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Ke Jie stood there without speaking, just biting her lips in silence.

Shi Ning said.

“Seven hours, it’s really quite hard to get through.

I’ve heard people say that this is the longest time you’ve ever been detained by me.”

When Ke Jie heard her words, she took two steps back in shock and finally realized the other person besides her standing was Nan Xiao.

“You guessed it, guessed what I want to do to you…”

“It’s not a guess, just a preparation.”

If Ke Jie really wanted to forgive her genuinely then why wouldn’t she met her before

And why would she make an appointment at an abandon school

It was inhabited, and it was also a school.

It was a very depressing place for Ke Jie, and she probably wanted to vent on the place she was once vulnerable.

So it occurred to Shi Ning that she might do it to her.

Though the most cruel things she did to her was to force her to clean up, and locking her up were done by others without her permission.

Once school ended early she was locked out form the afternoon to evening before the security released her.

Her appointment in such place largely revealed her true intention.

And even after knowing that, Shi Ning did not refuse.

After transmigrating, she not only borrowed Shi Ning’s life but also enjoyed many things that she did not dare to ask for before.

Since this was the case, it was also her duty to bear this on behalf of the original owner.

She wanted to apologize, and if she didn’t even have the courage to come to this place, how could she talk about apologizing.

Ke Jie hands holds the railing as she looked Shi Ning.

“Why did you come when you knew what I might do to you!”

“Didn’t I say I was here to apologize If this makes you feel better perhaps it will be more useful than a word of apology from my mouth.”

The phone in Ke Jie’s hand fell on the ground and tears followed after.

Nan Xiao saw the phone on the ground and frowned.

“She’s recording a video.”

Shi Ning gave a hmm as she let Nan Xiao release the hand holding her up.

She walked up to Ke Jie herself, bent down and picked up the phone then handed it to her.

“Here’s your phone, now, please can you give me my phone”

Ke Jie said.

“I don’t have your phone with me.”

“Oh, then I’ll go to her and ask.”

“You know who has it”

“There are two people here today, one is you and the other is Yu Chuyao, right”

Ke Jie was shocked again, she first thought that Shi Ning was too stupid to really realize this things and was confident that she would come to the place unprepared since after all what she wanted was simply apologize to her.

Now she realizes that she was not stupid at all, but surprisingly knows everything.

Ke Jie still gets scared seeing her face even after now, what happened back then left a big trauma to her.

Yu Chuyao told her that if Shi Ning beat her, she sould record everything and send it to the internet.

People might not care about the past, but if this bullying happens now Shi Ning’s name would be ruined again.

Ke Jie came back for few reasons, that was to let her out because any further confinement would really make things a big deal.

Two, she was afraid that Shi Ning would retaliate against her again so she wanted to record that as her backup.

As a result, she didn’t expect that she already knew everything and looking at her, it seems that she has no intention of doing anything to her.

Shi Ning smiled at her.

“Although you have been locked up, but Yangchuan does not have an environment like this abandon elementary school.

And you just poured water on me in this winter, I am very cold.

I don’t think it’s even but I can sympathize with you now.”

“Finally I’m sorry, I hope you never have to go through something like this again in your life.”

After Shi Ning said these, she bent down to her and bowed deeply.

This time, it took her half a minute to straighten up.

Then she didn’t wait for Ke Jie to say anything and turned to Nan Xiao and said.

“Let’s go.”

Ke Jie looked at her back walking away as her tears have been flowing nonstop.

Those pressed resentment and dissatisfaction in her heart for many years seems to have cathartic.

She remembered the dark days of school when she was forced to clean the entire classroom by her, and was afraid they would lock her in the classroom again.

Each time it was the security uncle who would let her out.

Ke Jie was afraid to tell others about what was happening to her, because she was afraid of greater retaliation.

This went on for a long time, until her family moved and her parents agree to transfer her to another school making her calmed down a bit.

But once the seeds of resentment were planted they would take root and sprout.

That’s why she agreed to this cooperation after Yu Chuyao found her.

She just wanted to teach Shi Ning a lesson and let her experience the pain she felt at that time.

But she did not expect that she would see that Shi Ning today.

She was completely different from the domineering girl she knew before, she was gentle and resolute, not condescending.

Just like what Yangchuan legend was, she was like a fairy who everyone likes.

But she would never like it, and she would not let go of those hurtful memories just because of Shi Ning’s visit today.

But at least, she now believe that she really wanted to apologize to her today.

After Shi Ning came out from the school building, she immediately borrowed a phone and called her family.


On the phone Lin Xuemo asked.

“Where did you go ah It’s more than nine o’clock and your still not home.”

“I’m in Nan Xiao’s house, I’m helping him with his lessons.

He has poor foundation so we are discussing the topic that was discuss not too long ago that’s why I stayed a little late.

Don’t worry mom, I’ll be back later.”

“So that how it was, then you help Nan Xiao a little more, if he does not understand you have to speak a little slower.

You can’t laugh at people.”

“I know mom.”

Shi Ning then hang up the phone.

While the person next to her, cast a cold glance at her.

“Now my poor studies can be an excuse for you not to come home”

Shi Ning pulled a flattering smile.

“It’s convenient.”

“Go, go change your clothes and then go back otherwise you will catch a cold.”


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