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Zhao Qiang who was in the same class as Shi Chen watched him then put his hand on Shi Chen’s shoulder.

“Brother Chen, this sister of yours ah is the one who won the championship for school flower competition last time right with a closer look she really deserves its reputation.”

The corner of Shi Chen’s lips instantly rose.

“Of course, whose sister do you think she is.”

Zhang Qiang immediately said to Shi Ning.

“Sister, you cheer me up also with the three of us here I am the worst of them.

I should be needing your cheer the most.”

Before Shi Ning could speak Shi Chen shook off Zhao Qiang’s hand on his shoulder and backhandedly tackled his hand and his cold eyes fell on him.

“Who are you calling sister Get lost, no taking advantage of my sister.”

“Ouch, ouch, I’m wrong Brother Chen.

It’s you sister, it’s your sister, no one is snatching it from you.”

His hand that was grabbed hurts so much that Zhao Qiang immediately surrendered.

While the two were playing at this moment, Shi Ning was already talking to Lin Suno.

“Suno, when you get there take care of yourself.”

“You make it sound like I am not capable of taking care of myself.”

Shi Ning smile.

“I’m afraid that you’ll be too engrossed in your studies and miss your meals and rest.”

Lin Suno’s gentle gaze fell on her.

“Ningning our agreement counts right”

“What agreement”

The light on his eyes immediately deemed.

Seeing this Shi Ning thought she had forgotten something important, so after thinking about it for a while she finally remember the promised she made with him.

“Are you talking about watching the movie”

Lin Suno gave a slight nod.

“Oh, I thought we had agreed on something big but it’s this.

We can do that anytime.”

In her previous life, she had not seen a movie but in this life she has been accompanying Shi Chen several times.

“To me, that’s a big thing.”

He said stubbornly.

“What are you two talking about.”

Shi Chen walked over and narrowed his eyes as he surveyed the two of them.

“I say sister, the one you’re really sending off was Suno while you’re just dropping your brother, are you”

Shi Ning: “……”

Why was everyone acting like this today

They were both going anyway so couldn’t she not send them off together

And must she divided in order of priority

Just at this time, Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan who had following behind Shi Ning also appeared in the airport.

“Hello brother Chen.”

Jin Sihan was the first to greet.

Nan Xiao on the other hand was used on doing it on his own way and was not really polite to Shi Chen.

He was also not ready to greet someone when he comes up.

However this time, when he saw Jin Sihan greeted he also followed along.

“Brother Chen.”

Shi Chen looked at these two and asked with interest.

“Are you two here to see us off as well”

Both nodded their heads at the same time.

Shi Chen’s eyes moved between the two of them and then moved to Lin Suno on the side.

He don’t know why but when he looked at the three of them he always have this sense ominous premonition.

It was almost time to board the plane, so Shi Ning urged her brother and the others.

Shi Chen was still looking at the two people standing over there waiting for her, he then stroke his sister’s head.

“Be careful when you brother is away.”

“Ah Careful of what”

She was doing fine at school, could there be any safety issues that she does not know

Shi Chen whispered in her ear.

“Nowadays in this world, there was nothing good in men especially those who are suddenly attentive to you.

You must be careful.”

“….brother you better do well in the exam.

You don’t have to worry about your sister.”

Ever since she was selected as the school flower, every day there were boys wanting to court her, send her love letters and she don’t even know some of them

After all Shi Ning did not check who it was at all and just took the gifts then put it somewhere in the corner of their house.

“Remember what your brother said ah.”

Before leaving Shi Chen still did not forget to urge her sister.

“Got it!”

Shi Ning shouted at him.

After sending them off, Shi Ning walked back and said to Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan.

“Let’s go back too.”

While walking, Jin Sihan couldn’t help but asked.

“What did brother Chen say to you just now before they boarded”

Shi Ning said casually.

“Oh my brother said that I should be wary of boys around me and said that there is no good thing about them except him.

The boys who are good to me have ill-intention or other motives.”

Hearing Shi Ning say this, the duo with bad intentions felt their chest whoosh as if their heart were inserted with two small arrows.


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