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Since she was smart, of course it was also not easy to fool her.

Nan Xiao gave up struggling and bowed his head as he whispered.

“I don’t want to but the boys in the south city are too arrogant and bullied several students in our school.

I have to give them justice.”

“It’s just not right to use violence against violence.

If you beat them today, what if those people go after those students again”

“Then fight back again ah, fight until they shut up and dare not to do it.”

Someone said this, next to Nan Xiao.

Nan Xiao threw a piercing looked over.

“I’ll shut you up first, believe it or not.”

The student who spoke was from their school and naturally knew Shi Ning.

“Brother Xiao, we have to fight.

Are we still fighting today”

In Shi Ning’s gentle eyes, Nan Xiao turned around angrily and denounce the student.

“You all know was to fight, what else can you do besides fighting! You are still in the last examination room while me and your other brothers have gone to the third examination room.

Can’t you study like me and don’t just always think about fighting in your mind Can fighting let you go to college”

Nan Xiao has always been famous for his few cruel words and the people around him knew about his temper better.

The student was knocked down by his crackling words, while everyone who listens to them from begging to end were all stunned.

“That does…..

not allow me to go to college.

Can’t I just enroll into a sport school”

“That’s only after you pass your cultural score.”

Nan Xiao was too lazy to explain it to him, he turned his head to Shi Ning and as soon as he saw Shi Ning all his temper were gone and only a smile was hanging on his face.

“Shi Ning, am I right”

Shi Ning nodded.

“Well, that’s right.”

She paused and slowly added.

“So, this fight of yours, are you still gonna fight”

Nan Xiao immediately shook his head.

“No more fighting! We’ll slip away now, when the gang from the south city comes we’re already gone.”

The students under Nan Xiao howled.

“Boss, we’re going to be ridiculed by those bastards if we run away from the battle now! In the future our little brothers will be looked down also.”

Being mocked is being mocked, can’t you see that your boss is now facing a situation more terrible than death.

Nan Xiao ignored them and smiled directly at Shi Ning.

“That’s always okay.”

Shi Ning sighed.

“Let’s dispersed now.

You and—”

Her eyes fell on the two men standing over the corner trying to narrow their presence.

“You two come with me.”

The three followed Shi Ning back to the classroom together, and half an hour after school the whole student was gone.

Shi Ning pointed to the wall at the back of the classroom.

“Now, go there and stand.”

The three looked at each other, but finally no one refuted her words and obediently stood at the back of the classroom.

“I don’t think anyone is around at the moment.”

Jin Sihan whispered.

“The seniors should all be home.”

Lin Suno said.

“Damn what a shame, teachers are afraid to let me punish standing.

If any unlucky egg unfortunately see us, I must silence them.”

Nan Xiao said sideways.

Shi Ning moved a desk and chair to sit directly in front of them.

“Is this what you three told me about going to play basketball together this afternoon after school”

After she said these, her eyes fell on Lin Suno and said with immense disappointment.

“Suno I really didn’t expect you to be with the two of them.”

However Li Suno was calm.

“I’m willing to bet and admit defeat, I can’t help it.”

“What are you betting again”

Jin Sihan said it for him.

“It’s like this, we three would go to a store every morning and the owner who always saw us coming often to his store gives up an extra dumpling every time.

They then both bet whether the boss made dumplings with corn or leeks, today the one who guessed wrong had to promise the other one a request.”

Lin Suno nodded.

“I bet corn but it turned out to be leek.”

What kind of boring bet this is

Just because of a dumpling, Suno a thousand years good student was forced to go to the rooftop and she could not see this coming at all.

“In the future, you do not promise him such.

In case he lets you break the law, will you really break a law ah”

Shi Ning admonished.

Nan Xiao: “ That’s too much.”

Betting was a bet, a habit they have had since childhood and as a pleasure.

But between brothers, they know where each other’s principles were and would not cross the line.

Shi Ning asked again.

“And what if you win, what are you going to have him do”

Lin Suno’s eys flickered as he looked at her and whispered.

“Let him change seats with me.”

Shi Ning was stunned.

She didn’t expect the bet he wanted to make to be this.

Compared to Nan Xiao’s forcing someone who never fights to fight, Lin Suno’s bet could be said to be a lot gentler.

It was not even difficult for Nan Xiao to do it, in fact it was very easy.

She would think like this if that was when she didn’t know that Nan Xiao had a crush on her.

Nan Xiao couldn’t stand it anymore and scolded Lin Suno across, with Jin Sihan in the middle.

“Fuck !! No wonder when I said today to bet a little bigger you did not even think about it and agreed, so your abacus had this little calculations.

I tell you! Don’t even think about it, even if I die today I’m going to put a monument on that seat, don’t you think I’ll move it!”

The risk was so great that he decided never to bet Lin Suno again.

Shi Ning: “….this is not necessary, you want to scare me death”

She knew that his harsh words were not directed at Lin Suno but to her.


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