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He was braver because of her.

This time, he would also try his best to try and would no longer be just chasing the light but become that light.

After the college entrance examination, it was time to fill out the volunteer application.

Shi Chen could fill in whatever he wants, finally he filled in the medical major in Tsinghua University.

When he filled in the major, Shi Pingzhan desperately asked him to fill in the financial management major.

Shi Chen did not listen and went to fill in the clinical medicine major.

Shi Pingzhan’s beard crooked due to anger.

“Well, what kind of doctor you want to be How much can a doctor make a year If you become a doctor who will inherit this business”

“Your sister Do you have the heart to leave such big company to your sister”

Shi Chen: “Sister also has her own life, her own future so she could do whatever she wanted to do.

Your own company, manage it your own.”

Shi Pingzhan was so angry with him that he could not say anything and just turned his head to sit in the living room sofa at home with a sullen face and muffled silence.

Shi Ning walked up next to her brother.

“Brother why do you have to talk to Dad like that, can’t you discuss it calmly”

Shi Chen: “I am most annoyed with him meddling in my life and saying I don’t care about the company and letting you manage it.”

“What did he just gave birth to us to raise us to manage his company”

Speaking of which, Shi Chen asked his sister.

“Ning Ning, have you ever thought about what major to enroll in after the college entrance exam and what kind of person to be in the future”

He really caught her off guard with his question.

After she got into this body, she was exposed to top-notch educational resourced.

She was like a sapling in a long drought, desperately trying to draw water to keep herself growing.

During this year, all she thought about were her grades and score and did not think about the college entrance exam two years later.

And she hadn’t really thought about what would happen after the entrance exam.

“I really haven’t thought about it seriously, there are many things I want to do.

I want to be a cook when I see delicious foods, a lawyer when I see unfairness.”

“A teacher when I see children and even a pilot when I see planes, if you let me choose a career that I want to adhere to against the wishes of my family like you then I haven’t think of any yet.”

Shi Ning said.

If she could fight against her parents just for what she wants she must love it right

Just like her brother he gave up the well-trodden path paved for him by his family and went to another uncharted territory.

“But since my brother wants to study medicine, I think I will be the one who will forced by father to join the business in two years.”

Shi Ning said with a smile.

She actually does not care, if there was no particular thing she wanted to do, to be female president was not uncommon as long as her dad was happy and her brother could do what he wanted to do.

Once Shi Chen heard her say this, he thought for a moment and took the initiative to walk up to Shi Pingzhan and said something to him.

The sound of the two people talking was not very loud, Shi Ning stood a little far away and could not hear clearly what they were talking about.

After a while, She Chin walked back.

“Don’t worry I just talked to the old man, he will not interfere to your choice of college in the future.”

Shi Ning was shocked.

“You didn’t even negotiate with dad but you helped me out in advance”

She couldn’t see what they were up to.

Shi Chen: “Well, your brother is awesome.”

“What did you talk about”

She still felt confused.

Shi Chen raised his eyebrows.

“It a conversation between men, so I cannot tell you.”

In fact it was nothing, he just promised the old man that he would take double degree in economics so later when he was too old to work he would put down his career as a doctor and come home to manage the company for him.

Only in this way, no matter what Shi Ning wants to do in the future the family could support her.


Just as Shi Ning expected, Jin Sihan signed a contract with the company in no time.

After which the company trained him for less than a month and sent him to the set to shoot a scene.

In the last week of summer vacation, Nan Xiao proposed to visit Jin Sihan’s drama group.

Shi Ning spent the whole summer at home to brush up on competition questions.

Hearing the news she didn’t think twice about saying yes.

If she goes to the set, she would be able to meet stars.

Although she doesn’t follow any particular stars, the novelty still makes her feel curious.

And besides she was eager to see what Jin Sihan was like when he acts.

The place where they filmed was the local film city.

When the three of them went over together they contacted Jin Sihan in advance.


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