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Shi Ning saw that he was really a little angry and touched her nose.

“What’s wrong with me”

Nan Xiao wanted to continue talking but his phone in his trouser pocket vibrated at this time, and saw that the caller was his mother.

“I’m going out to take this call.”

Nan Xiao said and directly went out to and went next room to answer the call.

Before leaving that look of displeasure was still hanging on his face.

Shi Ning looked at Jin Sihan and Lin Suno.

“Why is he so grumpy today”

Jin Sihan answered.

“Brother Xiao has always had a big temper, when have you ever seen him with good temper”

Shi Ning then said.

“I think his temper has been good lately.”

She couldn’t joke with him before, because if she did Nan Xiao would surely blow up.

But now that they were sitting together, they could smile and even laugh at each other, Nan Xiao would also let her make fun of him to the point that Shi Ning forgot that this young master has a bad temper.

Jin Sihan laughed.

“Ning Ning, brother Xiao is right.

Although you are very smart sometimes you are really stupid.”

“Where am I stupid You say it clearly.”

Shi Ning frowned and turned her head to ask Lin Suno who was standing next to her.

“Suno, do you think I’m stupid”

Lin Suno didn’t even think and just answer decisively.

“Not stupid, you are the smartest.”

Shi Ning looked at him askance.

“Why can I hear perfunctory words from you”

Lin Suno smiled faintly and did not speak again.

What does it matter if she was silly or not, if she were smart and sensible, if she were ignorant and simple—she were still and forever be the cutest of all.

After Nan Xiao left, Shi Ning continued to play card in his place.

Shi Ning could not play the card tricks they were playing before and could only play simple landlord so the three of them began to play the landlord.

After playing for a while, Lin Xuemo pushed the door open and entered.

She was carrying a tray with several steaming bowl of soup in her hands.

“The pigeon soup is stewed in the kitchen, come and try.”

The three of them were still playing cards, Shi Ning looked at the card in her hand and said to her mother.

“Mom, put them there we’ll come over for a drink after this game.”

Lin Xuemo urged,

“Then you remember to drink ah, do not play too long.

It is not good to drink it cold.”


The three of them responded with their mouths, without actually raising their heads.

In the end, they were still a group of children who couldn’t care about anything when they started playing.

Lin Xuemo helped them put the soup on the table and said again.

“If you drink this soup, you’ll have more healthy body.

The weather is cold so you should drink the hot soup to warm your body and later when you go out it wouldn’t be too cold.”

After looking at the people in the room Lin Xuemo said to Shi Ning again.

“Ning Ning where is Nan Xiao”

“He went out to answer a call, he should be back later on his own.”

“Then later you remember to call him in for soup too, this is specially prepared for you by mom.”

“Okay, okay, I know mom.

You go out quickly.”

Mom were good with everything but sometime she nags a bit much, and repeating the same things many times.

When Shi Ning first cross over and came to this house, she enjoyed her mother’s nagging.

It was an experience she hadn’t been used to before.

But as time went on, she found out that a creature like mother—their nagging was really endless.

“You have to remember that.”

Lin Xuemo said the last sentence again before walking out and helped them close the door properly before going out.

“Wang Zha!”

Shi Ning throws out her final bottom card to win this last game.

Jin Sihan said.

“It’s no fun, the landlord has lost several sets.

Ning Ning, you and Suno colluded to bully me, didn’t you”

Shi Ning looked at the stack of cards in her hands that she hadn’t able to use in the game a few times.

“I am just incredible, you are just so bad at this game.

Why do you grab the landlord all the time”

Jin Sihan raised his eyebrows.

“I just like being the landlord.”

“So you deserve to lose.”

“Again, let’s play again.

I don’t believe I can’t win against you.”

Jin Sihan said and was about to start shuffling the deck and start over.

“You guys wait, let’s drink the soup first.

My mom specially prepared it for us, if you don’t drink it she’ll will nag me again.”

“Okay, let’s play again later.”

Jin Sihan said and stood up, Lin Suno also followed after him.

At this time, Shi Ning then notice that Nan Xiao was still not back.

She said.

“What’s taking Nan Xiao so long on his phone call I’ll go and look for him.


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