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There were more than one video with the same content, all were documenting the tangible evidence of the Shi Ning’s former violence.

There were those who had thrown with powder making them look like unsightly, there were also verbal abuse and ridicule.

There was also when they lock up a person inside the room and on one of the videos there was even a fight.

Shi Ning roughly looked at a total of seven videos, involving three different victims.

The comments were no doubt all scolding her.

[I really didn’t expect that Shi Ning was actually such a person.]

[Looking at her, she look quite innocent ah but the heart is so vicious like a snake or a scorpion.

It is a mistake to have her as the school girl.]

[How dare her hit someone, it’s too much! I feel sorry for the students she bullied]

[The girls in this video are really bad, there is one I remember she seemed to have dropped out of school because of this incident.]

[Isn’t she doing well… her name has been in the honor column—do honor students do this kind of things]

[Hahahahah upstairs you probably don’t know what Shi Ning’s previous grade were like, every exam I could see her in the last exam room.

It’s really strange, she seems to have gone straight from the bottom to the top.]

[F̲u̲c̲k̲ that is different thing again, it is impossible she could do that.

Isn’t she cheating Even cheating won’t let you have that score unless she knows the test questions in advance!!!]

[Do not say that is impossible since Shi Ning has done illegal things and is undisciplined.

Base on her family background it is not difficult to get the answers!]

[Hey we study hard day and night, and it’s hard for us to make progress what’s more to be on top.

But with the help of her family background she was able to get second place, I think next time Shi Ning may get first place in the whole grade.]

From the beginning, the commenters in the forum has accused Shi Ning of campus violence, to end they began to guess the authenticity of her grades.

The dirty water splashed all over her, so obviously they all scolded her through comments.

Occasionally one or two people speak for her, but would soon be buried away the massive other comments against her.

Although the school forum used real name, there was an option to post anonymously in response to a post.

The people who called her out were probably concerned about her identity and chose to remain anonymous.

Nan Xiao who was standing next to Shi Ning kept on looking at her face.

For a while now, except for her studies she seems to be very calm about everything so she seems to looked very mature.

But then again she was only 16 years old girl, and being put on the internet to be mocked and smeared using obscene words to degrade and abuse her, she would also be unable to stand it.

“I will help you find out who posted it.”

He wanted to comfort her but did not know how to do it.

It was only at this point that Nan Xiao hated himself for not being able to say encouraging and soft words.

“What can we do if we find out”

“Naturally, we can’t let him go.”

Shi Ning put down her phone and raised her eyes to look at him.

“And then what, how are you going to not let him go Like in this video, threatened or warn him Or forced him”

Her words made Nan Xiao silent for a while.

“First find the person and let him delete the post then apologize.

The direction of public opinion will naturally reverse.”

He went on and said.

Shi Ning shook her head.

“You don’t have to do anything.”

Nan Xiao unconsciously tightened his fist.

“I can’t just watch you get bullied.”

“After that incident, I don’t have a very good memory.

I can’t remember some things, I need to think about it.”

Shi Ning murmured in light voice.

Since she uses this body, she was now Shi Ning.

Even if these things were not done with her consciousness, she should now be held responsible.

Shi Ning stood alone in the hallway blowing the wind trying to remember those images seen in the video.

Some, she could vaguely recall and some she could not recall at all.

For she couldn’t remember how this body had actually overturned a student on the ground and use her foot to stomp hard on the back of someone’s hand.

In her memory, the original owner was not that so vicious.

But after all, after she transmigrated many memories were not so clear or perhaps she forgotten it

For the first time, Shi Ning felt at wit’s end.

“What do you want to do”

While she was lost in thought, Jin Sihan stood by her side.

Shi Ning truthfully said.

“I have not thought about it.”

“It’s very easy to find the person who posted the videos.

Although it’s anonymous you can check the IP address.”

“My brother knows a good hacker, I can ask him to help you.”

Jin Sihan offered.

Hearing Jin Sihan asking help for her, Shi Ning rolled her eyes.

“No, you are not allowed to look for the psycho brother of yours.”

“But solving this kind of thing, my brother is much better at it than we are.”

“Listen, I don’t want you to beg your brother because of me.

Even if I get dragged and abuse in the forum 10, 000 times a day.”

Jin Sihan smiled when he heard that.

“Got it.”

“First contact the moderator of the school forum to delete the post, you can let Nan Xiao talk to the internal staff of the forum management.

After all, the school are run by brother Xiao’s family.”

How could they let this matter spread any further


Shi Ning turned her head, her tone was flat but firm.

“This post, must not be deleted.”

Jin Sihan was shocked.

“Ningning, did you not see how bad those people were talking They even slandered you, they don’t see how hard have been you studying in our class, you are too obvious after all so how could you have stolen the answers on the exam!”

“I saw it.”

“Then why don’t you let the post be deleted!”

Jin Sihan asked.

“Sihan, what do you think of the old me, what kind of person I was”


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