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After saying this, the little brother glance at the two handsome men standing not far away while folding their hands on their chest and watching the show.

“But today, why did you bring them too We can still understand Sihan but what is going on with Lin Suno Isn’t he so focus on his studies that he almost become an immortal!”

Truth be told, when the group saw this immortal they all suspected that there was something wrong with their eyes.

This number one big shot in their age was actually out to fight with them

Nan Xiao replied.

“He lost a bet to me and the consequence is to participate in this activity of ours today.”

“Why, can he fight”

“No, just think of him as a mascot.”

“If he can’t fight, why did you asked him to come for”

The little brother was puzzled.

Nan Xiao thought to himself.

You comprehend it yourself.

At this time, the three of them were still in the classroom and since the beginning of this semester even the little boy Jin Sihan thinks he couldn’t degenerate like this.

So he also join the troops and stay in the classroom to study together after school.

Although he did this, he was still caught reading comic books hidden under the textbooks several time but since he did join and was able to study a little his grade were much higher than before.

With this events in the past months, Nan Xiao thought that if he only came out with Jin Sihan this time wouldn’t that leave Shi Ning and Lin Suno behind again

And with Lin Suno with him, he always felt a lot secure.

With him, Shi Ning would never dreamed that they were out to fight this time.

Jin Sihan and Lin Suno were leaning calmly against the guardrail of the rooftop.

Jin Sihan looked at Lin Suno.

No matter how he looked at it Lin Suno and scene in front of them does not match in the slightest.

“Suno I never seen you fight.”

“I never want to fight either.”

“Later on, there are more people coming, but it’s not just because you don’t want to fight the other party won’t hit you so how about you call me brother and I’ll protect or better yet yell dad and I will stay with you today.”

Lin Suno glanced at him lightly and spat out three words briefly.

“In your dreams.”


A group of people stood there waiting for the group from south city to come.

Before long, the door at the entrance of the rooftop corridor was pushed open.

Everyone’s expression were stern, waiting for a large wave of people from the other side to rush to them.

As a result, a silhouette of a small girl came out.

She pushed open the door, and her eyes scanned the crowd and at a glance she saw Nan Xiao.

Seeing the face she was searching, she walked over.

“What are you doing here Why are you here”

Among them, there were several junior middle school students who didn’t know Shi Ning.

Seeing her walking towards them they were puzzled.

“Looking for someone.”

Shi Ning spat three words.

The junior student said.

“Looking for who There’s no one you’re looking here, go back quickly or you’ll hurt yourself later.”

Shi Ning frowned.

“Are you all here to fight”

As the junior student heard this he had some bad feelings so he quickly turned to Nan Xiao and said.

“Brother Xiao, this wouldn’t be your school’s student council coming here to arrest people, would it”

Nan Xiao panicked the moment he saw Shi Ning coming in.

For the first time he felt that fighting was something he mustn’t do.

He obviously had never had such thinking nor experience before when the teacher came to arrest them in the past.

He walked up and kicked the simpleton who treated Shi Ning like a member of the student council.

“Get lost.”

The young boy looked puzzled and retreated to the side with a condescending look.

“Don’t think too much, we came here just to have a get together with the group.”

Nan Xiao stood in front of her and explained.

Shi Ning smiled and asked.

“Get together while fighting on the side”


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