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Nan Xiao dialed his number and pressed the speaker button.

The moment Jin Sihan answered the phone, it happened to be when he was taking a break in the middle of filming.

And once he heard that they were coming, he wailed on the other end of the phone.

“What’s wrong with you guys Before I asked you to come each one of you said you were not available and now today was good so you decided to come together in group”

Nan Xiao: “What difference does it make if we came now or then”

Jin Sihan: “How can there no difference! You know this a historical drama, I am playing the brother of the male lead in the drama.

You guys didn’t come when I was favored in the early stage and had great scene.”

“Now I was caught and tortured in the enemy’s country, you decided to come.

What are you doing here, watching me get beaten up all the time”

Nan Xiao snickered.

“When you put it that way, I think it’s the right time to come today.”

Lin Suno enter the fry.

“I think so too.”

Jin Sihan: “You two can go now, Ning Ning you can just visit me alone.”

Shi Ning: “In fact I came to see Lin Fen.

I knew he was he first male in your play so I specially searched it.

I can’t say anything, he really is handsome no wonder he has so many fans.”


After hearing this, Jin Sihan hung up the phone in less than five seconds.

But texted them his location and his agent’s contact information.

When the three arrived at the set, they called Jin Sihan’s agent.

The person who answered the phone was a girl, not too old by the sound of her voice.

And when she heard they were coming, she said over the phone.

“You’re all Sihan’s friends right He told me about you guys but he’s filming now and he’s not free to come out, you guys stand outside the studio and wait for me for a while.

I’ll come over to pick you right away.”

After a while a girl who looked to be in her twenties came running out and walked up to them.

“Hello, I’m Jin Sihan’s agent.

My name is Ruan Tongtong, you guys come in with me.”

Shi Ning was still surprise to see Ruan Tongtong, she didn’t expect Jin Sihan’s agent to be so young.

“Sister how old are you You’re really small, you look about the same age as us.”

Ruan Tong smiled.

“I’m twenty three years old and graduated from college last year.

Speaking of which Jin Sihan is the first artist I’ve ever brought along.”

The group of them followed Ruan Tongtong into the set.

Because the shooting was starting, the staff in the set was quiet except for the actors acting in the scene.

As soon as several of them came in, several people also looked back.

Everyone working in this circle were already used to seeing beautiful and handsome men but when these three teenagers appeared the crowd was still shocked.

“Who are they Are they still students Are they the new actors recruited by the crew Why are they all so good looking”

The staff asked Ruan Tongtong.

Ruan Tongtong replied.

“They are all friends of Jin Sihan, who came to visit him on the set.”

“The beauty of these beautiful men and woman together with Jin Sihan how can other stars live if the four of them are mixed in the entertainment circle, especially the boy in white sweater I’ve been mixed in the entertainment circle for so long but I’ve never see anyone like him.”

“It’s amazing to see such a delicate looking boy with such cold and alienated temperament for the first time, I’ll ask if they want to make a film later.”

“I don’t think so, these people are still students.

They don’t necessarily have the heart to do this.”

Shi Ning and the other were completely oblivious to the conversation as their eyes were on the people acting.

Jin Sihan and a male actor were shooting a scene.

Judging from the costume, Jin Sihan was indeed as miserable as he say he was.

A royal son of an enemy country stranded in an enemy’s country.

The clothes he wore were tattered clothes, his hair cascading down looking extremely wretched.

“Historical costumes are a bit interesting.”

Nan Xiao said.

The three of them saw Jin Sihan in this disguise for the first time and were filled with interest, each with an expression of gloating.

This scene was played by Jin Sihan as the young prince and the enemy prince.

The enemy prince was also an admirer of the heroine in the drama but because of the hero, he lost the heroine so he hated the hero very much and wanted to kill him.

However he never had a chance to do it, this time he failed to design a trap to get the hero but he caught the hero’s favorite brother.

Naturally the prince would not easily let go, what they were playing now was that after the prince was arrested the crown prince of the enemy humiliated the brother.

“Isn’t your brother the prince of Qi, amazing talent and extraordinary Your brother who is smart knew that you were in my hands so how come he didn’t come to save you”

The enemy prince grabbed the young prince’s collar and said with a grimace.

The little prince sneered.

“It’s because my brother is smart so he won’t fall for your tricks.

You want to use me to harm my brother, there’s no way!”

Speaking of this the young royal son played by Jin Sihan even made a face at him.



A loud slap hit the young prince’s face and then that enemy prince pushed him away and then hit and kicked him while cursing and swearing.

The three who were still gloating couldn’t laugh anymore and their expression became unusually serious.

If it wasn’t for Shi Ning pulling Nan Xiao, the latter would have rushed up.

What the hell, how dare him hit his brother

“Calm down, calm down, this is filming.”

Shi Ning reminded in a small voice.

Nan Xiao nodded and stood with a straight face and didn’t move for the time being.

They thought the scene was finished and it was fine but who know that the actor playing the enemy prince suddenly said midway through the scene that he didn’t play well just now and wanted to do it again.

After the second time was over, he finished shaking off the slap but mispronounce his lines and laugh directly at the scene and then spoke to the director.

“Excuse me director, let’s do it again.”

“Where did this stupid actor came from, what lousy crew.”

Nan Xiao cursed coldly, this time he was walking up and Shi Ning did not pull him.

“Take Sihan home.”

Lin Suno said, a chill in his flat tone.

Just when the three of them were about to walk over to Jin Sihan’s side to take him away and “greet” the idiot who couldn’t shoot and kept on NGing, another person appeared on the set.

It was Jin Shang.

He was brought to the set by the producer of the play himself, the produces brought Jin Shang and then clapped his hands and said to the people in the crew.

“Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, everyone come and meet, this is our President Jin.

He is also the investor of our play, everyone quickly say hello to Mr.


Jin Shang’s gaze skipped over the crowd and landed directly on Jin Sihan.

When he saw he sharp red mars on his brother’s white face his gaze instantly condensed.


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