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Jin Shang was different from the boys she usually met, he was more mature and more masculine, as he stopped closer to her his hunting eyes made Shi Ning feel oppressed.

She couldn’t help but back up, her eyebrows twisted.

Jin Shang curled his lips and smiled.

No matter how clever the little girl was she was still young and expression were like blank sheet of paper.

Just because she doesn’t let down her guard against him now doesn’t mean she won’t in the future.

“Shi Ning.”

Someone behind them called out Shi Ning’s name and Jin Shang stopped in his tracks.

He turned his head to looKed at the person walking over.

Lin Suno walked up to the two of them and stood between the two.

“Brother Jin, if there’s nothing else we’ll leave first.”

His tone was flat but Jin Shang could still see his displeasure.

Jin Shang suddenly chuckled and looked Lin Suno.

“It’s funny, you kids, you’ve really all grown up.”

Lin Suno pulled Shi Ning towards the shooting side as the pressure was decreasing along the way.

Shi Ning sensed that he was not too happy and asked.

“What’s wrong Did something else happened in the shooting scene”


He blocked what she wanted to ask with this statement.

Shi Ning also did not know what to say so she followed him all the way.

After the two walked for a while, Lin Suno still couldn’t hold back and turned his head.

He said.

“Ning Ning stay away from Jin Shang in the future.”

In the film studio, he witnessed Shi Ning went out and not long after Jin Shang also followed.

Remembering the Yu Chuyao thing he grew an extra eye and followed out he didn’t think he really would see them.

Growing up, he was used to being silent.

In fact, when talking his eyes were watching and observing more carefully than others.

Lin Suno thought he could read many people but he could never see through Jin Shang.

His intuition told him that Jin Shang was a dangerous man.

“If he’s not Jin Sihan’s brother I don’t even want to care about him.”

Shi Ning said.

After saying that she looked at Lin Suno and joked.

“What, you’re still afraid he’ll bully me”

Lin Suno nodded.

After all, he lived several years longer than them and have wandered through the treacherous society.

Their tricks and means were not comparable to him now.

He was really afraid that Jin Shang would take a shot at Shi Ning.

His little adult appearance was particularly cute, Shi Ning couldn’t help standing on tiptoe and pinching his face with both hands.

“Yo yo you, it’s really like what that big brother Jin just said our Suno has grown up too he knows how to protect people.”

Lin Suno grabbed her hand and said seriously with a light frown.

“I’m not joking with you.”

Shi Ning retracted her hands.

“Got it, I’m not an idiot.”

Jin Shang had never been this enthusiastic about her before and now acting like this with her, it should be mostly likely when he took Yu Chuyao as his target and now he has changed his target to her.

Jin Sihan said before that his brother had an almost perverted desire of controlling him, always believing that no one but him was genuinely good to Jin Sihan.

She guessed now that she and Jin Sihan were getting close, that’s why he want to sow discord between them.

But we won’t be successful.

After the two of them returned to the filming site they called up Nan Xiao who was still chatting with Jin Sihan and went back home together after saying goodbye.

Jin Shang was still on the set and that posture of waiting for Jin Sihan to leave together after his work.

“Goodbye everyone, thank you for your hard work!”

After the day’s shooting Jin Sihan said his goodbye to the crew and got into the car that Jin Shang drove over.

After he got into the car, Jin Shang threw a shirt at him.

“It’s cold outside when you get off later, put it on.

Are you hungry What do you want to eat for late night snack”

Jin Sihan ignored his questions asked bluntly.

“Brother, me getting the male lead 3 and you are not related, right”

“Will you believe me when I say no”

“Of course, I won’t believe it.”

His brother gave a chuckle and didn’t say anything as if a tacit acknowledgement.

Jin Sihan did not feel that he had to rely only on his own bare hands in the entertainment industry to crash his head and break out of the world after eating all the hardships.

To be honest in this society those who don’t have resources were fool.

He wanted to be able to rely on his own strength after all it would not be difficult and interesting if he rely on his family however in this situation today his big brother was really cool.

It’s just that he really didn’t like the idea of his brother getting too involved in his life.

Even in Jin Shang was good to him, the things that happened to him as a child had left a lifetime of shadow on him.

It causes him to be afraid when he sees him now.

Jin Sihan suppressed his temper and asked again.

“After I saw Ning Ning go out today, you followed.

You weren’t there to find her, were you”

If he hadn’t been filming at that time, he would have followed him out as well.

“No, I went out to find her.”

Jin Sihan exploded in an instant.

“Jin Shang I’m warning you, you can do whatever you want with me but you can’t get your hands on Shi Ning!”

“Why not I think no one is more suitable than Shi Ning to be your sister-in-law, if the Jin family and Shi family joined by marriage our family will replace Xiao family as the first family in Yangchen, that is just around the corner noh Although Shi Ning now is still small but it does not matter I have patience…”

Wait for her to grow up.

He couldn’t finished his sentence as his dead brother punched him in the face.


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