his strong points, he was qualified like Lin Suno to participate in the national competition.

The two of them have known each other so many years that they were considered partners in the competition.

Lin Suno in his heart was just like the star of enlightenment and he would always be his goal that always light up his way forward.


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