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Time flies, and winter break passed in a blink of an eye and school starts again.

In the next semester, it was clear that everyone was more comfortable with the pace of study as her learning progress has been accelerated a lot.

Weekly and monthly exams seem to have endless, as papers waiting for them one after another.

Shi Ning performance was still as solid as ever at second in her grade.

Her score was always close with the first place, Lin Suno.

And when everyone talked about the student in the grade except for Lin Suno, everyone would mention her.

Before Shi Ning emerged, the second place and Lin Suno’s score was precipitous gap until she appeared, the difference between the two became smaller and smaller.

And even in the midterm exam of the second semester of high school it was narrowed to a ten points gap.

She was selected as the most likely the person in this class to pull Lin Suno off the undefeated throne.

And Shi Ning has become the most fragrant nest in the eyes of their class of teacher.

Lao Yang, even loves her more than Lin Suno.

For what reason

Because Shi Ning not only learns well by herself but also brings her classmates to learn with her.

Looking at Nan Xiao, his grades have rank upwards.

This mid-term exam he even rank eleven in the class, and only has a short gap of the top ten placer in their class.

Seeing that his son was getting competitive, Nan Xiao’s father was so happy that he denoted another building directly to the school.

The grade director also named him to praise his class teacher for this good work, even those difficult students like Nan Xiao could also slowly influence into learning.

This was obviously an evidence that he was a good teacher!

And just because he thought Nan Xiao well, his year-end bonus this year was directly doubled.

Lao Yang was happy inside but he knows that Nan Xiao interest in learning has nothing to do with him.

He has not ability to educate this master, if he was not willing even if he has one hundred life he couldn’t force him.

Now, discerning the students in his class he could see that Nan Xiao like their class study addict Shi Ning.

At first Lao Yang, also thought that he needs to separate the two.

Moreover Lin Suno once euphemistically expressed to him that he and Nan Xiao were brother and were willing to take and teach him.

But when he called the said person to his office, Nan Xiao put down his words directly.

“My motivation to study is Shi Ning, and if you transfer me away from her I won’t learn a thing.”


In all his years of teaching, this was the first time he had seen a student who dared to carry out an early relationship to such blatant degree.

But he did learn seriously, and his diligence was harder than any other students in the class but of course except Shi Ning, as she works even harder.

Lao Yang finally had to comply with him.

Nan Xiao thus hitched a ride on the rocket named Shi Ning, and the achievement was considered a flight of fancy.

After all, they were all in their first year of senior high school.

As long as they were willing to work hard it was not difficult to catch up.

Moreover Shi Ning was happy to help him, after all she herself became a middle upper class student in just one leap.

Even on his third monthly exam, he got into tenth place in his class and midterm, if he counted the science grades only he would be in top five.

The grade director was happy and said to Lao Yang.


Yang on you class Nan Xiao with his progress will be given a certificate as the third best student, this is the best encouragement for him.

Chairman Nan is also happy!”

“No problem! That’s exactly what I want!”

The class teacher of the class next door could not help but sour a sentence when he saw Lao Yan’s spring like appearance.

“But it’s not appropriate for him, the ‘top three’.

Nan Xiao’s achievement progress so far was on his academics only.

The top three good students don’t just came from academics achievements but also his good character, academics and good health the last two was met but….his moral if I remember correctly half of the complaints we receive in school are from Nan Xiao and his group.”

Lao Yang: “You can rest assured our class is busy studying now, so who has time to fight! This kind of thing he will not do it again!”

Even if wanted to do it, wasn’t Shi Ning there watching over him

Since he knew that Nan Xiao studied hard because he like her, Lao Yang had talked to Shi Ning already and asked her to supervise Nan Xiao and don’t let him do anything bad again.

Now he was a hundred confidence in Nan Xiao!

“Brother Xiao, how did you come back today Don’t you want to be entangled with learning to the end of the world”

On the open rooftop of the school building, stood a row of teenagers and all bloody.

Some of them also had something in their hands.

Nan Xiao: “I’m going to suffocate in that broken classroom again, the fool in the south city has been taunting me everywhere for two days now.

And why do I dare to confront him now Today I finished my homework in advance and had time to kill him.”

The younger brother nodded his head again and again as he took his lighter and lit a cigarette for his brother Xiao.

Tears filled his eyes and said.

“Brother Xiao we haven’t moved our muscles and bones for months, we are bullied by Yang Chuan outside! We’re going to kill the prestige of those boys in the south city today!”


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