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Once Christmas was over, it means that another semester of studying would soon come to an end and the final exams would be coming soon.

The importance of the final exam was self-evident, not only was it the acceptance of the results for the half academic year they have been studying but also related to their status at home during the winter vacation.

It would determine whether they have a happy new year or not.

Every time the final exam comes, it was the most intense time for studying.

Those who usually like to play have also withdrawn their minds and were honestly studying with their teachers.

Shi Ning naturally was needless to say, was always one of the most diligent in the class.

Through the little six months of studying her English scores no longer lagging behind, her political, historical and geographical performance were always prohibitive with abnormal scores, even her mathematics and chemistry, in the weekly quiz last month were the same.

Her performance was always a little lower than Lin Suno.

Now one dares to question her achievements, everyone mentions her with one word all capitalize, convincing.

After Lao Yang announced the final date of the final exam this time, the atmosphere of studying in the classroom became more and more tense.

In the history class, the history teacher finished all the textbook knowledge for the semester.

“Well by the end of this class, all contents of this book have been covered.

Next I’ll give you the key points for the final exam and leave the future classes for you to review by yourself.”

“Let’s start with the key points, please take a black and red pens to put notes and mark them.

I’ll only say in once this time, don’t ask me what are the key points again later.”

After the history teacher said these, she began to circle the scope of the test from the first unit of the book.

When the teacher finished marking the key points, the class began wailing again.

“Teacher, what you are circling is not an exam focus, it is simply a sea1.”

“The key points is the same, as if it isn’t a key points at all.”

“There’s so much to memorize, and the finals is just two weeks away.

We have so many exams to take, where’s the time to review”

The history teacher knocked the desk to stop the noise in the classroom.

“Usually everyone doesn’t work hard to study at all, even though the contents are in the textbook and was even discuss by the teacher in the class.”

“Students who listen carefully and reviews after the class don’t need me to point the key points, but you students who used to cramming always blames the teacher for giving you too much, what do you want me to do, tell the content of the test”

“This time it’s me who makes the questions, if you guys wail again I won’t take the questions from key points that I gave you.

Anyway you guys already thought that the key points I give is useless.”

This move from the history teacher was a really hard blow that the class immediately quietened down.

After the teacher finished, she had let the students review freely while she roamed around the classroom.

When patrolling to Shi Ning’s side, the history teacher saw the page opened by Nan Xiao has no notes or even marks.

She stopped and stood next to Nan Xiao, as the later was casually flipping through his textbook.

“Young Master Nan, your book is really as good as new.”

The history teacher was a female teacher who has only been teaching for a short time.

Her teaching style was strict with a cold humor, she could choke people to death every time she picks up the students.

In fact, in addition to the head teacher, the teachers of the class were all turning a blind eye to Nan Xiao’s stubborn and unreasonable acts.

They would usually doesn’t care about him, only this history teacher especially if it was in line with her ethics she would occasionally taught him a few words.

Nan Xiao sloppily said.

“Yeah, I think I love it when it’s like this too.”

The history teacher sneered.

“I just gave you so many key points but you didn’t mark any of them.

You think you can get a hundred percent on the exam, don’t you”

“Teacher, you are biased although I did not listen to the lesson but at least open the history book and still had the learning attitude.

Look at the one next to me, she’s still doing math problems in history’s self-study.

Why don’t you scold her and not me”

Nan Xiao chose this time to drag Shi Ning into the water as well.

She has been studying like hell lately, and no matter how much he teases her she doesn’t pay attention to him.

When he said this, Shi Ning who was immensely immerse in the sea of learning finally raised her head and coldly look at the person gloating next to her.

Nan Xiao smiled at her.

“Finally, willing to look at this brother”


The history teacher whip Nan Xiao’s table and said sternly.

“There is no people with the same shape2, Shi Ning and you can never be same.

She already have 100 points in history while you, I can be thankful if you could at least passed the test.”

Shi Ning stood up at that moment and said to the teacher.

“Teacher, I remember all these point you’ve given long ago that’s why when you let us have self-study I like to do other questions.”

The history teacher immediately changed her expression when facing Shi Ning, she has much kinder look.

“So, then the teacher will have to test you.”

Then the history teacher proceed on asking her a lot of key points contents that she just gave them in which Shi Ning fluently answered.

She could even recite the textbook topics that the teacher didn’t provide.

The students in the class who were studying could not be bothered to study anymore and just stopped to look at Shi Ning’s side.

They have finally seen what it means to be a human-shaped point and shoot machine.


sea1– vast, meaning it does not pinpoint the topic

There is no people with the same shape2– people have different ability, talent and etc.

in short we are unique on our on way


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