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With less than two weeks to go before the final exams, the school was kind enough to give them a New Year’s Day holiday.

Although the original three-day holiday was compressed into one day, it was not hard to accept since the idea of winter holiday coming was soon anyway.

For young people there were a total of two New Year, the first one the eve of New Year Eve while the second one that last day of New Year.

New Year’s Eve was generally a time to reunite with the family while the last New Year was a time to reunite with friends and people you like.

The day before the vacation, Jin Sihan came to specially ask Shi Ning.

“Ning Ning, how are you going to spend New Year’s Day”

Shi Ning took out a stack of math paper from the drawer and tapped her fingers on it.

She didn’t say anything but Jin Sihan already understood what she meant.

The top student still want to spend the New Year’s Day with test papers.

“Can’t you just take a day off on New Year’s Day and come out to play”

Jin Sihan said.

Shi Ning with the corner of her eyes stole a glance at Lin Suno who was sitting not far away.

He had a political book in his hand and was memorizing political questions.

It was really like he said, all the rest of his spare time were dedicated to the subjects he has been ignoring.

“People who are better than you are better than you are working hard, I have no reason not to do so also.”

She turned her head and said to Jin Sihan.

Her eyes moves and fell on Jin Sihan’s eyes while Jin Sihan bent down and looked at her with widened eyes.

“Ning Ning you’ve been more terrifying than ever lately, you’re not stimulated by Suno are you”

Shi Ning muttered.

“Every time I seem someone like him I feel unqualified to sleep let alone play.”

The corner of Jin Sihan’s lips twitched twice.

“According to you then people like me are like dregs in school and is not worthy of living”

Shi Ning smiled.

“No, everyone chooses a different path, l like to learn this is the path I want to take so I naturally want to make it better.

And you also have your own path to take, to do what you like to do best.”

When Jin Sihan heard her say this, a thought flashed through his mind.

What is it does he like to do

Singing Dancing

He used to think of them only as his hobbies and since they were hobbies they could naturally only be allocated with his spare time and energy.

And there was no way to be the best if one don’t go all out do something well.



A cold laugh from the side interrupted the conversation between the two.

Nan Xiao who was still biting his pen to do math problems looked up and glanced at them.

“Shi Ning, I find that you have quite the double standard.”

“Every time you tell me whenever I invite you is you don’t want to play with a slag, and you hate people who don’t want to learn.

When it comes to this kid, you still turn around and comfort him”

We are all academic slags, so why should Jin Sihan be treated differently

At least him, the one school slag has started to study hard.

Shi Ning faintly glance at him, her eyes then fell on the math paper he was solving.

He did the ten multiple-chose questions and got five right, which was much better than before.

In fact, Nan Xiao was quite smart but since he has been too lazy to learn and if she didn’t force him he would waste his three years of high school, playing.

As for Jin Sihan, if she remembered correctly the original plot he was scouted by a star scout in his sophomore year in senior high school and then played the male number three in an idol drama.

As a result his role as the male number three was more popular than the male number one, he became Xiaohong1.

After that he ran at both end of the school of senior high school and the company to study and train.

In the third year of senior high school, he participated in a variety show and made his debut with good result.

After her debut, he relied on his exquisite appearance and natural voice to jump to the top of the circle and became the most popular star in the new generation of idol.

After becoming famous, Jin Sihan picked up his studies again and finally went to the Conservatory of Music for further study.

Shi Ning thought of his busy schedule after he became famous and the rare moment of breathing under the camera.

She felt that now was probably Jin Sihan’s happiest time.

He wouldn’t have taken the college entrance exam anyway since he’s going to college two years after they did.

So let him relax and unwind now.

“What do you mean Sihan is a slag, he even wrote a song for me last time and it was good.

Maybe he’s going to become famous musician someday.”

Being idol was just an appearance, she could feel that what he really wanted to be was a singer.

Jin Sihan’s eyes lit up and looked Shi Ning with eyes that looked like something was glowing.

“Ning Ning do you really think so”


Nan Xiao looked at the these two smiling at each other and almost broke the pen.


Xiaohong1– Lin Hongyu is a character in the novel “A Dream of Red Mansions” in the Qing Dynasty, also known as Xiaohong and Hong’er.

She is a maid in the Rongguo Mansion and has served Jia Baoyu and Wang Xifeng successively.

She and Jia Yun, a member of Jia’s family, have a good impression of each other.

According to Zhipi, Hongyu may play an important role in the chapter after the eighty chapters that have been lost.


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