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When Shi Chen promised this, he didn’t expect Shi Ning to bring him back the top rank in her grade.

After all, it’s impossible to reach the top rank within six months.


But Shi Ning’s thoughts were very simple.

Shi Chen promised her whatever she wanted, but she didn’t want anything.

As long as her parents and brothers could get along well, then their family could be harmonious.


[On Campus]


Shi Ning was writing questions as usual.

She adapted to the learning rhythm of the school.

Relying on her strong memory and understanding ability, she caught up for the courses dropped down in the previous two months.


The content of the textbook for senior one was not difficult.

She had already mastered the content of the book.


The advantages of being admitted in Yangchuan, the top noble high school with a tuition of 1,000,000 yuan a year, were reflected. 


The school provided the best resources for them.

This was a life-saving medicine for Shi Ning, who studied in remote villages and towns in her previous life and could not enjoy these things.

She found that she was very interested in both difficult and tricky problems.


When she was in junior high school, she thought learning was too simple.

Now she came to Yangchuan, she understood that there was no end to learning.

There were many things she could learn


Shi Ning went to a snack bar and bought a cup of milk to relieve her brain.

Before she got to the classroom, she heard the noisiness in her class.


“Big news, big news! Yu Chuyao is back at school!” One of the students in the class rushed in and yelled at the students with excitement as if they were announcing something important.


Sure enough, only this sentence from him caused the class in a great uproar.



You’re not lying Is it true! Didn’t Yu Chuyao perform with the famous musician Cao Shu abroad, and now you’re telling me, she’s back to school”


“Yes, I didn’t lie to you.

I saw her in the academic affairs office just now, and I came back today!”


“Ah, ah, the goddess is back, I will set off firecrackers to meet her!”


“My goddess is back at last! Because she came back, let’s see how long the poor student with a scholarship in the next class can still be arrogant.”


“Yes, Tong Lu can only study better.

Yu Chuyao is better than her in appearance, family background, character, and talent.

Why is Tong Lu only in second place Because no one can defeat Master Suno’s rank this whole grade.

The second place should be Chu Yao.

Tong Lu is a pheasant who does not know where she came from.

If she was not protected by Young Master Nan Xiao, she would have been driven out of school by Shi Ning.”


Shi Ning reached the door of the classroom.

When she was near the window, she stopped listening when she heard that the contents of the two girls’ discussions were related to her.


“Speaking of Shi Ning, they are both daughters of the Shi family.

She and Yu Chuyao are just like heaven and the ground.

Yu Chuyao’s grades, personality, and appearance are perfect.

Meanwhile, Shi Ning only has a backer.

With her stupid brain and bad temper, who would even want to take care of her”


“A while ago, she memorized the poem within a few minutes.

I think she has been listening to the class very seriously recently.

She is still studying after class.”


“Memorized the poem Do you believe that I think she saw the teacher’s teaching plan in advance.

She learned it at home and came to school to pretend that she is a good student.

As for learning, it must be a to attract the attention of Nan Xiao.


“Oh, whether it’s Tong Lu or Shi Ning, Yu Chuyao could make a splash even being away from school for a while.

Look at Yu Chuyao’s comeback, the eyes of all men returned to her.

Who cares about these pheasants and vases”


The pheasant they were referring to should be Tonglu.

As for the vase, it is naturally her.


Because she had experienced too much life and death sufferings since childhood, her mind is much more mature than her peers.


If she was a little white flower, she would not have been able to survive after being left with no family, and no one to rely on but herself.


She used to be bullied because she was scrupulous about her grandmother, and had to endure it.

Now, how could she not endure this small thing


“What are you talking about Tell me too.” Shi Ning stood in front of the window.


When the two girls turned their heads and saw her, their expressions looked like they were seeing ghosts.


“Shi, Shi Ning, why are you here”


Shi Ning chuckled: “When you speak ill of me, make sure that I am not in the classroom.”


The two were embarrassed beyond words, and there was a trace of fear in their embarrassment.


“In return, I will ask my father to take good care of your fathers.”


They all said she was a lady with a bad temper.

She had to live up to their expectations.


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