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Chapter 170

translator: Kyotot

The girls in the class were excited when Nan Xiao walked into the class but Shi Ning was still immersed in the sea of questions and was unaware of his presence.

He stood next to her seat for a long time, not saying a word and just staring at her with his pair of eyes.

Shi Ning still did not notice and just continue to answer the questions seriously.

The air pressure in class 3 was inexplicably low because of the arrival of this big man but after the agitation the people inside the classroom calmed down and stared at them with an expression eating a melon.

Wan Yue felt a chill behind him, he turned his head to see only to find that there was a person standing next to him.

“Dang! Brother who are you You look like a devil, it’s scary.”

His body instinctively shrank behind and his elbow hit Shi Ning.

Shi Ning’s pen scratched a long mark on the book, and her obsessive-compulsive disorder made her extra uncomfortable seeing it.

“Student Wan, you’ve crossed the line.”

Wan Yue pointed Nan Xiao.

“You can’t blame me ah, I was scared of him.”

Only then did Shi Ning notice that there was someone standing beside her.

“Nan Xiao, what brings you here”

“Who is he”

Nan Xiao asked coldly.

“Our classmate ah.”

Shi Ning looked at him with an expression are-you-stupid

Nan Xiao silently cursed.

Of course I know he is your classmate but why does this kid looked so unreliable

When he came in just now, he saw with his own eyes this boy next to Shi Ning tilted his head and looked at her for a long time.

This excellent seat          was simply the exclusive benefits of her tablemate.

Before when he was Shi Ning’s tablemate he did not want to become so blatant but this kid in front of him right now was really bold.

Add to that fact that he was good looking, he becomes even more of a danger.

Thinking of these, he knocked impatiently on the Wan Yue’s table.

“You, switched places with the person in front of you.”

Wan Yue was sitting in front of a girl, as if she was cued she suddenly turned her head to look blankly at the people on her back.

Wan Yue did not pay attention to Nan Xiao and just turned his head to ask Shi Ning.

“Is this your boyfriend”

Shi Ning: “What are you talking about I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Oh~ so a suitor.”

Wan Yue smiled and looked at Nan Xiao.

“Brother, you are not yet a boyfriend but you are already being narrow-minded.”

When he said this, the whole class three was quiet.

After second of silence, the class three exploded once again.

“It’s over, it’s over, this transfer student really doesn’t know how high mount Tai is.

He doesn’t even know Nan Xiao and he still dares to come to Yangchuan and study”

“Someone actually dared to say that to Nan Xiao who is mainly in charge here, this handsome man is really courageous.”

“Hey I guess I won’t be able to see this little handsome guy tomorrow.”

“So miserable, the handsome man could only briefly came to our class and the rest of the day will be spent in the hospital.”

“Wuwuwuwuw, don’t worry we’ll visit you at the hospital!”

These chattering voices naturally were also heard by Wan Yue.

He looked at the sullen faced of Nan Xiao who was in front of him and with a fearless expression and the usual gangly smile at the corner of his lips.

“This brother, are you in the triad”

Nan Xiao frowned.

“Have you ever seen a gangster with such impressive appearance as Laozi”

Not to mention Yangchuan the entire Yangcheng high school, people who do not know him were very few.

Where in the world this kid came from

“But don’t worry, even if I am not in triad this laozi can still send you to the hospital.”

Nan Xiao said with a stern face while cracking his fingers.

“I’m so scared.”

Wan Yue said but his expression didn’t seem to be afraid at all, there was even a tone of mockery.

“If you have the guts, you don’t leave after school.”

Nan Xiao said ruthlessly.

Shi Ning pulled out his ear.

“That’s enough, you guys go out and argue don’t hold me back from my questions.”

With her attitude, the two immediately feel that this fight seems to have a little meaning.

“Here, this is for you.

Go on with your questions.”

After Nan Xiao finished saying this, he put the strawberry mousse on Shi Ning’s table then turned around and walked away.

Shi Ning then remembered that during summer vacation they out to play and ate strawberry mousse in a desert shop.

She then casually commented how delicious it was, and did not think that he would send it to her today.



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