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Liu continued with a smile,

“Well, that’s it for my introduction so let’s introduce yourselves next.

Just according to the seat, starting from the first student on the left.”

“Everyone in turn will make a short one-to-two minute self-introduction.”

There were more than thirty people in the class and in addition to a few who could talk, most of the students went up and left without saying two words.

When the class had finished introducing themselves, Mr.

Lie nodded his head.

“Well, now the teacher basically got to know everyone initially except for Wan Yue who didn’t arrive.”

“Teacher what is this transfer student up to, he was already an hour late.

I think he did it on purpose.”

“Which school did he go to before To be this late Yangchuan’s good day will soon suffer in the future.”

“Wan Yue Which Yue Yue for moon Or Yue for month Or Yue to pass Male of female”

The group mentioned that this Wan Yue was indignant and they must look for him to straighten him.

“Yue for to leap like fish and dragon diving into the water and I am male.”

Someone suddenly spoke at the door of the classroom and then came in a boy with dark green duck-tongue cap, he also wore torn jeans, hands in his pockets as he stand lazily.


Liu greeted him when he saw him and told him to come in.

“What took you so long to get here Do you know what time it is Why are you wearing a hat We can’t wear hats in class, take them off!”

“I am wearing this because I cuckold.”

“Hahaha this transfer student is awesome, not only late but also wearing a green hat to school!”

“Look at his dress and posture, a newcomer.

What are you pulling”

“Later this sister will teach him that since he is now coming to Yangchuan he should behave properly…”

After hearing this, the student named Wan Yue answered.

“Yes teacher.”

He took off his at directly.

The moment he took off his hat, the voices in the class that was cursing him stopped.

“Dang! This transfer student is so handsome.”

“Wah, this gangly and handsome look is my cup of tea.”

“Ooohhh I was moved, I thought all the handsome boys went to the science class.

Once we swept up all the crooked melons and cracked dates in our class I didn’t expect to meet such boy in the class.”

“We must take good care of him in the future.”

The girls turned their faces faster than flipping a book, sure enough whatever a handsome man did could be forgiven, right

Shi Ning felt this saying was true when she came to this liberal arts class.


Liu asked him to stand at the edge of the podium.

“Student Wan Yue, you are late today.

Don’t do it again.”

Wan Yue shrugged his shoulders.



Liu frowned and continued to look at him.

“And your pants, our school is not allowed to wear such pants.

Students should have the appearance of a student, not looking like that!”


Wan Yue shouted.

“Teacher, all my clothes are all like this.

You see, I’m a transfer student and doesn’t have a school uniform yet.

If you don’t let me wear it like this I’ll have no clothes to wear.”

At this point he winked at the teacher.

“Or teacher you help me buy a few pieces I am not picky, you can buy whatever you like I promise to wear it for you ever day.”


Liu doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his words.

“Nonsense, stop joking! You’ll naturally get your school uniform in a few days so be a good boy and put it on for me then!”

“Yes, this student will accept the order.”

“Also you can’t wear that hat.

What kind of green would you wear when you’re still young.”

Wan Yue hooked his lips and smiled as a reply.

“You just sit—”

The teacher’s eyes swept around the classroom, just in time to see an empty seat next to Shi Ning.

“Just sit there.”


“Crap I dare not sit with the goddess but this cheap did.”

A few boys in the class immediately reacted, one boy cursed and then stood up to protest.

“Teacher I want to change seats with him.”

“Right! I want to change too, what right does he have to sit there as a newcomer.”

“That’ right.

That boy is not wearing a decent clothes, what is he wearing anyway I bet he has no money to buy any clothes at all.

People who can enter our school can’t afford clothes”

“He is full of lies and fooling around.

He must be a delinquent.

Teacher, Shi NIng is the future topnotcher of Liberal Arts in our school.

You must not let this new boy delay Shi Ning’s study.”


Liu glared at them.

“What are you saying What have you been saying You didn’t care about Shi Ning after sitting alone for so long and now that the teacher has arranged a tablemate for her you have a problem with it All of you sit down!”

The boy had to sit down in the sight of the teacher but their expression were still dissatisfied as they glared at Wan Yue.

Wan Yue smiled.

“Teacher, I’ve just arrived in the class but I’m already being ostracized.

You should explain to them quickly I really don’t have any money.”


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