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Lunch break at noon.

Shi Ning does not have the habit of taking a nap in winter, so she usually uses her lunch break to review on textbooks and test papers.

Nan Xiao watched as she finished reviewing a test paper and watched as she was about to start the second one.

“Shi Ning, stop.”

He called out to her.


Shi Ning stopped writing, but her eye did not move away from the paper.

“Come out with me.”

“Why, I still have some questions that I need to solve.”

Nan Xiao did not say much, and just pulled her directly.

“It’s no fun to solve problems all day, you come with me somewhere.”

Shi Ning couldn’t resist him, so she followed him out.

“Where are you taking me”

“You’ll find out if you come with me.”

Nan Xiao pulled her upstairs and Shi Ning followed him up the top floor.

They arrived at a classroom.

“This is the rehearsal room, what are we doing here”

“You’ll know if you go in.”

When Shi Ning was about to push the door in, Nan Xiao stopped her.

“Wait, I’ll open the door for you.”

After he finished saying this, he mysteriously covered her eyes and pushed the door open to take her in.

“Is it okay”

Shi Ning asked, using her hand to try to break his hand that was covering her eyes.

But Nan Xiao held his hand and refused to let his hands go, instead he lowered his head and whispered in her ear.

“You promise me that unless I tell you to open your eyes, you must keep it close.”

She didn’t know what Nan Xiao wanted to do but she listened to him and nodded.

Nan Xiao released his hand and snapped his fingers.

Shi Ning listened to him and opened her eyes.

The room with black curtains was suddenly illuminated with light at this moment, and the whole room was filled with fairy tale paradise.

The first thing Shi Ning saw was a giant Christmas tree with countless gift boxes, next to it was a small wooden horse that was swinging it’s body like he was dancing to the background music.

The surrounding area was plastered with night sky wallpaper—it was full of stars.

The most exaggerated was that the room also has wall flowers and countless exquisite doll ornaments, and everywhere was a device that keeps spraying snow and bubbles with different colors everywhere.

“It’s beautiful.”

Shi Ning heartily exclaimed, this was more gorgeous and fantastic than any of the decorations she saw that day at the mall which was full of Christmas decorations.

Whether it was the wall on the corner that was full of flower like the wedding scene or a fairy tale land that full of Christmas atmosphere.

At first glance, it could be easily seen that this was set up by a designer with excellent aesthetics, every piece of furnishing in the room and details were extremely delicate.

At a glance also, in addition to feeling beautiful and dreamy it also has a feeling of ‘I am expensive’.

She don’t know how much it costs to get a room like this.

“Do you like it”

Nan Xiao returned to her side after flipping the switch, looking at the wallpaper sky with the snowflakes pouring and the colored bubbles as he said this to her.

Shi Ning looked at it for a long time before she said.

“Are you surprising Tong Lu”

When Nan Xiao heard this question, he almost pass out on the spot.

Shi Ning then added.

“But I think Tong Lu is very a very simple girl so if you prepare it like these she may feel a little overwhelmed.”

She looked around at everything and suggested sincerely.

Nan Xiao originally wanted to take advantage of the romantic atmosphere to may be express his feelings but now that she was spouting this things, he lost all interest.

“Who told you that I prepared this for Tong Lu”

Shi Ning turned her head to look at him suspiciously when she hear him say this.

Because you are the male lead, and she is the female lead ah.

Was what on Shi Ning’s mind.

But she said instead.

“You have a bad temper and I haven’t seen you treat any girl better than Tong Lu.

What’s more Tong Lu is so kind and lovely, I like her as a girl.

What else can you ask”


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