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Shi Ning did not expect all three of them to come.

“It’s cold outside so you guys come in first.”

She said, greeting them as they entered the house.

The three people came into the house, and the usual cool and cold appearance they have while in school have disappeared as they face Shi Ning parents, each look very amiable and friendly.

“Hello uncle and aunt.”

They greeted each other dutifully together.

Shi Pingzhan and Lin Xumo were very enthusiastic to see them, after all they were children of an aristocratic family which they were close with and could also be counted as their own child.

After greeting them they followed Shi Ning to the upper floor.

The fourth floor of the Shi family villa was dedicated for entertainment which has room for karaoke, billiard table and sports gym.

Shi Ning took them to the room where they could sing, as expected it became a special show especially for Jin Sihan.

Nan Xiao also sings a few songs, while Lin Suno was just basically sitting still.

Shi Ning saw him sitting alone, quiet on the side looking bored so she urged him.

“Suno, sing.

What do you want to sing I will help you select.”

Lin Suno shook his head.

“You guys sing, I can’t sing.”

He said as he continue to play with the Rubik’s cube he was holding which she didn’t where he find.

His speed was very fast, Shi Ning witnessed him align all the colors of the Rubik’s cube.

The time used was less than a minute.

“How fast can you solve that”

She asked.

“Ten seconds or so.”

Shi Ning: “….”

He really was not a normal person, the fastest she had seen before was a minute.

“Won’t it be boring to play that all the time”

“No, I think it’s fun.”

Shi Ning still thinks that it was not good to let him play alone in the corner, so she always encourage Lin Suno to sing with Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan.

“Just sing one song, I’ve never heard you sing.”

In her memory they rarely go to ktv with all four of them and even if they did Lin Suno would rarely be with them and whenever he was them he would just go there and sit down in the corner like what he was doing now.

At this time Jin Sihan just finished singing and sat over.

“Ning Ning you give up.

For so many years now it’s more difficult to ask him to sing than to ascend the sky.”

Shi Ning then said.


“But I think Suno’s singing voice should be very good.”

Lin Suno’s hand that was playing with Rubik’s cube gave a slight paused.

“Do you want to hear it”


Shi Ning nodded her head vigorously.

“I seldom sing so I can’t sing well alone why don’t you sing with me”


She also seldom sings, Shi Ning did not think she has dug a hole herself but since Suno agreed easily to sing with this condition she could not refused it.

“Sure, what do you want to sing”

“I’ll be your partner instead Suno, you really have a great idea.”

Jin Sihan immediately spat out the sentence and then smiled as he grab him on the shoulder.

“What do you want to sing with Ning Ning, I’ll sing it instead with you.

I have a lot of song from Chinese small music library.

I’ll accompany you whatever song you want to sing.”

Lin Suno pushed his hand away.

“I don’t want sing with you.”

Hearing this, Jin Sihan looked at him blankly as he inwardly growled.

What do you mean you don’t want to sing with me

Just say it that what you want is to sing with Ning Ning!

You never said anything before, but now you suddenly agreed to sing!

It’s not for the sake of singing!

You’re such a scheming boy!

“It’ okay I’ll sing with Suno.

What do you want to sing”

Shi Ning walked to the place where the song needs to be inputted.

“Love confession, I think it’s by Jay Chou.”

Lin Suno replied.


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