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After that, Shi Ning didn’t want to wait for them say anything and the man followed.

The tree men playing chess all stopped moving.

Nan Xiao then said.

“Sometimes I really envy Brother Chen.

Do you guys remember the Christmas card Shi Ning sent us earlier”

Jin Sihan also said.

“Remember, remember, I remember.

I have the least number of words.”

Nan Xiao then continued.

“It’s more than 200.

Don’t worry about that much, do you know how much Shi Ning wrote to Shi Chen”

“…..how much”

“There is a piece of stationary in the greeting card.

I saw it with my eyes, it’s about one or two thousand words.”

“fuct, why don’t I have a sister like that”

Why doesn’t he have such a cute sister and have such perverted brother instead Thinking of these just make him angrier.

After Shi Ning left, the three of them didn’t feel like playing chess and originally sat down to play on their own.

Jin Sihan and Nan Xiao suddenly had the same glint on their eyes as they thought of something similar.

Nan Xiao spoke.

“Let’s play cards, if you lose, you will be punished.”

Li Suno replied.

“I won’t play, I’m sure I can’t win against you guys.”

“That’s not necessarily true, you play everything pretty quickly maybe you’ll win again.”

Jin Sihan encourage.

“We can’t just play what you are good at, right It’s give intake when play together, so shouldn’t you also get close to our world.”

Nan Xiao also put pressure on him.

Lin Suno looked at them both for half a minute and finally nodded gently.

Shi Ning accompanied Shi Chen for a chat and went back upstairs and also stopped by to find them a few drinks.

“What kind of drinks do you guys drink, I only have coke and juice at home…..”

She just pushed the door open and bumped into this scene.

Lin Suno whose forehead and face were covered with all sorts of strange notes, burst out from the under table, his watery peach blossom eyes looking at her with some panic.

And over there, the two of them Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan were laughing with glee.

When Lin Suno saw Shi Ning walked in, he hurriedly pulled off all the messy stuff on his face and hid behind.

Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan also stopped laughing and returned to their normal appearance.

Nan Xiao hid his smile and coughed.

“How did you get up here so quickly”

Jin Sihan: “Yes, I remember that brother Chen is also not very good-tempered it should be quite difficult to coax.”

Shi Ning put the drinks heavily on the table.

“What were doing just now”

“Playing games, and the loser will be punished.”

Shi Ning looked at both of their clean, dry faces.

“So, the only one being punished for this game is Suno”

Jin Sihan’s eyes began to drift from side to side.

“So far, it looks like this….”

Shi Ning stood next to Lin Suno as she grabbed him and glared at the two men sitting leisurely.

“You guys are really too much, why are you bullying Suno”

Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan almost vomited blood.

Boys, when girls were not present and play with themselves they naturally open a lot and of course there were some small bad interest hidden.

For example if Shi Ning was present, they wouldn’t let Lin Suno do such things.

After all the three of them have been used to attracting attention inside the campus since childhood, and they have a little burden being an idol.

“We bullied him You are unaware of what he used to make us do when he won a bet with us.”

Nan Xiao was furious.

Shi Ning said.

“I don’t believe it, Suno is so well behaved.

What he could do to you guys It’s you guys, I’ve seen you bully him with my one eyes.”

“bull**, I’ve even been force to eat whole lemons by him before and whatever mustard-flavored fries, all as punishment for losing to him.”

Jin Sihan complained.

Shi Ning turned his head and asked Lin Suno.


Lin Suno shook his head.

“No, all these things he said was force by him for me to do.”

Jin Sihan: “”

He has seen shameless person before, but not this kind of shameless person.

Shi Ning grabbed his hand more tightly and patted it like a comfort.

“Don’t worry from now on I’ll be on the same side as you, if they both bully you, you’ll come to me.”


Lin Suno responded with a faint smile.

“Okay Suno now that you’re all grown up, you’re starting to learn how to lie huh.”

Nan Xiao scowled dangerously at him.

Lin Suno returned without changing his face.

“I can’t understand what you’re saying.”

Shi Ning glared at someone who was still threatening people with his eyes.

“Don’t look at him fiercely, don’t you think you’ve bullied him enough”

“I bullied him once or twice, and you just saw it then thinks that he was the victim.

Only you will really think that he is that simple and harmless good baby.

I think you are the stupidest among us.”

It’s too stupid to see that he was only bullying Lin Suno with Jin Sihan because of Shi Ning.

Really so stupid I could have not imagine being jealous be crazy like by you.


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