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After hearing him say this Nan Xiao’s fierce temper rushed to his head and just like how he sized Jin Sihan’s collar, he sized Lin Suno’s.

“Say it again, who do you like”

This time, he didn’t back down again and looked straight into Nan Xiao’s gaze.

“Shi—Ning, I like Shi—Ning.”

“Shi Ning, I like Shi Ning.”

He again inclined his head to look at Jin Sihan who were looking at them.

“Didn’t you just say that I have no desire, then I’m telling you now Shi Ning is what I want.”

“You f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲….”

Nan Xiao grabs his collar harder, Lin Suno looks at him quietly.

He did not resist but didn’t give in also.

The raised fist eventually was not swing down.

He let go of Lin Suno’s collar and pulled out a self-deprecating smile.

“I once said that when I watch TV dramas, what I hate the most is that me and my brother falls in love with the same woman.

But as a result, my two brothers whom I care the most are both in love with the same woman.”

Jin Sihan was also speechless as he looked Lin Suno.

“We should be at least fortunate that this time brother Chen is Ningning’s own brother otherwise perhaps there would be 4 of us fighting for a girl.”

“Heh, it turns out that our Suno is the one who is deeply hidden.”

Nan Xiao narrowed his eyes and coldly surveyed him and ignored Jin Sihan’s comment.

Jin Sihan smiled.

“I can also understand, Ningning is so good so who wouldn’t like her.”

“Still, we have the same agreement each act according to his ability.”

Lin Suno assured them.

“Don’t worry guys, I’m not going to confess to her right now.

You still have two years.”

“Brother, look how confident he is.

What do you mean you won’t confess and we still have two years, you’re saying as if you confess to Shi Ning now she will agree with you and we will never have the chance.”

Jin Sihan couldn’t help but comment as he couldn’t listen to this.

Nan Xiao hooked his lips.

“Isn’t he always like this Always thinks his good.”

He look like he had no desire at all but when he wanted something, he would never miss his chance.

Nan Xiao was sitting on the railing, he then jumped down from the railing with his one hand.

Before walking away, Nan Xiao said.

“But this time, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed.”


On Christmas Day at school, Shi Ning didn’t have any particular thought in mind.

But as she watched her class write greeting cards, she followed suit and went to the school store to buy a stack of greeting cards.

She selected four slightly boyish style that boys might like, and the rest were for girls.

It just so happened that the second and third periods in the morning were an art class and a study period.

She was thinking of using both classes to write on all the greeting card she had bought.

After class, Shi Ning gave the greeting cards to Nan Xiao, Lin Suno and Jin Sihan.

Then she gave the rest of the greeting cards to Tong Lu and Gao Min by herself.

After sending the greeting card, Shi Ning came back from outside and didn’t see Nan Xiao who sit next to her seat.

She originally thought he had gone out to play again and didn’t pay much attention to it, when she was about to sit down she both saw Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan were gathered around Lin Suno’s seat.

It looked like they were robbing something from Lin Suno.

These two people, just know how to work together and bully Lin Suno.

Shi Ning walked over to see what they were doing.

And saw that Nan Xiao held down Lin Suno while Jin Sihan rummaged around Lin Suno’s seat and finally found what they were looking for.

“Found it!”

He then held it up and waved it in front of Nan Xiao’s eyes.

Shi Ning took a look, it look like the greeting card she had written to Lin Suno.

After Jin Sihan got Lin Suno’s, he took out his own and compared it.

“Why do I think that the message written for you is longer than mine Brother Xiao take your card out and look at it.”


Nan Xiao scolded as he took out his own greeting card and went to compare it with both their greeting cards.

“It look similar.”

Nan Xiao said.

“I counted it.”

He really counted every word written in the card.

“Brother Xiao has 245 words, Suno has 266 but why only me has 208 The message written to me is very few!”

Shi Ning who was standing behind him, couldn’t resist speaking up.

“Then should I fill you in on a few more words”

Only then did Jin Sihan see her, he quickly put the greeting cards away and smiled.

“That’s not necessary, rather Ningning if you want to make it up to me spend Christmas Eve with me.”

“I’m looking for Shi Ning for something, she’s not spending time with you she’s spending time with me.”

Nan Xiao said at this point.

But Jin Sihan did not back down.

“Obviously I said it first, brother you should know that first come first, you have to line up.”

“Shouldn’t you guys ask my opinion”

Shi Ning said.

Nan Xiao looked at her.

“So who do you want to spend with between the two of us”

“Neither, I don’t get along well with the two of you.

I am destined to spend this holiday with myself.”

Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan: “….”


TL: I love the confidence Suno, hahaha it’s like his saying go and do your best for two years before I take her away!!

But really they were so cute, these three boys..

missing my high school day wish I had more exciting love life hahaha

And of course how savage NingNing is!!!


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