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Translated by: Parfait


Yu Chuyao’s role as a villain is to destroy the protagonists.


Unlike Nan Xiao, Shi Chen, and Shi Ning, Yu Chuyao was not born very well.

She was adopted in the orphanage by Old Madam Shi while she was doing charity work.


She came to the Shi family at the age of seven.


Strictly speaking, Shi Ning and Shi Chen could be considered younger than her in a generation, after all, her adopter was their grandmother.


But because she was about the same age, Shi Ning always called her sister.

Yu Chu Yao was younger than Shi Chen, and she always called her Brother Shi Chen.


Yu Chuyao is sweet in appearance and gentle in character.

She speaks with good words. 


The former Shi Ning even liked this sister.

The relationship with her was so good that others think they were sisters.


Yu Chuyao seemed to have a kind of magic that could make every one like her.


She looked gentle, kind, and understanding, but in fact, she was full of bad water.


In the original book, if she hadn’t been encouraging Shi Ning to do bad things, the former Shi Ning would not have been so bad.


Speaking of villains, Shi Ning is just a fool who charges at others stupidly.

Yu Chuyao is the real boss who uses her resources and means to fight others.


If it was not for Yu Chuyao, the original owner would not have gone to such extreme steps.


In the book, she fanned the flames in Shi Ning’s ear.

She made Shi Ning vent all her hatred on the female lead Tong Lu in the book, to the point where she did something illegal. 


When Shi Ning lost everything, she cried to Yu Chuyao and said, “Sister Chuyao, what should I do My father had an accident, my brother doesn’t care about me, and my mother is also sick.

It seems that no one wants me anymore.

Please help me.”


At this time, Shi Ning had lost all use-value for Chuyao.

She tore off her hypocritical face and said sarcastically, “What can I do Ning Ning, you are too much.

How can you do such a thing as ruining other people’s appearance It’s against the law.

This sister can’t save you.”


Shi Ning was shocked with tears on her face: “but I listened to you…”


Yu Chuyao interrupted her: “I didn’t ask you to do such a thing.

Don’t frame me.

Speaking of…our little princess is pitiful ah, from being doted and spoiled on to having nothing, this sister sympathizes with you.

But what can I do You did this to yourself.


After pushing Shi Ning into the abyss with one hand, she picked herself up again.


After being splashed with sulfuric acid, Tong Lu’s character changed greatly.

She alienated everyone and went to a place that nobody knew.


During the time Tong Lu and Nan Xiao were separated, Yu Chuyao accompanied the F4 boys.

All the boys thought that Tong Lu’s accident was caused by Shi Ning.

No one doubted that Yu Chuyao was cheating them with her hypocritical face, so they always regarded her as their intimate sister.


Of course, a supporting character would always be a supporting character after all.

Tong Lu, the female lead who came back from blackness, defeated her.


Because of her, Tong Lu also suffered a lot and nearly died several times.


She could force the protagonist to this point.

We could see how terrible this woman is.


While she was reading this book, she hated both of their roles, but now that she became Shi Ning, she felt a chill on her back after hearing the name Yu Chuyao. 


On the phone, Cao Shu talked to Shi Chen a bit longer before they hung up.

Shi Chen saw Shi Ning standing by the door.


“Why are you here” He asked.


Shi Ning gathered the medicine box in her hands.

“The wound needs to be dealt with.”


“No, it’s no big deal.” Shi Chen said.


Shi Ning pushed him in.

“No, it will get inflamed if you don’t handle it properly.”


Under her insistence, Shi Chen had no way but to take off his shirt.


Shi Ning was a little shy since she had never seen a boy without clothes at such a close distance before.


She inwardly reminded herself many times: This is your brother.

This is your brother.


Only then was she able to persuade herself to calm down and abandoned her shame, to deal with Shi Chen’s wound.


Shi Ning was afraid he would feel pain so her strength was very light.

When she applied for medicine, she even blew it for him, so it would not hurt so much.


Shi Chen didn’t say a word when she applying for the medicine.

Seeing her sister grinning and hawing, he didn’t resist saying a word.

“I’m not afraid of pain.

You’re treating me like a maiden who’s very fragile.”


Shi Ning’s force increased after listening to him.

Shi Chen grunted in pain.

“Are you going to murder your brother”


“It’s you who dislike me for being too weak.”


“You can’t use my wounds as your acupuncture points for massage.”


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