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“It’ okay I’ll sing with Suno.

What do you want to sing”

Shi Ning walked to the place where the song needs to be inputted.

“Love confession, I think it’s by Jay Chou.”

Lin Suno replied.

And you’re singing love song

Love confession at that!

What wait for two years before telling her, all this little moves is a petty maneuver!

Suno you really are the greatest hypocrite!

Jin Sihan continued to curse in his heart.

This world and her world were like two parallel time and space, the content in each books were the same, many well-known building were also the same, and even may well-known stars were the same as her original world.

But the places were not same, for example on her original worlds there was no city of Yangcheng.

It turns out that this author was using figurehead to write the novel, and she actually wrote everything about Jay Chou.

“Then that’s it, it just so happens that I can sing it too.”

Shi Ning responded.

“Give me the microphone.”

Shi Ning said to Nan Xiao.

Nan Xiao then reluctantly handed the microphone to her.

“You sing the first verse, I’ll sing the second verse and then we’ll sing together.”

Shi Ning really wanted to hear him sing, so she let him sing a part alone.


As the accompaniment played, Lin Suno opened his mouth.

To everyone’s surprise he sang not only good but very good.

Even the bass was particularly magnetic, only because he rarely sing he could not let off his voice making it very muffled.

It was only when he go into the chorus part where he would sing with Shi Ning that he slowly set of a bit and release the volume of his voice slowly.

Neither of them has any skill in singing but the tone was basically right, the boy’s voice was deep and gentle while the girl’s voice was sweet and delicate.

When they sing together, they were particularly pleasant to hear.

Jin Sihan and Nan Xiao sat on the sidelines watching the handsome man and beautiful woman singing their part, with a very complicate expression on their faces.

“Brother Xiao, do you feel that Suno is a little different”

“Heh, do you know what we three look like in front of Shi Ning”

Nan Xiao snorted coldly.


Jin Sihan asked, following his words.

“Just like a peacock with an open tail, using every means to attract her attention.

He, Lin Suno is the same.”

It was well-known that peacocks open their tail as courtship behavior.

Were the three of them so obvious in front of Shi Ning

After hearing this, Jin Sihan covered his lips and coughed twice.

After the song, a few of them went to the chess board and played chess.

From chess to Go and finally to gobang, no one was Lin Suno’s opponent.

Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan still don’t believe in evil and finally even played checkers but still lost to him.

“I can’t sing like you guys but still know how to play board games.”

After playing, Lin Suno the king of ten consecutive victories said faintly.

“Don’t be complacent, or you’ll suffer later.”

Nan Xiao said with narrowed eyes.

Shi Ning let them played while she peeled fruit for them to eat.

They played for a while, Shi Chen on the other hand had just finished his paper and came up from downstairs looking at the little kids who were playing around together.

“You guys are really nice, staying at my house at this late hour.”

When Jin Sihan saw Shi Chen, he hurriedly pulled him over.

“Brother Chen, I remember that you are also good at chess right Come and frustrate him.”

After hearing the story, Shi Chen hooked his lips and smiled.

“Who wants to play with you kids, I’m just her to see my sister.”

Shi Ning brought the peeled orange to her brother.

“Brother, do you want to eat”

Shi Chen pulled her over and pointed at the three boys.

“Why did they all come to our house today”

Shi Ning said innocently.

“I don’t know, they didn’t tell me beforehand.”

“Have these three boy been a little too enthusiastic about you lately.”

Shi Chen frowned.

Shi Ning thought for a moment and nodded.

“They all seems to be treating me quite well lately.”

Hearing her say so, Shi Chen feels more like the three people sitting over there were like three giant wolves that were leering at his sister.


Shi Chen went in and knocked on the table, with the impatient look as if hinting the guests to quickly go home.

“You guys don’t play too late get home by ten o’clock.”

“Huh We still want to cross the New Year with Ning Ning.”

Jin Sihan whispered.

“You still want to stay until twelve o’clock You don’t want to sleep so you want Ning Ning to not sleep either”

Shi Chen asked rhetorically.

In the end, the three boys have to bow their heads after looking at Shi Chen terrible glare and each nodded.

“No, no, we’re definitely gone by 10:00”


Shi Chen answered and went back downstairs.

Shi Ning said to them.

“My brother must have felt a little unhappy that I accompanied you all across the New Year and did not accompany him.

You guys play up first, I’ll go down and coax my brother.”


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