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Jin Sihan didn’t expect her to ask this out of the blue and under such circumstances, so he did not know how to answer her.

“Doing wrong, is doing wrong.

People who commented have different intentions but it doesn’t mean I’m not wrong, if I do all those things in the video then I am willing to accept the blame.”

“Those students who have been bullied need justice too.

If this post was revealed to make them feel better then let it be expose.”


People tends to protect their loved ones, if this happened to another person he must blame the perpetrator first.

Rather than caring about who was the person who posted it, but Shi Ning was different.

Since they didn’t care about how miserable the students in the video were, they just wanted to erase all the traces to protect her.

But Shi Ning’s words shook him.

She was so sensible and clear minded.

It’s as if these things weren’t happening to her.

This was how much someone need to adhere to fairness, truth and justice one has to have in order to make this decision.

Jin Sihan came back from the shock, then laughed helplessly.

“Ningning ah, you have really opened my eyes again and again.”

“But I don’t want to repent on the things I haven’t done nor will I recognize it.

And the person who planned all of this, I’m afraid has been trying to harm me for a long time now.”

There were so many videos in this post.

In Shi Ning’s memory the original owner doesn’t have the abnormal hobby of bullying others and recording these videos.

In other words, the video was recorded by someone else.

Hidden for so long, waiting for today.

The person who made the move has really take it’s time to planned this and has a profound mind.

“That person can’t get away.”

Jin Sihan said.

When he said this, Shi Ning did not bother to looked at him and naturally did not notice the grim and coldness in his eyes.

“Actually I have a guess who was it, I just still need evidence.”

Shi Ning said.

Jin Sihan turned around, and at the moment he turned around the gloom on his face was already cleared away, returning to face that was full of radiant smile.

He bent down and touched Shi Ning’s head.

“If there is no evidence then go and find it, no matter what I will help you and will not let you face this alone.”

Shi Ning avoided his hand.

“What are you doing Don’t touch my head, I don’t like people touching my head.

I won’t grow taller.”

Jin Sihan showed an aggrieved expression.

“Ningning you have double standard, I see that brother Chen often touch you head ah but you just smile and was very happy every time.”

“That’s my brother, my own flesh and blood.

You’re not the same!”


After this incident, Shi Ning approached Gao Min.

As soon as Gao Ming saw her, she was righteously indignant to the core.

“Damn, I don’t know who that idiot that posted all of those! Don’t worry boss when I find out who posted that I won’t let him off the hook!”

After saying that, she looked at Shi Ning sadly again.

“Boss, you are too miserable.

Your reputation is far from a school bully, they just made you a villain.

I guess the other party must be a woman, she did this purely of jealously of you!”

“Waahh, you said that we shouldn’t behave like that anymore so dared to post it Now those idiots will bully you when they looked at you since you are soft tempered!”

“I’m so angry that I can’t wait to solve another set of math paper.

Oh no, why would I want to solve math papers It’s all because of the boss, you wah wah wah, are good girl and since you are our boss we followed your steps.

So other than learning I can’t even beat people up! I’m too much of a failure wah wah wah.”

Shi Ning stood and waited for her to finish venting her emotions, until she finally calmed down a little.

“Gao Min, you were present when all those things happened in the videos right”

The person who put up the post obviously came against her, since everyone has a mosaic face besides her.

This way, the public opinion would all be directed at her alone.

The other side was also enough to hate her.

Gao Min nodded.

“Of course, I was all present in it.

Damn why did that person put on a mosaic on my face, she is disrespectful! What’s wrong do they think I don’t deserve to show my face together with boss!”

Shi Ning asked directly to the point.

“Then do you feel that the video content has problems, for example although we bullied those students but we rarely hit them.

At least I remembered that I did not step on the back of someone’s hand.”

And it just so happens that when the video was put there, there was only a close up of the shoe stepped on the back hand and neither she nor the victim shower their face except that the picture of her walking towards the girl who was pushed down the corner.

So the people would naturally think that it was her who stepped on it.

“Uh, boss we did a lot of this kind of thing in the past.

I only know that we did not get people to the hospital, some details I really do not remember too well but in my impression we actually don’t hit people except for a girl who spit on you but the boss never stepped on her back hand.”

“So, there are some images in the video that you don’t remember either, right”

Shi Ning asked again.

Gao Min nodded.

Her family doesn’t know about this matter yet, Shi Ning doesn’t want them to see this either.

Her brother and Lin Suno were not here, and if she asked Jin Sihan for help he would probably go to his brother for help.

The only thing she could do was to look for Nan Xiao.

Shi Ning called Nan Xiao immediately.

“Hello, can you do me a favor I need a master who can tell edited video.”


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