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At the end the audience cried to death.

The second male lead couldn’t say that he liked the female lead even until he dies.

After so many years of protecting her in silence.

He wanted to say the words that he had been holding for a long time but he was afraid to bring trouble to the female lead so in the end he chose to bury the secret with him.

Lin Suno watched the movie quietly.

On the big screen, the male lead and the female stand in front of the tombstone of the second male lead visiting him.

The screen then slowly transition to their high school years—three people walking, the male lead’s blazing and brave love while the second male lead could only look at the back of the female lead.

“Ning Ning do you think the second male lead is pathetic that’s why you are crying”

Lin Suno asked suddenly.

Shi Ning sniffed.

“It’s not pathetic, it’s just sad.

Why do you think he’s holding it in! What’s the use of being good to the female lead if she doesn’t know”

“If he had said it earlier maybe the person who married her was him and even if it wasn’t him at least he had no regrets before he died ah.”

When Lin Suno heard her words, he was silent for a long time.

“You’re right.”

“But I think he doesn’t like her enough.”

When Shi Ning heard him say that, she remembered the scenes especially how the second male lead protected the female lead.

“How can you say that The second male lead gave so much for the female lead, he didn’t even dare to say he like her and just died at the end.”

“He is so miserable, and you still want to say that he does not like the female lead enough! That’s too much!”

Lin Suno seriously said.

“If you really like someone a lot, you can’t hide that feelings.”

Just like my fondness for you now, it seems to be so full that it is about to overflow.

He’s the type of person that was slow to warm up with anybody and the only thing he was interested in since he was a kid was learning.

The only friends around him were Nan Xiao, Jin Sihan and Shi Ning.

By the time he reaches puberty, he naturally assumed that the opposite sex he likes was Shi Ning.

But it was strange, when there was only Nan Xiao in your eyes before, I don’t feel jealous or sad.

I just wanted you to be happy.

But now..

Obviously she don’t seem to like anyone anymore.

Instead, I would be secretly happy because you said more than one word to me saddened because you looked at other boys more than once.

I want to get close to you but I need to think carefully all because I have a possessive desire for you.

My feelings for you have changed from wanting you to be happy to wanting you to be happy because of me.

This kind of like, if I hide it for a lifetime I will really die.

His fingers then fell at the corner of her eyes.

“Don’t cry, it’s all fake in the movies.”

In the darkness, those hidden emotions and impulses were revealed instantly.

Shi Ning felt his fingers wipe her tears, she inclined her head to look at him and looking at his line of sight at this time she was stunned by the emotions reflected in his eyes.

Such recklessly focused eyes lingered on her face for a few seconds.

He picked up the popcorn and handed it to her.

“Have something sweet.”

Shi Ning took it, put it in her mouth, nip and bite it a few times then hugged the bucket of popcorn before she began to eat furiously.

All those sadness because of the movie was turned into an appetite.

Lin Suno on the other hand just watched her quietly from the side and couldn’t help but smile.


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