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Talent Scout

When Shi Ning heard Jin Sihan say this word, all the sleepy bugs ran away and she was instantly awake.

She tried to remember the plot of the original story and remembered that it was indeed during summer of his first year in senior high school that Jin Sihan was discovered by a talent scout and entered the acting world.

The company he signed with was interested in his looks and age, and wants to train him as a nurturing love interest in order to get him to participate in a talent show a year later.

Before he participated in the talent show, in order to increase his popularity the company received a web drama for him.

Originally, he would just play a supporting role but who knows during the audition the director took fancy of him and directly gave him the most pleasing role in the play.

The sunny warm male number three.

After the show was aired, Jin Sihan had small popularity.

And after he became popular he participated in the talent show.

From the first show, Jin Sihan was the first among the 100 trainees and after that his popularity continued to raise far surpassing the other contestants and he finally debuted.

Throughout his acting career he could only be describe in eight words1, sweep everything before one and invincible.

Jin Sihan heard no sound on the other side of the phone for a while.

And it made him feel a little nervous.

Why didn’t Ning Ning say anything

Is she angry that he behaves like this

He should be considered by her as unprofessional or whimsical.

Thinking of this, he immediately said.

“I know it’s silly not to come and get the report card and talk to others about this kind of thing.

Don’t worry I’ll make it clear to him and leave immediately!”

His biggest fear now was that Shi Ning would ignore him.

“What are you going to do The star scout is looking for you which means you have the potential to be a star.”

“Where did the star scout come from He should also be from the entertainment company”

Shi Ning asked.

Jin Sihan was surprised.

“Ning Ning, you don’t think I’m dreaming I’m just a high school student, can I really quit my studies and become a start”

“I thought you would scold me.”

Among the four of them, Lin Suno and she were the school genius.

In the past he still have his Brother Nan Xiao who would take him to play.

But now Nan Xiao was improving himself all the time, in fact he has an aura of the next school genius.

Only he was left alone in tears as a school dreg.

Shi Ning smiled and said.

“Why should I scold you, you remember what I told you that everyone has something that everyone wants to do Just do that thing that you do well.”

Jin Sihan has a bubbly side of him but also has a cold side that was buried deep in his heart.

Such extremity makes him a natural creation, and the songs he writes in the future would be great song to listen to.

There was silence on the other end of the line for almost half a minute.

Jin Sihan said.

“I know.”

Although his brother usually listens to him on everything, Shi Ning know that he was a very thoughtful and wild man.

That night, she saw the truest Jin Sihan she had ever seen.

He was not someone would be swayed by other people’s opinion.

Even though he still looks like a small dog, circling around behind them every day.

But in fact in reality he was a wolf who has yet to grown up.

“Why are you calling me about this kind of thing”

She said in solemn tone, Shi Ning feel she had influenced his decision.

“Because your opinion to me is important.”

He said on the other side of the phone.

Shi Ning smiled.

“Then I predict that you will become a top stream idol and firs-line singer in the future.

You must work hard towards that direction oh.”


After hanging up the phone Jin Sihan retracted his steps to the seat where he was talking with the talent scout.

The other person asked him.

“How are you thinking about it”

Jin Sihan said.

“Just as you said, let’s go to your company now.”

No one has ever, ever believed in him this much.

There has never been anyone, either who would be so supportive of him doing everything he wanted to do as he wanted to do.

He was braver because of her.

This time, he would also try his best to try and would no longer be just chasing the light but become that light.


eight words1– characters in Chinese


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