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After about twenty minutes, the old lady came down from the stair with the help of Cao Shu.

And at the same time, Shi Chen and Yu Chuyao also came out of the room.

When the old lady saw Shi Ning and Shi Chen, she laughed and said.

“What day is it today Why are you all coming, to see my old bones”

The moment she saw her grandmother, Shi Ning’s anger and impulsiveness shown just now were all gone and she returned to her usual well-behaved appearance.

Yu Chuyao sneered in her heart.

Heh, quite good at pretending, you really should let grandma see what you just did to Shi Chen and me!


Yu Chuyao greeted her and tears immediately burst out when she face the old lady.

“Chuyao misses you.”

The old lady heard from Cao Shu about Yu Chuyao’s wrongdoing, but her granddaughter was here so naturally she couldn’t get too close to her.

So she lightly responded and pushed Yu Chuyao’s hand away.

Several people helped the old lady to sit down, once settled the old lady looked at Shi Ning and said kindly.

“Child, I have heard some of your affairs from your Aunt Shu, this time it was indeed Chuyao who went too far so grandma will definitely help you scold her properly.”

“But I heard from your aunt Shu that she was also deceived and cheated by others and now the school has done the process of dropping her out.

I heard also that your father put a hold on her cards, this child has suffered enough I wonder if you feel better now”

“Oh Deceived by someone So sister Chuyao sent those things because someone instructed her to do so”

Yu Chuyao stepped forward and bit her lips in front of Shi Ning as she knelt down directly.

“It was sister’s fault, I have known Ke Jie for a long time.

She has been telling me that she still wants to commit suicide because you haven’t come of the shadow after she transferred school.

I want to help her and send the video without thinking.

I just thought that if the video was out she may feel better and wouldn’t think of doing it.”

It’s time to drag Ke Jie into the water, and she was so lucky to figure it out for this reason.

“So what’s the deal with the faked video”

Shi Ning asked.

Yu Chuyao simply pushed it all to others to blame.

“It was also Ke Jie who was asked me to do it.”

Shi Ning sneered.

“You are really kind, for an irrelevant person to harm me you did all of it and was not afraid that I can’t figure it out”

“Grandma, are you going to forgive her”

Shi Ning asked the old lay rhetorically at this moment.

The old lady frowned.

She has lived to this age and already seen everything, so of course she didn’t believe what Yu Chuyao and Cao Shu said.

It must be that Yu Chuyao was jealous, seeing Shi Ning in the limelight recently.

And all these reason for saving people were nonsense.

Only, disappointment was disappointment and anger was anger, she still has feeling for this child.

The old lady was bit uncomfortable with the idea of throwing her out.

In addition, Cao Shu has asked her, she has never begged her for so many years but today she begged for Yu Chuyao.

She was not someone who was not willing to not give her face.

But how about her granddaughter’s side, she as her grandmother was protecting a white-eyed wolf and giving Shi Ning a cold heart.

Just when Old Lady Shi hesitated, Cao Shu gave Yu Chuyao a wink.

Yu Chuyao then bit her lips and let a bit of blood flow as she kowtow to Shi Ning as soon as she close her eyes.

“Sister, it is me who was wrong, and I also received my retribution so can you forgive sister this time.”

Shi Ning looked at her knocked her head through the floor and was alarmed.

This Yu Chuyao really couldn’t stay any longer in the Shi family, she was even willing to face this kind of humiliation so that she could stay.

Such cruel personality would soon bring big disaster to the Shi family.

“Don’t hit, don’t hit your head.”

The old lady was too old to see this drama, so she quickly shouted at Yu Chuyao to stop her from kowtowing.

Seeing this, Cao Shu stood up and was about to plead for Yu Chuyao again.


Shi Chen called out to her at this time.

“I have something to say to you.”

“Can it wait Let’s talk about it later.”

“It’s important, just a few minutes and come with me.”

Shi Chen said again.

Cao Shu smiled at the old lady and said.

“Godmother, then I’ll go out with Xiao Chen for a few minutes.”

The old lady nodded.

Seeing Cao Shu and Shi Chen go out, Yu Chuyao felt more ill at ease.

Just now, she saw that Shi Chen was angry with Shi Ning so after being driven from the living room by Shi Ning, she momentarily couldn’t resist going to Shi Chen’s room to comfort him.

She hadn’t seen him for too long, and this time she had a rare chance to talk to him.

Yu Chuyao felt that this was one of the rare moment she felt a little happy after the recent events.

To her surprise, Shi Chen’s attitude towards her today was quite gentle.

At this moment, Shi Chen called out Cao Shu was because to help her, right

She remembered that Shi Chen and Shi Ning have been at odds since childhood but that was before, their relationship has been better recently.

But just now Shi Ning attitude towards him, maybe…

Not long after, Cao Shu and Shi Chen returned from the outside.

Cao Shu looked at Yu Chuyao, while the latter looked at her with tears in her eyes, all her hopes were now on her master.

Cao Shu sat beside the old lady and looked at her as she said seriously.

“Godmother has a hard time making decision”

Old Lady Shi sighed.

“The palm and the back of the palm are all flesh1, I was the one who raised Yu Chuyao so I am also at fault.

How did this child turn out to be like this for no reason”

“Then godmother how about you hand over this matter to me, and I’ll deal with it!”

Old Lady Shi turned her head and asked Shi Ning.

“Ningning what do you think You are the victim in this matter so grandmother will listen to you.”

Shi Ning smiled at the old lady.

“Ning Ning does not want to make things difficult for grandma, so grandma should take care of her health and not be bothered by this.

And since Aunt Shu said she would do it, then let her take care of it.”

The old lady looked at Shi Ning with full of doting.

“Ning Ning is so understanding that it makes grandma’s heart more hurt.”

The old lady turned her head to Cao Shu.

“Even if you want to protect Chuyao, this matter cannot be handled lightly.”

Yu Chuyao coldly laughed in her heart.

This Shi Ning in order to sell her good behavior in front of the old lady.

She could even let Aunt Shu handle it, of Aunt Shu would naturally protect me! The old lady maybe disappointed at me right now but as long as I stay in the Shi family I still have a chance at everything!

She then looked up at Cao Shu with her eyes full of expectation.

Cao Shu sneered and said righteously to the old lady.

“Godmother, Shi Ning is the real daughter of the Shi family while Chuyao is just an adopted child.

Without Shi family, she is nothing and I only spoke for her because I was muddle headed just now.”

“Now looking at Ning Ning being so sensible, I can’t have the heart to hurt her.

A girl who backstab like this! Can’t stay in the Shi family.”

Yu Chuyao was shocked, and couldn’t what her ears had heard.


The palm and the back of the palm are all fresh1– The flesh of the palm of the original finger and the back of the hand are both on the same hand. Both sides of the latter metaphor are equally important.


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