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After the third monthly exam, Lao Yang reminded everyone that their first year of high school would come to an end and soon the school would send out career form for the division of liberal arts and sciences asking students to choose according to their actual learning situation.

After this announcement, the most frequent asked question in the class was.

“Did you choose arts or science”

Shi Ning didn’t ask anyone, with her unbelievable results in the arts how could she not choose liberal arts

But everyone didn’t know that she was hesitating with her decision.

When Lao Yang talked about the division of Arts and Science, she was doing a math contest questionnaire.

Since the last session the school has set up a class competition in order to train students and obtain the right to extra points in the college entrance examination.

The students inside were all interested in mathematics competitions and have excellent results.

In addition to their daily study, the school would send professional teachers to teach them how to better achieve excellent results in the provincial league and qualify for the national.

After more than half a year of study, she finally felt that she had entered the door of mathematics competition.

After opening the door, she saw a more and how wonderful and exciting athletics world was.

She wanted to continue her exploration and entering a competition was a good option for her.

However there were only sciences students who qualify in the competition, no art students.

If she wanted to choose liberal arts, she was not destined to receive a systematic study of competition knowledge learning.

The day the forms were sent down, Nan Xiao asked her a question.

“You’re choosing liberal arts, right”

“Probably so.”

In liberal arts, she has a lot of self-confidence while in science she may not be sure to enter her favorite university.

Nan Xiao asked her again.

“What do you mean probably, are you thinking of possibly choosing science”

She was one of the perspective liberal arts student that could lead the major to a newer heights while Lin Suno was the prospective leader for the science major in the eyes of the teachers.

So how could she not choose liberal arts

Shi Ning: “I’m thinking about it, I should go home first and ask my brother.”

“Why do you need to ask your brother about everything, it doesn’t look like you’re a grown up.”

“It’s a choice that concerns my life so of course I have to ask my brother.”

Nan Xiao put the pen cover back on and put the form into the drawer.

“Ok, ask all the questions you need to ask properly and let me know when you decide.”

Shi Ning felt odd after hearing him say this.

“Why should I tell you when I’ve decided, you won’t want to choose the same major as me do you”

Nan Xiao said naturally.

“Of course, I’ve thought about it and we’ll continue to be desk mates when we get to sophomore year.”

“In your dreams ah, why do I have to be desk mate with you again”

Shi Ning pulled his school bag then took out his test paper and spread it on the table.

“Look at your grades, if you choose science and work hard you can improve.

If you look at your grades in liberal arts I think you’re hanging both.

You’re a person who is seriously biased towards science, if you’re in your right mind how can you chose liberal arts”

“I can study well in science, so why can’t I in arts”

Shi Ning rolled her eyes.

“You have little talent in science so you can make rapid progress, while in liberal arts you obviously don’t have any talent at all.”

“The admission rate of liberal arts students in our school is lower than that of science students every year.

It’s too difficult for you to choose liberal arts and get on a line.”

“Besides, there are a lot of classes in liberal arts so how do you know you can be in a class with me”

“I naturally have a way.

As long as we choose the same, I’m sure we can be desk mates for three years.”

Who wants to sit at the same table with you for three years

Just go and harass other people already!


Every year, June was destined to be extraordinary.

Starting from one hundred days before the entrance examination, the 100 day declaration from senior candidates could be heard every day on campus.

The voice was loud and the fighting spirit was high.

Listening to them could make their blood surged.

At this time, parents were more concerned about their children’s nutritional problems.

Even if the school had provided the nutritional meal it was still different if they could see through their children’s meals.

Every day there were a bunch of ladies in cars to deliver meal and supplements to their children, for fear that their children won’t eat well.

In the senior A classroom.

After the fourth class in the morning, a classmate called out to her.

“Shi Ning, your mother is looking for you.”

After hearing this, Shi Ning walked out of the classroom and saw Lin Xuemo standing in front of the classroom waiting for her, she was holding two thermos buckets.

“Why are here Mom”

Lin Xuemo pushed her into the classroom.

“Mom is free today so I thought I’d cook you a meal and send it over.”

As she was saying this, she opened the thermos and took out a tablecloth and spread it on Shi Ning’s desk placing the meals on box by box.

Shi Ning watched her mother who quickly made a feast for her on the table.

She made a braised spare ribs, fish flavored shredded pork soup, eight treasure chicken and pork belly with wolfberry and red dates.

She tasted it and it tasted delicious, different from the food cook by chef’s at home.

The food made by her mother tasted more homey.

“Mom what were you thinking when you brought dinner today”

She asked.

Lin Xuemo smiled.

“Aren’t you happy that mom came to bring you food I can see that you are eating quite well, look there’s oil stain your chin.”

“I see that there is another one over there, I don’t think it’s for me right Your daughter is so thin, she can’t eat so much.”

Lin Xuemo finally told the truth.

“These days I heard others say that senior students should pay attention to nutrition and I’ve seen people around delivering meals to their children every day.”

“Xiochen often lives in school this semester and doesn’t go home very much, I just made some delicious home-made dishes to supplement him with nutrition however I’m afraid he’d be tired of me so….”

In order to avoided crowding the canteen, the school specially separated the meal time of graduating seniors.

Shi Chen finished class 20 minutes ago later than them.

Shi Ning looked at her watch, Shi Chen and the other had eight minutes for break.

Shi Ning said.

“Mom if you don’t send this to brother, you’ll have to go to the canteen after class.”

Lin Xuemo hesitated.

“Or I’d better not send it, Xiaochen must want the person who comes to be his mother, not me.”


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