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In order to study, he had to become a panda.

She did not even praised him with few words

“You don’t think the fact that I can progress so fast means that…”

Nan Xiao brewed, ready to side-step the implication that Shi Ning had forgotten to compliment him.

But the result, the figure beside him was nowhere to be found.

Shi Ning went to Lin Suno, all the papers had just been handed out and Shi Ning was discussing the last problem in mathematics with Lin Suno.

Obviously, he was her desk mate but she had to go far to find Lin Suno to discuss this topics.

Nan Xiao looked at his math score of 75 and saw Lin Suno’s math score.

100 points, no red marks at all.

All right.

It’s normal for Shi Ning to look for Lin Suno.

He has to work harder to get to the point where one day his tablemate wants to discuss the topics she doesn’t have to run to someone else.

Shi Ning scored 95 points in math this time and the five points deducted were from the last question.

She was able solve two easy questions from three questions and the last one took half an hour for her to solve.

Lin Suno: “It’s normal that you didn’t solve it right, this problem is beyond the outline.

It’s difficult to calculate it, even if the teacher tell us it will take another discussion to explain it clearly.

Where can you have so much time to do it during exam”

“At your level, if given another half hour, you will certainly be able to do it.”

“Then how did you do it I saw your test paper, this question seems to have written four or five lines.”

“The method used in high school is difficult to do but it is easy to use the calculus method in advanced mathematics.”

Lin Suno looked up to her and asked.

“Do you want to listen I can tell you both ways.”

Shi Ning seriously doubts that the school came up with this topic for the students but him alone instead.


Shi Ning did not want to make it difficult for herself, she would probably choose liberal arts in high school.

And it’s not certain whether she would study advance mathematics in college.

There’s no need to understand calculus now.

“No, since it’s not easy to talk to about it, let’s discuss it next time.”

Lin Suno retrieve the test paper.


“You did very well on the test this time, throwing off the third in the grade by twenty points.”

Lin Suno then added.

Shi Ning sighed.

“The third place in our grade is 20 points behind me and I am 20 points behind you.

These 20 points are really a lot.”

“Is even our gap narrowing”

His long thick ebony eyelashes fanned gently as he said in a warm voice.

“Before you, the smallest gap between me and the second place was thirty points.”

“And in the whole grade, the gap between second and fifth is very small every time.”

Shi Ning laughed.

“Then you’re really riding high.”

“Before you, yes.

I even thought I would stay this way forever.”

His eyes locked with hers.

“But now, not anymore.”

“I didn’t review arts before but I am doing it now because of you.

I didn’t think that after I reviewed our gap was still narrowing.”

“But you have improve ah, don’t you find that your total score is insane”

Lin Suno suddenly held out his hand to her.”

Shi Ning looked bewildered.

“What are you doing”

It look like the two of them met for the first time.

“Shi Ning you are welcome to be my competitor.”

He said solemnly.

She froze for a second when she heard it.

Then slowly took a hold of the straight and slender hands.

The word, competitor—was his greatest encouragement to her.

“Then I’ll have to work harder to be worthy of being your competitor.”

Shi Ning responded with a smile.

His light brown eyes looked at her, as if he hadn’t thought about he asked thoughtlessly.

“It take you quite a bit of time to teach Na Xiao, doesn’t it”

“It’s okay, as long as he’s willing to learn.”

Shi Ning did not expect him to suddenly jump to this topic.

Lin Suno continued.

“Why don’t I ask Lao Yang to transfer him to sit with me so that what he costs is my time And you’ll win the first place in next semester’s grade, what do you think


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