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During the month of winter vacation, except for two days off at the beginning of the vacation, Shi Ning still planned her time strictly according to her study schedule every day.

And because of this, she was able to finish her three winter vacation homework in a week.

Then she began to study the next semester’s textbook content on her own.

Winter break has the freest time and Shi Ning not only prepares for the next semester to study them but also takes two hours every day to study on Mathematics Olympiad topics every day.

Though she didn’t think she’d have to be like her brother or Suno in the future who got extra points on the National College Entrance Examination.

After all, both her brother and Lin Suno have been exposed to Olympiad since junior high school and their achievement was the result of sweat and talent.

She was a semi amateur player who really doesn’t dare to have such extravagant expectations.

She insists on doing these now was just like when she liked to learn those strange talents in her last life—it was pure hobby.

In addition, even if she studies liberal arts in the future mathematics was also most scoring subject in liberal arts.

If she could even solve the Olympiad problem, wasn’t it easier for her to learn liberal arts as well as mathematics

Every year, Father Shi and Mother Shi would go on a trip and Shi Ning often tag along while Shi Chen didn’t want to mingle with the family before and didn’t want to deal with them.

But with Father Shi insistent and forced, he went with them for two to three times.

This year he would soon face the college entrance exams and it was no mind to travel.

Shi Pingzhan asked Shi Ning.

“Ning Ning would you like to go abroad with your mom and dad to play”

Shi Ning: “I’ll stay at home.”

Shi Pingzhan tried to convince her.

“Staying at home is more meaningless, you rarely take a long vacation.

Do you even go out to play and have fun”

“You still have time to play while you’re only a freshman in senior high school.

Look at your brother, when you’re in your senior year, you don’t have time to play.”

Shi Ning smiled lightly.

“Mom and Dad you usually work hard, you should play more when you have a holiday.

As for me I’m still young, I’ll have opportunities to play in the future.

Now I just want to study.”

Lin Xuemo scolded.

“You child, why don’t you go out with your parents to relax rather than to study more, your brother is not even going with us.”

“It’s good for you and dad to have a trip with the two of you only.

I’d better stay with my brother.”

It’s so sad to have my brother studying so hard, leaving him all alone at home.

Shi Pingzhan looked at his daughter and smiled.

“Now ah, the most important thing in your heart is your brother.

You’re so dependent on you brother, how can you marry out in the future”

Seeing his dad making fun of her, Shi Ning grunted.

“How can that be, mom and dad and brother are most important  people in my heart.

It’s just that brother make Ning Ning very distressed that’s why Ning Ning wants to accompany him more.

When he go to college, brother won’t be home much.

As for marriage…”

Shi Ning paused at this point and her eyes narrowed slightly at her father.

“Dad, you really want Ning Ning to marry”

Shi Pingzhan: “As long as you’re happy, there’s nothing Dad won’t give up!”

Lin Xuemo couldn’t help but laugh at the father-daughter bickering in front of her.

“Your father won’t marry you out, don’t listen to his talk now.

When you get married, on the day of your wedding your father will cry worse than me.”

“Your father also told me that the boy you will marry must pass his tests first, otherwise he will never deliver his daughter.

What else did you say Even if the best boy in the world marries you, he’s afraid of crying on the spot of your wedding day and shamed himself.”

Shi Pingzhan hurriedly covered the mouth of his wife.

“What are you talking about, this kind of things that we talked in private should not be told to your daughter!”

Shi Ning then jokingly covered her ears.

“Don’t worry dad, I didn’t hear anything.”

“Then don’t marry, it’s not like our family can’t afford it.”

Shi Chen who they did not notice walk down from upstairs was now behind them, suddenly saying this.

Shi Pingzhan glared at him.

“Nonsense! What kind of girl doesn’t get married, I don’t want to raise an old girl for life.”

Shi Chen: “Then I’ll raise you.”

Shi Pingzhan looked at his son’s expression was quite serious although he also do not want his daughter to marry but his son of his really dared to say it.

“Ning Ning ah, don’t listen to him.

He may say that he wants to support you all his life but if he found a girlfriend in college, there will be no sister in his eyes.”

Shi Chen then went back to topic.

“Go to your foreign country and don’t keep provoking me and Ning Ning.”


Girlfriend are nothing and can be changed at any time, but I only have one sister.

Shi Pingzhan glared.

“What are you talking about You are all my children so why should I provoke you and Ning Ning Are you sick”

“In this family, my little sister sticks to me more and doesn’t pay much attention to you, father.

You’ve been jealous of me for a long time now.”

“I’m jealous of you Heh! This is my own daughter! Why should I be jealous of you!”

Shi Pingzhan looked like he had heard some kind of joke as he turned his head to ask his baby daughter.

“Baby, you can only choose of the two men in this family who do you choose”


TL: hahah really can’t imagine Shi Ning talking cutely with all the cringe.


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