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Lin Suno was wearing a camel-colored coat today and a beige scarf around his neck.

The hair was smoothly combed, looking like a good boy who pays great attention of keeping himself warm.

Probably because the surrounding eyes were too eager Lin Suno felt some light discomfort making his expression tight.

Seemingly sensing her coming, he who had been hanging his head to look at his phone looked up and searched in the crowd.

Then his eyes landed on Shi Ning.

The impatience on his face disappeared in an instant the moment he saw her, and with a smile hidden in his eyes he waved at her.

Shi Ning walked towards him, and handed him a cup of milk tea.

“It’s for you, still hot.”

Lin Suno took the milk tea and lowered down his head to talk to her.

This scene was caught in the eyes of the eager crowd surrounding them.

“…..I’m convince, it really is a fairy.

Handsome and beautiful together they do create a good picture.”

“So there’s the master, sister, disperse.”

When Shi Ning heard them say this, she jokingly said to Lin Suno.

“Am I blocking your peach blossom luck Look at your group of ladies, there are two girls that are particularly beautiful in them.”

After saying this, she notice that the original smiling face of Lin Suno was suddenly gloomy.

“What, what’s wrong”

So did he really blamed me for blocking his peach blossom

“If you think it’s a pity I can go and explain to them for you.”

Shi Ning said this and deliberately turned around making her way to go where the girls were.

Lin Suno held her.

“Ningning don’t keep making joke like that.”


She doesn’t know why but Shi Ning just especially likes to tease Lin Suno who was always serious.

Since teasing him like this, makes him particularly easy to blush.

“They’re not as beautiful as you.”

Lin Suno said seriously.

Okay, now the table were turned.

The one blushing now was her.

Shi Ning took the movie tickets, when she saw a lot of people holding buckets of popcorns in their hands.

“Should we buy”

She asked.

“Listen to you.”

Listen to me..

then let’s buy it.

Lin Suno helped her with the popcorn and drinks.

And the two of them entered the cinema together.

Today there were quite a lot of people watching the movie, the theater was spacious but large part of it were already occupied.

They were watching a literary film today, Shi Ning saw that the online reviews were good and chose this.

When watching the movie, Shi Ning saw what she thought was funny and wanted to discuss it with Lin Suno.

But when she leaned over, she found that the person next to her was sitting upright with a serious expression as if he was listening to an academic lecture.

The whole people in the cinema was laughing but not him.

“Suno, we’re just watching a movie what are you so nervous about”

Lin Suno stiffly answered.

“I’m not nervous.”

“Then don’t be so stiff, come and eat something.”

As she said this, she put the popcorn in the middle.

Lin Suno saw her eating with great pleasure, looking at her he also began to eat popcorn.

This was the first time that he and her were too close sitting together and since the theater has dim lights it added to something ambiguous in the atmosphere.

Shi Ning may not think too much about it, but not him.

She was always surrounded with people all time and it was hard to get a moment of peacefulness with her.

He was afraid that if he did not do a good job, he would make her feel that staying with him was boring.

In order not to let her see that he was unnatural he had to find something to do, and eating perhaps was a good solution.

Shi Ning who was engrossed watching the movie unconsciously reached out her hand in the popcorn bucket.

But this time, instead of a popcorn in her hand she touched others hand.

Two hands bumped each other, and instantly their eyes met but retracted their gaze followed by her hand and so was Lin Suno.

And for the rest of the movie, no one touches the bucket of popcorn.


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