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Chapter 171

translator: Kyotot

After leaving the classroom door, Nan Xiao was still full of displeasure.

If according to his previous temper, this new kid would definitely feel the social beating in advance.


Thinking of the promised she made with Shi Ning—

No fighting!

He could only endure the anger.

Shi Ning found that her tablemate was really a little bit odd.

He seems to be extraordinarily sleepy and usually sleeps in class as if he never gets enough sleep.

The girls in the class have given him a new nickname.

The “Sleeping Prince.”

There was no other reason, it was simply because the side of his sleeping face was particularly handsome.

But what was particularly amazing about Wan Yue was that even if he sleeps in class when the teacher calls on him to answer a question he was able to answer the question accurately.

Teachers don’t know whether he was sleeping or lying on his desk while listening to the lesson.

Tablemates was the easiest person someone could get acquainted with, and Wan Yue was lively in nature so within a few days the two could comfortably talk with each other.

One day, Wan Yue slept for almost half a class so the teacher asked him to go to the podium and solve the math problem.

Wan Yue finished solving the problem without a hitch and threw away the chalk head as he walked down and sat on the seat.

He then stretched lazily on his back.

Shi Ning wondered.

“You’ve slept through two classes in the morning and you’re still sleepy”

Wan Yue nodded sleepily.

Shi Ning: “Don’t you sleep at night”

He wink at her.

“I’m busy studying at night, how else am I going to get a scholarship.”


“Why can’t you study properly during the day”

Wan Yue: “I also study during the day, who said I sleep and do not study Aren’t you doing the same, reviewing on the Mathematics Olympiad problems every day”

After hearing him say this, Shi Ning thinks the reason was plausible.


One month after the school year started, it was the first examination after the division of Arts and Science classes.

Shi Ning was unquestionably the first in her grade, and it turned out that choosing liberal arts was indeed a very good choice.

She studied much more easily and could have more time to do what she wanted to do and was able to review one or two sets of papers for the competition in the first month of school.

After looking at her results, Shi Ning asked the person next to her in passing.

“Wan Yue, how was your test”

Wan Yue: “You didn’t see my results”

“I only looked the first line.”

“Tch, so confident Don’t even care who’s in second place”

“Haven’t you ever hear that the greatest opponent is always yourself I’ll just compare myself with myself.”

The last exam of the first year in high school, she and Lin Suno went full throttle and studied hard.

So the final score set a new historical record for Yang Chuan’s first year in high school, throwing off the second place with 43 points.

From the separation of arts and science her rival changes from Lin Suno to herself.

Wan Yue: “This second place is really a bit miserable, being completely ignored by you.”

He sighed before curving his lips and smiled.

“And what a coincidence, I’m the miserable second place.”

This was a bit surprise to Shi Ning.

She did what she did in class, that’s because she knows the content of this class after all high school was a process of repeated learning.

Since she has mastered it, she doesn’t have to repeat it again after the teacher.

But this brother, who sleeps every day could get good grades could be considered as naturally smart one.

Getting second place despite him sleeping everyday on every lesson could only mean that he was really gifted, unless just like what he said to her that he really study every day and every night.

“You are the one who is really amazing.”

Shi Ning praised him from the bottom of her heart.

Wan Yue: “But I’m far behind you, and for the first time in my life I’m not the first in my grade.”

“It’s because you sleep every day that’s why you can’t get this score.”

“Stupid, how can I have the spirit to listen carefully if I don’t sleep.”

Wan Yue said and then said thoughtfully.

“However in order to leave a little presence in your heart for the second place, I will try my best.”

“You make more effort.”

Shi Ning did not take Wan Yue’s words to heart, after her sophomore year the course task was much easier than that on her freshman year.

Now it’s far from the college entrance examination so this year was the only year she could spend a lot of time studying Mathematical Olympiad.



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