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Winter break passes quickly and another year of school begins.

The sophomore year of high school has begun.

Shi Ning found her sophomore class in accordance with the school’s public class schedule and when she went there.

There were already many people sitting in the classroom.

The biggest intuitive feeling after the division of arts and sciences was that there were many more girls than boys in the class.

Shi Ning looked over, all girls and only less than ten boys in the class.

She randomly found an unoccupied seat and sat down.

From the moment Shi Ning came in, the eyes of everyone in the class fell down on her.

“Eh, that is Shi Ning from A class before.

Our school’s recognized school flower.

“Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times1, she’s so beautiful.”

“Not only is she pretty she is also a genius, did you forget The last final exam, she and Lin Suno tied for the first place in the grade.

That is Lin Suno ah, my heaven! He finally met his rival in this life.”

“If I look like her, I will still study hard and walked around in Yangcheng with chin up.

Obviously she can live with just her face but she wanted to rely on her talent.”

“Even if they don’t rely on their faces or talent, they can still rely on their billion dollar family fortune.

This kind of person is born to make people envy and hate her.”

“I’m not jealous nor do I hate her, I love her so much instead.

How can she look so good I feel like I’m going to bend…”

Shi Ning was now one of the limelight in their campus, no worse than the F4.

She has also gotten used to the fact that everywhere she goes in the school there were people watching and talking about her.

It didn’t take long for the classroom to fill up.

On the first day of school, the seats were randomly assigned and everyone chose to sit with whoever looked good to them.

Everyone got a tablemate except Shi Ning.

Her persona was too perfect, so much that although people like her they only want to watch from afar and dare not take the initiative to approach her.

When the bell rang the class teacher walked in, Shi Ning’s still not sitting next to anyone.

She sat along in the third position by the window alone.

This time the class teacher was a male teacher, age forty years old, his hair was neatly combed with a pair of glasses and has a medium build.

He looked kind, courteous, and very appealing.

The male teacher walked in and looked at all the students.

“Everyone’s here right I’ll start the roll call.”

He named a circle of people and the students answered back after he read their names.

“Wan Yue.”

The teacher read it once and no one answered so he read it again and still no one answered.

The students spoke up.

“Teacher who is this person Late on the first day of school, isn’t it giving you a slap in the face”

“Very brave, I haven’t hear the name before, have you heard of it”

“No, I’ve never heard that name in Yangchuan.”

“Not in our class anyway.”

The teacher gesture for everyone to be quiet.

“I forgot to tell you all that this student Wan Yue is a transfer student who just transferred to our school this year.

So everyone may not know him.”

“Wan Yue may have been delayed on the way, let’s wait for him again.”

“A transfer student at this time, is there any mistake”

“Why did he come here ah And his late, didn’t he know that our Yangchuan is most concerned about the concept of time”

“That’s right, why should we wait for him, to that newcomer”

A group of charming ladies and several ignorant young master were dissatisfied when they hear that the newcomer dared to be late.

“Okay, okay, don’t make any noise.

Everyone quiet, why don’t we introduce ourselves first”

The class teacher said.

Shi Ning thought that her guess was really right.

The class teacher was really a good talker.

If he were Lao Yang her former class teacher and the class was so noisy, Lao Yang would have been angry.

The middle aged man turned around and wrote the word “Liu” on the blackboard.

“My last name is Liu, from now on everyone can call me Mr.


He then added the word, “Ruqing.”

“This is my name, and from now on I will be your class teacher as well as your teacher in mathematics.”

There was applause from the class.


Liu continued with a smile,

“Well, that’s it for my introduction so let’s introduce yourselves next.

Just according to the seat, starting from the first student on the left.”

“Everyone in turn will make a short one-to-two minute self-introduction.”


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