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The result of being too willful was that her cold didn’t get better until she went to school.

Everyone was having a happy Christmas while she was sitting in her seat coughing, her nose was also red, and her eyes were extra moist.

Nan Xiao seeing her like this, asked.

“What’s wrong with you”

“The day I was locked up, I got a cold.”

“Two days of rest at home and you’re still not well”

“How can I get over a cold so quickly, and I also have a fever.”

Nan Xiao listened, and reached out his hand towards her forehead but Shi Ning dodged him.

“What are doing”

“Checking if you still have a fever.”

“I’ll just go home early.”

“That won’t work either, you look very sick.

Let’s go I’ll take you to ask for leave of absence with Lao Yang.”

With that he was about to pull her up and drag her to the office, but Shi Ning refused to badge.

The two of them were pulling and tugging resulting to many students in the class looking at them.

Shi Ning felt strange and broke away from his hand.

“I’m not going, you’re the one who’s sick.”

“Also, can we keep some distance, people will misunderstand.”

Nan Xiao had a teasing look in his eyes.

“What misunderstanding”

Shi Ning did not bother to pay attention to him, this person recently has become more and more unreadable recently.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to go home, it’s so happen that I’m taking you somewhere at noon.”

He whispered, the volume was so low that Shi Ning didn’t hear him.

Nan Xiao said to her again, this time his volume was loud enough for her to hear him.

“You always have your medicine with you right”


“Hold on.”

He said as he stood up from his seat, he then personally took Shi Ning’s water glass and went to the water fountain to get a warm water and then returned to his seat.

“I already took my medicine this morning.”

Nan Xiao put his arms on the table and looked at her sideways, his all attention was on her.

“Then drink more water, the doctor said that you should drink more hot water when you are sick.”

Shi Ning could only take a few sips under his direct and unmoving gaze.

And all of these interactions drew whispers from their classmates.

“Eh, do you guys ever feel that there is something different between Nan Xiao and Shi Ning”

“Yes, just now Nan Xiao poured water for her.

I was in the same class with Nan Xiao since junior high, every time someone else poured his water for him.”

“This is the first time that we saw the young master take the initiative to pour water for a girl.”

“Also the look on Nan Xiao’s eyes, tut no one would believe if he say he didn’t like her.”

“Hey it looks like our class is going to have a new pair of CC.”


A cold, serious male voice sounded in the classroom.

The originally noisy morning class, whether they were reading or gossiping it all stopped and uniformly turned their heads to see the source of the sound.

It was no other than their own treasure, the god of learning.

“Read and study properly during morning class.

What’s the point of making a lot of noise It’s better to count the number of days left until the final exam.”

Lin Suno copied and pasted the standard phrase of Lao Yang.

“Suno, you’re still in charge of discipline today”

Jin Sihan said in surprise.

Lin Suno said lightly.

“I’m not on duty today.”

Usually when you’re on duty I don’t see you taking care of these things— so what’s so special about today

But he did not dare to speak, since as soon as he speaks everyone in the class listens to him as if his words were the class creed.

The sound of gossiping in the classroom was much less and the students started to read in earnest.

When the class ended, Jin Sihan walked over to Shi Ning’s desk and sat in front of her.

“Ningning, today is Christmas!”

Shi Ning was still memorizing some words with her head down as she answered.


“Let’s go out for Christmas tonight, I heard there is a very good movie recently.

What is it called again.. Oh seems to be called growing up, let’s go and see it.”

He enthusiastically proposed.

“I only go out on weekends, I’m busy with my studies during weekdays besides I’ve already seen the movie you mentioned.

It is indeed quite good, you can invite others to accompany you.”

Jin Sihan remembered that for a long time there was nothing in Shi Ning’s eyes but study, he never even heard her say anything about entertainment from her mouth.

But she actually watched such popular film earlier than he did

“Why are you so fast, who did you watch with”

Jin Sihan asked in passing.

Shi Ning flipped the book in her hand as she answered.

“Suno ah, after he came back from the competition we both went together.”


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