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“Wait a moment.”

There was a moment of silence on the other side of the phone, Shi Ning could only vaguely heard the sound of things colliding.

After a while, Jin Sihan’s voice resounded on the phone.

“Ningning, this is the first song I wrote and I want to give it to you.”

He seemed to be a little embarrassed when he said this.

“I …..

wrote this a long time ago, it keep on changing until just now and felt a little satisfied.

Although it is still very puerile but you cannot dislike it oh.”

Shi Ning was dozing off and was only half awake when Jin Sihan was talking.

“You actually wrote the song! Am I the first one to hear it!”

If Jin Sihan’s life in this world also follows the plot of the novel, he would be the most popular top love interest in the entertainment industry and also a singer in the future.

And now, the future superstar has actually written a song for her!

Shi Ning was excited thinking about it, when Jin Sihan became popular in the future she could brag this all her life.

A low laugh came from Jin Sihan on the phone.

“Of course you’re the first one to hear it, and the song is only for you.”

Then, his singing voice came over the phone.

Jin Sihan’s voice was very good, the tone was there—it was pleasant to hear.

Together with his soft singing voice was accompanied by a guitar while listening Shi Ning glance to the window outside as the snow was falling like goose feather flying in the sky.

Shi Ning stepped down from the bed and pushed it open, the snow spread all over the ground as the bright moonlight reflected a pure white world—clean as ever.

The bad people she saw tonight and the bad things she encountered seemed to be washed out at this moment.

She suddenly felt that in this world, in addition to her relative these three bamboo horses1 was also a gift from heaven to her.

It feels good to have someone to grow up with.

This friendship is invaluable.


Cao Shu walked down from upstairs after serving the Old Lady Shi to sleep.

She looked at Yu Chuyao who was lying on the ground like a corpse, and as if she didn’t see her as she intended to walk past her.

But when Yu Chuyao saw Cao Shu she crawled up from the ground like she was her final radiance and pulled Cao Shu’s sleeve as she sobbed.

“Aunt Shu help me, only you can help me now.

If you don’t care about me I really don’t know how to live.”

Cao Shu stopped on her tracks and stood still for a while then suddenly she turned her face and threw a slap at Yu Chuyao’s face.

“You stupid bastard! I remember I told you that you can pick any of the worldly boys from the famous families in Yangcheng but you can’t touch my son!”

She sneered.

“What, being the adopted daughter of the Shi family is not enough and you still want to be the future mistress of the Shi Family”

Yu Chuyao shook her head.

“I didn’t, I didn’t.

Shi Chen said this to you in order to help Shi Ning drive me away, I know my status and I never dared to be with your son.”

“Don’t play pity with me, Shi Chen even gave me the recording to listen to.

I am also a woman, even if you don’t explicitly confess to Shi Chen I can already hear it with the tone of your voice—I know you like him.”

“I do like him but I don’t dare to confess to him! I am just watching him from afar, can’t I!”

She trembled and cried.

“Master I promise you as long as you help me, I will stay far away from Shi Chen in the future! I promise!”

Cao Shu pushed her away.

“You don’t dare to lay a hand on my son now, but it’s because you’re not yet capable.

I know best what kind of person you are, and when you’re capable enough you will find a way to get whatever you want.”

She finally gave Yu Chuyao a cold look.

“My son, in the future, is going to marry a famous girl and I don’t want to let an adopted daughter harm him.”

Yu Chuyao looked at the figure of Cao Shu who walked without looking back and understood in her heart that she was finished.

She had lost her last card and there was no possibility of turning around.

If there was an afterlife, she hope she would have as good life as Shi Ning.

Where, there was no need to scheme, and no need to rob someone’s life.

From birth, she have something that other couldn’t get even after a lifetime of fighting.

Cao Shu came out from the backdoor of the Shi family mansion in a very bad mood.

She was about to get her car when she notice a Maybach standing out in the parking place.

This car, somehow was a bit familiar

She couldn’t help but look at it a few more times.

The window of the limousine slowly descended and reveal a mature and handsome face.

“If I don’t come and get you, are you not going to contact me”

The party looks about forty, although no longer young by the angular face and three-dimensional features does not look old at all but has a mature and stable charm.

Cao Shu quickly walked over, her expression was very nervous as she looked around and then frowned at the man in the car.

“Why did you come here!”

The man smiled with a hint of annoyance between his smiles.

“Of course I came to look for you.

Why Seeing the expression on your face, you’re bothered by the younger generation’s affairs again”

Cao Shu sneered.

“With a son, naturally some things should be concerned about.

I am not like you, had many sons but you don’t manage any of them.”

The man laughed with a low timbre as he said.

“Why do you care about them, children and grandchildren have their own blessings.

I have done my duty to provide them with the best living environment, this is something that many people can’t enjoy after working hard for a lifetime.

As my son, they are the rich second generation at birth, logically speaking they should thank me.”

Cao Shu was still sneering as she replied.

“You’re really irresponsible as always.”

At this time the man opened the car door, then his hand pulled Cao Shu inside the car before closing it again.

His hand was around the beauty’s waist as he whisper in her ear.

“Besides I have my day to live.”

Cao Shu’s face remained icy cold and sarcastically said,

“And I don’t know if Jin Shang and Jin Sihan know when you look like this.”


three bamboo horses1– Nan Xiao, Lin Suno and Jin Sihan aka childhood friends


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