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On the eve of the Lunar New Year, the family generally doesn’t say that New Year’s Day needs to be celebrated.

The most they spend on New Year’s Eve was the number of dishes in the house.

During the meal, Shi Pingzhan kept picking vegetables for his daughter.

“Ning Ning is about to have her final exams, right Is it hard to study lately Dad sees that you often stay up late, you should also pay attention to your health when you study.”

“I’m used to staying up, I think my body is quite strong.

Doesn’t it say that there are some people who sleep 5 hours a day and that was already enough I’m probably that kind of person.”

She was actually very satisfied with her constitution, since she has more time to study.

“You, obviously you are only in your first year of senior high and yet you are already working harder than your brother.”

In the past, other people from outside mentioned his daughter with stream of negative words such as rebellious girl, the greatest headache for the teacher, low grades and so on.

But since his daughter changes her ways like her academic achievements have soared like a rocket everyone has now praised Shi Ning.

Hearing this, what could be other thing considered to be called a successful father Nothing more than good education for children.

Now who does not know that Shi Pingzhan’s son and daughter were the best in Yangchuan.

Thinking of this, Shi Pingzhan looked at his son sitting across him.

In a blink of an eye, the boy was already a senior.

Before Shi Chen’s grades were good, he used to be naughty and mischievous.

He has always believed in the principle that daughter should be spoiled and son should be severely educated.

So he has been particularly strict with Shi Chen.

But the tighter he controls him, the deeper his son’s dislike for him to the point that the relationship between the two was not like father and son.

Every time they meet, they were like enemies.

Now Shi Chen still has a cold attitude towards him but at least they were not confronting each other every day.

And because of Ning Ning his attitude towards his stepmother was much better.

Now the four members of the family were sitting and quietly eating while chatting from time to time showing an equal satisfaction.

“No, Dad brother doesn’t sleep any earlier than I do now.

He’s working hard too.”

Shi Ning couldn’t help but speak up for her brother.


He whispered in response when he heard his daughter say that.

Shi Pingzhan looked at his son who was sitting silently and eating with his head down, he actually knew in his heart that the task of studying for his senior year was heavy.

Moreover his college entrance exam was nearing, everyone in the school had high hopes for Shi Chen and this pressure was not small at all.

Looking at the boy’s chin, he looked thin and his face was not round and he looked smaller.

Shi Chen looked at his sister.

“Why are you telling him, he won’t see it anyway.”

In this family, he would only see Shi Ning and would only show his genuine smile.

“Who say’s I can’t see, you don’t even turn off the light in bed last night and I haven’t scolded you.

Think you can waste electricity just because you have lots of money Sleeping with the lights on.”

Shi Pingzhan said.

Shi Chen paused, he seemed to remember that he sorted out wrong questions late last night.

He didn’t know when he lay on the table and went to sleep, all he knows that when he woke up he was already laying on the bed.

He also thought it was strange but just think that maybe he remembered incorrectly.

But now, it seems that his father had carried him to bed and turned off the lights for him.

Shi Chen mind came up with an image of his father carrying him like a princess to bed and couldn’t help but tightened his brow into a frown.

At this time a large piece of fish fell into his rice bowl, which Shi Pingzhan had pinned for him.

“You have to sleep even if you are busy studying.”

Shi Chen did not know how to reply, he just bowed his head in response and did not dare to look at his father’s eyes.

Shi Pingzhan saw that he put down the bowl and chopsticks in his hand while staring at the bowl in daze for a long time.

“Eat ah, eat more fish, fish is good for the brain and you can be smart.”

Shi Chen wanted to tell him that there was no scientific basis for the claim that eating fish makes you smart, but only to replenish the missing element in the body.

His IQ has exceeded that of many people his age and does not need to rely on these pieces of fish to make up for it.

But when he looked at Shi Pingzhan’s rare kind gaze towards him, Shi Chen finally chose to eat the piece of fish.

Shi Ning couldn’t help but snicker as she watched from the side.

Her brother has been picky with his food since he was a child and he doesn’t like fish but unexpectedly he ate the fish his father gave to him this time.

This time, they were not the father and son arch nemesis but a proper father-son relationship.

After dinner the family turned on the TV, just in time for the New Year’s party of the major TV channels.


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