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Thinking of this, Lin Suno frowned lightly pulling Shi Ning directly away the classroom door to the other direction of the building.

“Why, even if we go back we don’t have to make such a big detour, right”

Shi Ning was truly confused.

Lin Suno: “I ate a little too much for breakfast and wanted to walk more.”

“Oh, okay.”

Why does this reasoning feel a bit odd…

The two were walking together on the campus road and as Shi Ning was feeling so embarrassed by the quiet atmosphere, she was about to talk when she heard him say.

“You did very well on the exam this time, congratulations.”

Shi Ning: “Although I always wanted to take the first place in the exam thank you for your blessing.

I also know how difficult it is to be the first in the exam.”

“This time it felt a little untrue.”

“That’s what you deserve, and you worked hard to get that score.”

Lin Suno said.

“Shi Ning you are a very good competitor.”

Speaking of which, Shi Ning still feels some regret.

“This is also the last time we take the same test paper right We won’t have the chance to compete again in the future.”

“I don’t know if there will be anyone else in the class who will be our Suno’s opponent”

She said this half-jokingly.

“I don’t think there is anyone else in our school.”

He said in a light voice.



Abundant and Peaceful.

This was the description of the god of learning and confidence he was, after the separation of arts and science he couldn’t even find a competitor was it

They walked together to the entrance of the school.

Lin Suno watched her get into the private car that came to pick her up from home.

Ning Ning, I’m waiting to meet you in the highest place.

He silently said in his mind before turning around.

Shi Ning got into the car and rolled down the window, she then looked in the direction of his back.

That was the end of her senior year one, and she would never have to spend so much time trying to improve her grades in physics and chemistry again.

At the beginning she wanted to trying to get the first place.

But to be able to do that she needs to beat the reigning number one spot.

So her goal became him.

The last exam of her senior year 1 she studied as hard as she could, not actually to be first but to surpass him.

There was always a chance to get the first place in the grade and it would be much easier to get the first place after she goes to the arts class now.

It’s just that the chance to surpass him on the exam was just this once, that’s why she’s leaving no stone unturned.

The final result could only be tied with him.

And her academic career as a senior one has come to full circle.

Shi Ning thought this way and felt much better.

She woke up too early in the morning and just as she was about to catch up on some more sleep in the car, her phone rang.

Shi Ning took it out and saw that it was Jin Sihan who called.

She picked up the phone and asked directly.

“What are you doing today, today is the day to get the notice do you not know How come I didn’t see you come to school, Lao Yang asked us where you are.

Tell me did you sleep too much”

After the exam, even if it was summer vacation he was so relaxed that he didn’t even want to get his report card

Jiin Sihan’s lowered voice came over the phone.

“I didn’t sleep in, I woke after seven but on the way to school I met a man who claimed to be a talent scout.

He said he saw a lot of potential in me and wanted to train me to be a star.”

“He dragged me to talk in starbucks for more than an hour, and said he would show me around their company.

Do you think this is a fraud”


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