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Remembering Nan Xiao’s previous image, she felt inexplicably happy about the way he believe that he was right.

Shi Ning originally wanted to spectate but the result, as she walked in she was dragged by Nan Xaio, and asked.

“Shi Ning, what did you choose for the first question of your language multiple choice”

Shi Ning answered honestly.



Nan Xiao instantly lightened up and dejectedly said to a few other students.

“I told you it was B, didn’t I You’re all wrong.”

The students had a puzzled look on their faces.

“No way, I still think it’s A.”

Nan Xiao sneered.

“A my ⓐⓢⓢ, my deskmate’s test paper is the standard answer.

If she said it was B then its B.”

Shi Ning didn’t know if she would laugh or cry at this statement.

“There’s a catch to this question, and it’s really easy to get it wrong.

You can turn to the practice questions in Unit 3 of the language workbook to see that there’s a similar question.”

After hearing this, they immediately took out the book and flipped through it and after turning to.

They all had a painful face.

“Hey I remember this topic at that time! How come I forgot it on the exam!”

“I was careless!”

After they finished lamenting they all looked at Nan Xiao with admiring eyes.

“Good for you Nan Xiao! You got all the questions right that were so easy to get wrong, so it seems like your studies have been very productive lately.”

Nan Xiao pointed his eyes.

“Can’t you see I’m damn near becoming a panda I stayed up for two or three all-nighters, this test is not test, it’s life.”

After saying that he also looked at Shi Ning.

“But what can I do, I just have such big love for learning.”

Shi Ning coughed and said.

“Body is also important, you also have to have life to learn.”

“I don’t work like this every day, I can’t help it.

My foundation is too poor so I need to work hard for this final exam and have progress.”

Since Shi Ning said that, since he does not love to study then he does not love her that much.

So he must let her believe that his love for her was stronger than gold.

After the final exams were over, it’s winter break.

But before the official winter break they still have to go to school to get their report card and winter break homework.

When they return to school again, the results came out.

The teacher handed out report cards to each person.

Shi Ning came in second again.

As expected no matter how smart she was, she knows that there were people who could outdone her.

Some things couldn’t be obtained only by hard work.

She carefully calculated the last time she was twenty-six points behind Lin Suno, this time she was only twenty points behind.

Being able to close the gap by six points was also a satisfaction for her.

At least she was one step closer to first place.

As for Nan Xiao, he was also progressing at an amazing rate.

Straight from the end of the rank to the middle level of the class, Shi Ning knew that her rapid progress was due to her crossing over the original body.

But Nan Xiao’s rapid progress shows that he was originally good at studying but wasted his time.

“Brother Xiao is so awesome he progress so much.

Is he going to get the third best student next time”

“【F】【u】【c】【k】, Laozi seem to be far from the word three, right”

“What I learned is that last time you made a progress of ten, and this time you made progress of more than ten in the class.

At your speed, I am afraid you will take the third place in our class next semester.”

“Brother Xiao is awesome, I think you’re an immortal.”

“Brother Xiao, I hope I can be as powerful as you then I can have my father double my allowance several times.”

Nan Xiao usually has more followers, most of the boys in the classroom were his ‘disciples’.

Usually when Nan Xiao’s grades were very bad, they could only blow flowers for him but now that his grades improved everyone was giving him praises.

Shi Ning has a hunch that he scored a little better but hearing this group of people, she estimated that they were brainwashing him and making him believe that college entrance exams was not a dream anymore.


Shi Ning sighed behind the scene, she could only hope that Nan Xiao would not be too complacent because of what he was hearing now and would continue to maintain this studying enthusiasm.

“Shi Ning, how did I do on the exam”

Nan Xiao dismissed the group of people, he then turned sideways to Shi Ning while spinning the pen in his hands as he asked her.

“Your progress is quite big, it proves that you are able to learn ah, keep going.”

Nan Xiao frowned slightly.

“That’s it”


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