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Yu Chuyao pinned all her hopes on Cao Shu, who unexpectedly abandoned her at such critical time.

“Aunt Shu….


Yu Chuyao’s tears fall down genuinely this time, she forgets to argue back as her whole body trembled while looking at Cao Shu.

The old lady was also puzzled.

“Aren’t you here to speak for her”

Cao Shu whispered to Old Lady Shi’s ear, and the old lady’s expression changed slightly as she looked at Yu Chuyao with a more complicated expression.

“In that case, this child can’t stay in the Shi family anymore so let’s send her to the orphanage.”

“Grandma, you can’t do this to Chuyao, I was raised up by you!”

Yu Chuyao crawled over as she tugged on the old lady’s leg.

The old lady pushed her away, and her blood surging with anger pointed at Yu Chuyao as she scolded her.

“I raised you as a child but I never taught you be shameless and ungrateful! Cough cough cough.”

“Uncle Ming, grandma can’t be too emotional, help her go up and rest.”

Seeing this, Shi Ning said in a hurry.

Uncle Ming came forward and took the old woman’s arm.

“Old Madam, let’s go upstairs.”

Cao Shu also said.

“Godmother, I’ll walk you up.”

The old lady did not want to look at Yu Chuyao more so she only looked at Shi Ning and Shi Chen.

“It’s grandma who has wronged you, to have raised such scourge in her home.”

After saying that, she went upstairs.

Shi Ning said to Shi Chen at this time.

“Brother let’s go home too.”

Shi Chen turned his head to his sister and smiled.

“Ning Ning is good, brother still has something to do.

You go to the car first and wait for me.”

“Oh good.”

Shi Ning yawned and turned to go out of the door.

When Yu Chuyao looked at this scene she was even more stunned.

What is going on They just quarreled right

She even went to comfort Shi Chen, the latter even complained to her about Shi Ning’s temper returning back to her ill-tempered nature.

But what is this now….

Yu Chuyao suddenly understand something, and looked Shi Chen with disbelief.

Shi Chen walked towards her, his handsome face were still unparalleled but only it was icy cold.

Yu Chuyao shook her head.

“You were lying to me just now You and Shi Ning don’t hate each other all You just did it for….

Just for….”

It was just to lure her to comfort him and then take advantage of it to set her mind at rest.

“Otherwise, you really think I can still be good to you after what you did to Shi Ning”

Shi Chen looked down at her from above with the advantage of his height and said in a cold voice.

Yu Chuyao shaked her head vigorously.

“No, you’re not….

You never lie to people much less with things like this.”

She and Shi Chen have been brought together for so many years, her heart was tied to him and thinks that she knows him well.

Although Shi Chen was cold-face and cold-hearted but he never bothered to use these means, it was even more unlikely to take advantage of the other people’s feelings.

Shi Chen sneered as he bent over and leaned down pinching Yu Chuyao’s chin hard.

The latter was in so much pain that she felt her chin was going to be crushed by him, it was the first time she saw such terrifying Shi Chen.

She tried to yank his hand away but she couldn’t.

“Yes, I really disdain to use such means.”

“But who let you touched one of the most important person in my life For Shi Ning I will use any means.”

He narrowed his eyes and surveyed the tear-stained face before him.

“Like me Are you worthy of that”

After saying that he yank the hand holding Yu Chuyao’s chin and stepped out.

Yu Chuyao fell on the ground, completely lost her soul.

Shi Chen walked out of the old mansion, he opened the backseat car door and sat next to Shi Ning.

“Brother what did you say to her just now”

Shi Chen smiled.

“Nothing, I just said a few words to her.”


Shi Ning muttered.

“Acting is really tiring, I’m so sleepy.”

“Then take a nap, I’ll wake you up when we get home.”

Shi Chen said softly.


Fortunately, the car was spacious.

Shi Ning was half lying down to sleep in the back seat as she was really sleepy and she fall asleep after a few minutes.

After seeing her sleeping, Shi Chen took his jacket and covered his sister.

He then said softly to the driver.

“Drive slowly and steadily.”

When they arrive home Shi Ning looked at the time and it was already 11 pm, usually this time she was still reviewing but since she was too lazy today she just went to bed early.

She lay down on her bed and was about to fall asleep when her phone rang at this time.

When she looked at the caller, it was Jin Sihan calling.

Shi Ning picked up the phone.


Jin Sihan greeted.

“Ning Ning Merry Christmas.”

Shi Ning laughed.

“You already told me today, and it’s now eleven o’clock there’s only an hour to go before Christmas is over.”

“I have a gift for you.”


“Wait a moment.”

There was a moment of silence on the other side of the phone, Shi Ning could only vaguely heard the sound of things colliding.

After a while, Jin Sihan’s voice resounded on the phone.


TL: tbh I really pity Yu Chuyao because at the end all she wants was a comfortable life it’s just that she was easily envious and jealous if only she was satisfied with what she have, welp since she met a bad master and not good role model that her twisted character was never corrected..


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