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Translated by: Parfait


Shi Chen directly picked out the meat and sneered, “You don’t need to be hypocritical.”


Mo Xue stopped talking, sighed, and ate quietly.


Shi Zhanping’s face sank when he saw his wife being wronged.

“How did you talk to your mother Apologize.”


Shi Chen looked indifferent.

“Where’s my mother”


Shi Ning, who was eating her meal, was frightened.

Shi Chen and Shi Zhanping were like small and big volcanoes, always colliding with each other.

She felt that these volcanoes would erupt by anytime soon.




Shi Zhanping put down his chopsticks and yelled: “I have raised an animal for so many years.

How could I discipline it This family only has one mother and it’s Mo Xue.

Since your mother is Cao Shu, go out and find her.”


“I’ll go.

Who the hell would want to stay here.”


After Shi Chen’s voice fell, Shi Zhanping saw his ragged clothes and body injuries.

He originally wanted to wait until after dinner to talk to him, but now he couldn’t hold back.


He stood up and pointed at Shi Chen.


“Look at what you look like now.

You’re a person who is about to take the college entrance examination, but you’re still fooling around outside every day.

Who did you fight today Why can’t you learn well I suspect that Ningning’s bad beahvior is because of you.”


“Don’t scold.” Mo Xue advised.


Shi Zhangping is a hot-tempered man.

No one can stop his anger.


He thought of how unpleasant his son was to look at.


“How could I have given birth to such an unrivaled son like you”


This sentence stabbed Shi Chen.

He sneered, “You are the one who made me, yet you asked me You can choose not to have a son, but I can’t choose to be born.”


Shi Zhangping was choked by him.

He pointed to him and said to his wife, “Did you hear his words”


“Please lessen the talking.” Mo Xue was helpless.




With the sound of the bowl breaking, the quarrel between the two father and son stopped.


Shi Ning’s porcelain bowl fell on the ground.

She squatted down to pick it up, resulting in the debris scratch her fingers.


“Why so careless.” Seeing his daughter injured, Shi Zhanping stopped arguing and frowned at Shi Ning.


Shi Chen sneered.

“You three are probably the only family in this house.”


He said and turned to the door, but Shi Ning pulled him and hooked her finger: “Don’t go.”


Shi Chen paused.


Shi Ning couldn’t bear it and turned to her father.

“Dad, my brother came back late today because of me, and his injury is also because of me.

Can you stop scolding him”


She told her father what happened today.


Shi Zhanping realized that he had misunderstood his son.

But because of his pride, he would not take the initiative to admit his mistake.

He sneered,  “Then why didn’t he say it just now”


Shi Ning: “Your attitude towards him didn’t allow him to speak well.”


His daughter’s words choked him.


Shi Zhanping was full of doubts.

Why did his daughter’s attitude towards her brother change 


Perhaps it was Shi Ning’s action that played a role because Shi Chen didn’t run out and only went upstairs alone.


The servant at home cleaned up her broken bowl.

Shi Zhanping looked at his daughter’s hand and asked if there was anything wrong with her.


Shi Ning: “Dad, my brother is more seriously injured than me.

It is because he saved me.

Why don’t you ask him if there is anything wrong with him”


Shi Zhanping wryly smiled: “Shi Ning, you used to say that your brother always bullied you.

Why have you started to act like this recently”




Shi Chen bullying Shi Ning How was that possible


It was Shi Ning who bullied her brother.

The former Shi Ning acted like coquettish in front of her parents.

She took advantage of her father’s pampering trust and took pleasure in bullying her elder brother. 


This acts that the former Shi Ning planted would naturally bear fruits.


After Shi Chen completely broke his family relationship with Shi Ning.

It was not surprising that he helped his mother deal with his father.


“I didn’t know anything before.

In fact, my brother never bullied me.

It was me who bullied him.” Shi Ning said.


“Ah” Shi Zhanping looked confused.


Shi Ning went on: “Dad, if you don’t want to regret later, be nice to my brother.

In fact, my brother needs more love than me.”


Shi Zhanping looked at Shi Ning with surprise and relief.


“After you woke up this time, you changed a lot.

You grew up.

It’s just your brother.

I can’t communicate with him.

You know how much he hates me and our family.


“Take your time, Dad.

You just need to control your temper and leave the rest to me.” Said Shi Ning.


Shi Zhanping saw that his daughter could have this thought of thinking that his relationship with his son was worse than that of his enemy.


“I don’t want to be like this.

Dad will pay attention to it later.”


Shi Ning nodded.

Thinking that Shi Chen was still injured, she carried the medicine box upstairs.


She pursed the door and walked in.

Just when she was about to speak, she noticed that Shi Chen was talking on the phone, his back facing her.


“I know, mother.”



Of course, this mother couldn’t be Mo Xue, so she could only be Cao Shu.


Shi Ning felt that she shouldn’t overhear the conversation between him and his mother.

She was about to go out and wait for her brother to finish the phone call before coming into his room to help him deal with his wound.


“Yu Chuyao is back” 


She heard Shi Chen suddenly say such a sentence.


Hearing this name, Shi Ning couldn’t hold firmly the medicine box on her hand and it fell on the ground.


Yu Chuyao.


She finally showed up.


In the original book, Shi Ning was just a female supporting character.

She only fought against the protagonists and quickly became a cannon fodder.


Yu Chuyao is the real villain in this book.


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