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She went out and searched around the living room but did not find Nan Xiao when she faintly heard the sound of someone in the billiard room next door.

She pushed the door opened and walked in.

“Mom, don’t tell me about this.

I’m not going.”

“What do you mean it’s not like that, don’t think I don’t know.

You just want to make a business connected by marriage.”

“And now you know I’m young But then you want to bring me to meet someone.”

“I don’t want to attend your dinner party with your sisters at all, I’m at Shi Ning’s house.”

“If you’re really in a hurry to help me find a fiancée this early why not go to the Shi Family.

I’ll only accept Shi Ning as my fiancée.”

“Who said I do not like her, I now like her.

Can I not marry her until l like her Don’t put anyone else in front of me, I can’t see any of them.”

Nan Xiao was talking to his mother with a cold face and he speaks too fast.

Shi Ning had no place to interrupt him, and when she heard what he said Shi Ning was confused.

Nan Xiao also seems to have sense someone behind him, he turned around and coincidentally saw Shi Ning.

The moment the two eyes met, both side saw unspeakable embarrassment in each other’s eyes.

“I, my mother made a soup for us, I just came to inform you.

I’ll leave first.”

Shi Ning quickly withdrew from the scene after saying this sentence.

Nan Xiao’s face was still dignified as he said in a calm manner on the phone.


I have something to do, I’ll hang up first.”

He hung up the phone and went straight to the room next door.

Shi Ning did not make a sound and pretended that nothing happened, she was sitting on the sofa while looking at her phone.

As Nan Xiao came in, Jin Sihan said to him.

“Brother Xiao, auntie made soup and wants you to drink it all.

You should drink it, we already drink ours.”

Nan Xiao looked at Shi Ning, who did not dare to look at him.

He went straight to the table, picked up the bowl of soup and drank it all at once.

Jin Sihan was surprise.

“Is it not hot It was quite hot when I was drinking it.”

Nan Xiao didn’t talk to Jin Sihan nor mind him as he walked straight over to where Shi Ning was and stood in front of her.

Shi Ning act as if she did not see him, and continued to play with her phone with her head down.

“Let’s go out and talk.”

Nan Xiao said.

Hearing him, Shi Ning looked up.

Her eyes averted as she glance at her phone as if nothing was wrong.

“It’s after nine o’clock, shouldn’t you guys be going home now.”

Lin Suno responded.

“It’s time to go home, let’s go now.”

Jin Sihan could a see a hint of something wrong, he frowned and called out.

“Brother Xiao”

“You guys go first, I’ll go back by myself.”

After he finished saying these, he walked around them and pulled Shi Ning who was sitting on the seat, out.

“What are you doing”

This sudden movement of his was a bit scary, and this was her house.

Shi Ning was even more flustered when he thought of her parents and brother.

Nan Xiao dragged her directly from the fourth floor to the first floor, where Shi Pingzhan and Lin Xuemo were still watching TV in the living room.

Seeing Nan Xiao and Shi Ning’s feverish appearance, they couldn’t help but ask one more question.

“Where are you guys going”

Nan Xiao smiled at them.

“Uncle, Aunt, I’ll go back first, let Shi Ning see me off for a bit.”

Shi Ning could only follow Nan Xiao while smiling.

He then pulled out her out of the door.

The two were just out of the villa, and Shi Ning said with her head still down.

“I’ll send you here, you go back.”


She hadn’t taken two steps when Nan Xiao called her out to stop.

“Just now while I’m on the phone, you heard it all”

He asked bluntly.

It was really what to come that Shi Ning was afraid of, although her feeling were a piece of white paper but she was not completely ignorant.

It’s just that her mind right now was not like her own, and she didn’t want to think too much.

If she could go through earlier like nothing happened then she could do it this time to.

In order not to embarrass herself and him, she squeezed out a smile.

“Don’t worry, I know you said those words on purpose to your mother.

We have known each other for so long, I am willing to be a shield for you.”

“Who said you were a shield.”

Nan Xiao said in a deep voice.

He looked at her dodging look that made him inexplicably upset, he pulled her over and pressed Shi Ning arms forcing her to face him.

Nan Xiao lowered his head as the snowflakes fluttering around them making them a beautiful picture.

She looked up to his line of sight and at that moment she felt hot inside that seems to melt this winter snow.

“Listen well Shi Ning.”

“What I told my mom on the phone is true, I don’t see anyone else in my eyes but you.”

“I like you and even if you don’t like me now, I still like you.”


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