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The expression of these people were hard to describe, only Jin Shang look as if nothing had happened.

“Teacher, hello I am Jin Sihan’s guardian.”

“Hello Mr.


When the teacher shook hands with him, her eyes couldn’t help but glance at Yu Chuyao and Jin Sihan’s faces.

Yu Chuyao’s face has change, from reed to white and she couldn’t even lift her head.

Jin Sihan’s expression was not much better, a face telling unbelievable was written all over as he frowningly look at his brother.

The teacher finally couldn’t hold back and asked.

“Whose problem did Mr.

Jin come to deal with today Or is it both you want to deal with”

Anyway the Shi family does not care about Yu Chuyao, since this little girl was close to Mr.

Jin why not let him deal about it

Jin Shang smiled.

“What are you talking about, I am Jin Sihan’s brother.

Other people whose surnamed are not Jin has nothing to do with me.”

In the end, the matter was result by only giving Jin Sihan a demerit while Yu Chuyao was directly expelled from the school.

Also even though it was just an early love but the disciplinary action seems unfair, no one speaks out for Yu Chuyao.

Everyone thinks she deserves it, and Jin Sihan was only dragged into it for nothing.

After this incident Shi Pingzhan saw Yu Chuyao’s true nature and could no longer keep such person by the Old Matriarch’s side.

He made up random reasons to deal with the old lady and then forced Yu Chuyao to move out of the Shi family mansion to a single room.

Not letting her go back to the orphanage was the last decent thing the Shi family did for her.

After Yu Chuyao left, Shi Ning finally did not have to see people who bothered her.

She thought that was the end of it.

But surprisingly she received a text message.

[I heard you were looking for me]

The person who sent the message was none other than Ke Jie, the student who transferred.

Shi Ning remembers that of all people who were bullied by the original owner, Ke Jie was the only one who changed schools.

Ke Jie has a very boring nature and was not talkative.

Back then, however the original owner caught her secretly speaking ill of her behind her back.

This was the most annoying behavior the original behavior hated.

From then on, when the original owner saw Ke Jie, she had to ‘greet’ her with a few words.

At that time, Ke Jie was in class with one of the original owner’s minions.

The girl asked Ke Jie to clean after school every day.

Sometime she would be locked in the classroom until the school security came to check and found her being locked.

After that Ke Jie transferred to another school.

Some says she has fallen ill, while others say she was harmed by Shi Ning.

No matter what, the original owner did go too far.

And now that the matter has been blown up, she couldn’t pretend it didn’t happen since she saw it.

Shi Ning returned Ke Jie’s message saying she knew she has done something wrong that year and expressed her desire to meet her and say she was sorry in person.

Shi Ning was afraid of causing her even greater disgust and immediately sent another text message.

“Of course, I would understand if you don’t want to see me.

You can put forward another conditions that I can do and I will try my best to compensate you.”

Ke Jie replied.

[Then let’s meet up.]

She then send an address over to Shi Ning.

Shi Ning took a look, it was nearby the school.

It was an abandoned elementary school which has long been empty.

The school was vacant and was just waiting for demolition.

After receiving the message, Shi Ning took a taxi to the address that Ke Jie had sent her.

Arriving at the school, she sent a message to Ke Jie indicating her arrival.

[I’m in 401 on the fifth floor, come on up.]

Shi Ning went up to the fifth floor, the school has been vacant for half a year and only few people come in weekdays.

The classroom were all dusty, unluckily this classroom was facing against the sun so it was dark and humid.

There were also abandoned tables and chairs.

“Ke Jie, Ke Jie are you there”

Shi Ning tried calling her.

Only after she arrived did she realized that the classroom was really in a bad condition, as the air was permitted with sour smell.

And at that moment, Shi Ning vaguely heard footsteps coming from behind her.

She was about to turned her head to look back but a bucket of cold water was poured on her.

Shi Ning was drenched from head to toe, her face was dripping with water that she could not open her eyes.

Then someone took a sack and put it over her head.

There seemed to be two people behind her, one grabbed her and the other grabbed her phone.

“Who are you guys Ke Jie, is that you!”

The other party did not speak and then after grabbing her phone pushed her into the classroom and then quickly closed the classroom door.

Shi Ning quickly took the sack from her head and rushed to the classroom door.

She heard the sound of the lock clicking on the other side of the classroom door.

“Ke Jie! I know it’s you! What do you want! You’re breaking the law, don’t you know that You let me out!”

Shi Ning knocked desperately on the door but no one responded.

Then there was another light footstep, and then after that no more sound outside.

Shi Ning’s whole body chills, she tried to shout for help a few more times but there was nothing but echo.

And unerring quietness envelops the place that no one visited.


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