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The New Year’s Eve was different from the Spring Festival Gala, the New Year’s Eve stage invites some popular singers which was more in line with the taste of the younger generation.

After Shi Ning came to this world she was busy with studying every day and did not pursue any idols, so naturally she was no interested in any idols.

“Dad, Mom I’ll go study first.”

Shi Ning said.

Father Shi and Mother Shi pointed to the TV.

“You’re not watching this”

“No, I’m not done with my questionnaires.”

Hearing this, Shi Chen also wanted to get up.

“I will also go upstairs.”

Lin Xuemo then stood up from the sofa and whispered to Shi Ning.

“It’s rare that your brother and your father have better relationship today and can talk.

Now that you’re upstairs your brother won’t want to see this.

You just stay with mom and dad for a while longer and then study later.”

Shi Ning nodded and immediately resumed sitting on the sofa, watching idols sing and dance as they perform on the TV.

“Eh, this singer is quite handsome, then I’ll watch for a while.”

After saying that she also pulled Shi Chen.

“Brother you also watch it with me again, we’ll go upstairs to study later.”

Frankly speaking, Shi Chen still doesn’t adapt to such harmonious chat with his father.

Although he doesn’t reject it but he felt awkward so he was trying to escape, but when his sister was pulling him back he didn’t have the heart to leave.


Shi Chen finally could not resist to pamper his sister and sat down again.

The family was watching TV when the doorbell suddenly rang.

“At this time, who is it”

Lin Xuemo turned her head to look at the door and asked her husband.

“Did you ask someone to come to the house”


Shi Pingzhan shook his head.

“It’s not me either.”

Shi Chen said.

“I don’t know anything.”

Shi Ning chimed in also.

Aunt Zhang walked in at the moment and said to them.

“Sir, madam they’re miss friends.”

After hearing this, Shi Ning walked herself and went to open the door for the person who came.

The door opened and revealed Jin Sihan’s furry head wearing a red plush hat while holding a huge gift box and wearing a white cotton jacket.

It was still snowing heavily outside and even though he was dressed thickly his face was still a little red from cold.

“Ning Ning happy new year!”

“What are you doing here Shouldn’t you be at home.”

“You don’t want to come out with us tomorrow we can only find you to spend New Year’s Eve tonight, see we also brought you gift!”

Shi Ning notice he said “us” and not “me”.

“Who else is there besides you”

Jin Sihan shouted to the side.

“Hey come out, don’t be embarrassed.”

Nan Xiao walked out from the side at this time and said to Shi Ning.

“This gift I advise you not take it.”

When he said this, Shi Ning instead became interested.

“What’s in here, why is this box so big.”

As she said this, she took the box and opened it.

Inside was a pile of small snowman with a nose and eyes looking so cute.

In her pervious life, Shi Ning lived in the south where snow rarely visits.

In her memory she there was only one year that she could make a snowman in the snow.

She was happy to see the shrunken version of the little snowman again at this time.

The little snowman was very exquisite with a scarf around his neck and a small wreath on his head.

And there were three little snowmen next to him.

Surrounding the snowman with tree branches, she don’t whether they wanted to protect the snowman or attack it.

Shi Ning tried to poke it with her finger and felt it cold.

“This is definitely going to melt when you put it in the house.”

“We’ll pile it up for you when it melts, next time we’ll pile it up taller than you.”

Shi Ning smiled and said.


“Did the two of you pile it It’s cute so don’t dislike it Nan Xiao.

But what happed to this little snowman who lost his head”

Shi Ning noticed that there was a little snowman that has lost its head and fell into the box.

“What Let me see.”

Jin Sihan stretched out his neck to looked at it and exclaimed.

“Brother Xiao your head fell off eh!”

Nan Xiao grimaced.

“Shut up! Your head is the one that fell off.”

Shi Ning probably understood that the little snowman whose head had fallen off was built by Nan Xiao.

“Why are you guys thinking of giving this to me.”

She don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“I had a whim on the way here and piled it up.

At first we piled one up on the way then thought you couldn’t see our masterpiece so we made another one for you.

By the way this gift has a name!”

“What’s the name”

“The princess and the three knights.”

Shi Ning pointed to herself.

“I’m the princess”


Jin Sihan nodded.

“Wrong, this gift is clearly called the Knight of Justice and the Devil.

You are the devil, see, the little tree branch is the weapon in the hands of knight against you.”

Nan Xiao chimed in and sneered.

Shi Ning did not bother to pay attention to the despicable guy.

“You have no right to speak, knight whose head has fallen off.”

She held the big box, and felt that she went back to when the she was three years old.

The New Year was obviously a sign of growing but because of them at this moment she felt her long lost innocence when she was child has come back.

Shi Ning didn’t want to talk to Nan Xiao and turned to Jin Sihan to ask.

“Aren’t there three knights I still have one other knight.”

Lin Suno slowly walked out from behind the wall, the root behind his ears and his face were flushed and a hint of shyness was clear in his black eyes.

He really did not want to admit that he was also involved in this childish to the extreme activity.


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