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Once Jin Shang showed up, Shi Ning and the others knew that there was nothing left for them to do.

After all there was someone who would naturally stand up for Jin Sihan.

After this time no one on the set dared to look down on Jin Sihan, the newcomer.

The next scene between Jin Sihan and Zhou He, the latter shot the in a disciplined manner and never did any tricks.

The natural law of the weak and the strong was reflected in this set today.

The next scene filmed was regular, from the scene the TV series was far less exciting when shooting than when broadcasting.

It also depends on editing, special effects on the later stage.

Halfway through Shi Ning felt too stuffy in the studio and intended to come out to stroll around and see the scenery of other places in the film city.

She spoke to Nan Xiao and the others before coming out on her own.

Yangcheng’s film and television city was indeed beautifully built and every view was a microcosm of history.

Shi Ning wandered around and took her time coming back.

As she was walking towards the set when Jin Sihan and the others were filming she met Jin Shang on her way.

When Jin Shang saw her, he took the initiative to walk towards her.

“What a coincidence, Little Shi Ning.”

Shi Ning smiled.


Jin I don’t believe in coincidences.”

She came out not long, and Jin Shang also followed out.

The two also happened to meet, if it was called coincidence who would believe it.

Jin Shang raised his eyebrows.

“It’s too much to call me Mr.

Jin at least our two families are family friends.

It’s not too much for you to call me brother.”

Who wants to call you brother.

I already have a brother that is 10,000 times better than you.

Shi Ning was bellyaching in her heart.

Thinking about the things he did to Jin Sihan in the past she did not like this man in front of her.

But just now he looked like he was protecting his brother and made Shi Ning have a few changes on her opinion about him.

This person was sometimes good and sometimes bad, both good and evil.

It was difficult to see through him.

“Then Brother Jin Shang I’ll go in first.”

Shi Ning said this and continued to walk forward.

Jin Shang called her out again.

“It’s boring inside, why don’t you accompany me to stroll around.

I heard there are many special snacks in the film and television city.

Let’s go, brother will treat you.”

He spoke in a gentle tone with a smile at the corner of his lips which was plastered all the time.

Looking really like a warm and lovable brother next door.

If she didn’t know what kind of person he was, Shi Ning might have been fooled by him as well.

“That’s not necessary, Brother Jin Shang actually we are not familiar with each other right There is really no need for you to get close to me.”

Shi Ning did not want to play mind games with him in a roundabout way and said directly.

Jin Shang was annoyed but laughed in a low timbre.

“Little Shi Ning is still as hot-tempered as she was back then.”

He said, touching his finger to the scar on the corner of his forehead.

“Remember this”

“This was what you left for my brother, I can always remember it just as I have never forgotten Little Shi Ning.”

Shi Ning completely do not understand what this big brother mean, and he did not let her go insisted on talking to her.

They talked about these things and finally talked about the old days.

What’s so memorable about a scar

Was he reminding her that she hurt him as a child and he’s still holding a grudge to get back at her later

“Is Brother Jin Shang telling me this because you’re asking me for a debt”

Shi Ning asked with a sullen face.

Jin Shang intended to be a brother who teases his young little sister.

But he didn’t expect this girl to be completely out of topic.

“How can it be The little princess does everything right, besides I want to thank you.

I couldn’t control myself and hurt Sihan at that time.

Thank you for saving him.”

“Since you know you’ve wronged your brother then be nice to Sihan.”

Shi Ning said.

“That’s natural, what I owe him I will spend my life making up for it.”

When Jin Shang finished these words he took a step closer towards Shi Ning and smiled.

“I heard that this kid has been chasing you recently”

Shi Ning: “Big brother you think too much we are just good friends since childhood.”

Although Jin Sihan was indeed very clingy to her now, Shi Ning felt that he was especially close to her purely because of his good relationship with her and his lack of motherly love since he was a child.

“This brother of mine ah is still too childish.

His really unreliable, he may be like this today and like that tomorrow.”

When he said these words, he came to Shi Ning step by step as his magnetic and low voice resounded.

“Little Shi Ning should have a better choice.”


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